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'This is Straight Murder': Protests Sweep City Following Cleveland Acquittal


'This is Straight Murder': Protests Sweep City Following Cleveland Acquittal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

After a white police officer in Cleveland, Ohio was acquitted on Saturday in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man and woman in 2012, protests against racism and police brutality spread throughout the city as activists called for justice.


Yup, that would be my first reaction when in fear for my life – jump to a position in full view of armed suspects, three feet from them with nothing but glass to protect me from their bullets. Makes perfect sense to me. I guess I have the qualifications to be a judge in Cleveland.


This article is well worth reading in tandem with yesterday’s CD posting of Ajamu Baraka’s The Political Economy of Black Opposition to Free-Trade Neoliberalism. As of 11:30 Sunday, only 35 have read it.

Neoliberalism is and always has been fundamentally unhinged and unmoored from any conceptual content of stewardship that reflects steady state equilibrium and sustainability, The constant growth delusion is a paradox inside a riddle inside a cynical, dissociative sleight of hand “reasoning”.

Something I wonder about is the internal dynamics of police departments, the human beings who serve as officers, and institutionalization of the dissociative as mandate. With the Citizens United corporate “person” model comes its scale of methodology which is, fundamentally, destruction of the connections to living dynamics that must necessarily, and by nature BE outside of the monopolized industrial juggernaut. Otherwise it is proven to be nothing more than death cleverly masquerading as life.


Brelo was out and out berserk. And certainly not in fear of anything. Not in fear of the car moving and knocking him off the hood. Not in fear of two people in the car, who, if they were armed, would have a totally clear and easy target.

Philip Zimbardo’s experiment with students in roles as prisoners and prison guards was called off in a couple of days after the “guards” became terribly cruel and the “prisoners” were in genuine danger. That will never be repeated because of how massively unethical it would be to repeat. No psych department would ever again allow it. However, this “experiment” is being repeated daily on our streets with real cops and real people.

The behavior is there regardless of color although color is certainly the most obvious and seemingly most common “vector” (term) for the behavior. We used to think it was because there weren’t enough black cops but those numbers have changed and we still have the cop behavior toward civilians (any of us non-cops).


I’m beginning to smell a rat here on the charges that were actually brought against this officer. The judge said that he had to be released because it could not be proved that this officer fired the “fatal” shots. Since each victim had around 25 bullets, all the exact same police rounds, in them this is probably true. The prosecutor would have known this. In knowingly filing charges that required that the officer be proven to have fired the fatal shots, the prosecutor would have accomplished a couple of things. 1. He would have looked “tough” on proffering the maximum charge allowable. 2. He would have known that proving this would be next to impossible, particularly since their was no jury, only a judge, who would judge it based purely on the narrow interpretation of the law. 3. He could be seen as “going after him” while at the same time knowing he would be set free. Just my opinion.


Since the 2000 coup d’état ushering in the notorious Bush-Cheney regime representative government ceased to exist. There is no future without a complete cleansing of government from top to bottom. History indicates correcting the course upon which Americans have been set upon will be a bloody one.


Why do I get the sense that Brelo murdered these two because he was pissed they had the temerity to try to get away from a proven danger to themselves–the cops?


As a sign of how serious this is getting no less than Lebron James, mega-superstar of the Cavaliers basketball team, (who fancy themselves as the lead story in Cleveland news nowadays) has been pleading with the community to “cool it”. How sad! These unruly protesters are raining on Lebron’s parade!
It would serve him and all the snooty neighbors of the gated community where he lives right if the demonstrators moved next to there.


A 12 year old boy killed while playing in the park!!! Over a hundred shots fired into unarmed citizen car! This done by police officers! Really? So now even our children are targets. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. Which means, blacks today everyone else tomorrow.


