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'This Is Simply Price Gouging': Cost of Cancer Drug Hiked 1400% Since 2013


'This Is Simply Price Gouging': Cost of Cancer Drug Hiked 1400% Since 2013

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"This is a Shkreliesque move, and is near to first degree murder as one can get without risking jail," said one critic, referencing the Big Pharma CEO that infamously raised the price of an AIDS treatment.

Gleostine, also called lomustine


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First I have to say I am hardly a death-penalty advocate - BUT - the death penalty supposedly is to prevent murder by making you think first. Most don’t so it makes little sense for that purpose. However, this pricing of life-essential drugs clearly requires a great deal of thinking and planning and a total lack of conscience.
So, just once, at least shoot the bastards, oh heck, do it for the whole dam pharma row. But on this one take the entire company out on the street, from the CEO, to the board on down to the secretaries and night watchmen. Don’t let anyone off the hook. Then hang them all high from power poles and buildings, like we some old time Ancient Roman vengeful emperor.
Then make the drugs yourself and distribute for cost, or free (taxes already written in).
You know, at prices like this, they’ve already killed scores of people, probably thousands at least.
Well, it was wishful thinking. But for a moment I could almost savor it.


That is it in a nutshell and the only real consideration: This is holding a gun to the head of the patient. Time to eradicate the pestilence of capitalism!


Ain’t capitalism grand in the USA. These fuckers are evil to the core.