Black sport stars and entertainers are replacing the black preachers as the " new gatekeepers " for retaining the status quo. It’s pretty obvious if Lebron was 6 ft. tall he’d be Who James. These celebrities also have the advantage of selling tangible " product " while the old preacher model only pedaled “we shall overcome, someday” for the last 140 years. Definitely an intangible product, now days. But the sadder situation that exists is the 47% will grow to the 57% by 2025. And, then to 67% by 2035. It’s how the tax code is structured in the U.S., already. 2/3rds of all tax benefits go to the upper 1/3rd of payers today. Redistributive policy, including education, living wage, health and retirement planning are tilted to the " makers " who have capital and good tax attys and investment planners. If your family’s total W-2 income is under $60-70K today, the most you’ll get from this combination of political/economic/tax code organization, is what you see when you close your eyes and look up. In case people don’t know Romney’s side really won the election in2012. How, you might ask? He successfully implanted in the U.S. electorate’s mind that about half the people in the country are worthless. Except for buying Lebron’s jersey and snazzy new sneakers, of course. And, both products are still cheaper and a lot more attainable than heaven, for the current 47%.


That’s a spot on analysis.


What a pathetic apologia to the Authoritarian police state… and you can’t even spell dysfunction, pro-nuke power clown!


That was my first thought too: “Nggrs must PAY!”


No weapons. Unarmed people aren’t a threat to the armed, if the armed are unscrupulous.

Certainly it would be better if they were to organise for major change at the ballot box. But not everyone understands that.


But how do we convince the sheeple that they better fight and fight now. Sign holding and walking around is doing crap. Like Malcolm X said and I am paraphrasing, …they only tell us to achieve non-violently but are blind to the governments own violence… The people running the show are ok with the poor and minority communities here and abroad getting as much violence as they want to dish out. The people need to raid these offices, raid these police stations, and start dragging them out to a brand NEW guillotines! Do that for just 2 days…see what happens after that!

What would happen if mobs of people find everyone one of those cops and gives them mob justice? How long before the structure thinks “We better change things before they come for us!”


They used weaponized drones, tanks and the National Guard on the protestors quicker than you can whistle God Bless America. And, for the same reason and on the same plain understanding; Edward Snowden won’t come back to the U.S. He’d never make it to a courtroom and never would the hardcore protestors. Don’t take my word for it, ask Evan Morales of Bolivia. It’s called, " boom, boom, out go the lights. "


If Evan Morales didn’t die back then he’d me dead now… The point is, we all die. No one lives forever. Did you notice how gentle the police handled the motor cycle gangs? That’s because the biker gangs aren’t afraid. The police know this,thus they give them respect. Keep loving your life and posting comments unanimous and one day you’ll awake to a police state. The powers that be will decide that they don’t like your comments. How long do you think people will standby and watch their loved ones murdered in the streets by the police. Or how long do you think people will standby and watch these bankers steal their saving. How long can you stand the injustices, and corruption . As for myself I’ve had enough


It kinda makes sense as the top 25% (ok a little less than 1/3) pay about 85% of all taxes.


Assume that two police officers were killed in a hail of fire from gunmen. Then one of them climbs on the hood of their squad car and fires another fifteen shots into the officers. Would he then be acquitted since the judge couldn’t determine that his 15 shots killed the two? Yet this is the logic employed by the Cleveland judge.


So you and reddbear might just as well hit the streets, fire all your guns at once, and explode into space, par favor. You two are a true nature’s child, born to be wild. If you read what I wrote the word redistribution was linked to tilted. If you studied the tax policies of the past, say 65-75 years ago, the word redistribution was not considered derogatory. A social contract was rewritten by the New Dealers to change the investment behavior and the Federal and State tax code incentives of the old 1% and the banking system. A personal mentor with an Economics degree during the Depression, a Young Turk as it were, worked on and wrote some of that tax policy. So, I understand how difficult that kind of implementation is. Now, the political reality is that at least 50% of the current legislators in the U.S. wish to dismantle any semblance of redistribution. And, only 36.4% of registered voters went to the polls in 2014. My experience is this will be a long, hard fought and tough struggle. Your experience may differ. May your tribe prosper along the way.