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'This Is Terrifying': Poll Shows Tens of Millions of Americans Would Avoid Covid-19 Treatment Over Cost Fears

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/29/terrifying-poll-shows-tens-millions-americans-would-avoid-covid-19-treatment-over


Not a big surprise that lack of health care would be a problem under a pandemic in the US. The DC swamp is fine with this. They think their cheap labor will last forever. This is why in Queens undocumented people die in their homes afraid of ICE. This is why Trump always goes racist for his base. Add many of those working in meat packing plants with no health care. Close contact in elderly homes, prisons and meat packing plants means 80% infection. The DC swamp knows this but it is money over people.


Another good reason not to eat meat!


What an indictment of the American healthcare industry.


In truth, by any normative standard of what counts as a country, the USA is not a country at all.

The USA is a CORPOnATION, not a nation, not a country at all. Its rulers in Washington are the Chief Operations Officers of global predatory corporations – entities designed and established for the sole purpose of extracting the commonwealth of all peoples in the world and transferring that wealth into the bank accounts of the Chief Executive Officers of those corporations.

US peoples, peoples in all corponations and nation-states and countries the world over (there are important distinctions between the three, which I don’t have time to go into right now) are nothing but PREY for the US corpoNation, as are their lands, waterways, mountains, forests, atmospheres, wildlife, public institutions and treasuries.

Another name for this arrangement is GLOBAL FASCISM, with Washington, DC as the new Berlin of the new eternal reich.

Let’s be candid, shall we?


mix this reality with what is likely a significant death undercount and we’re in far worse shape than our media is leading us to believe.

58k deaths? I seriously doubt the real number is less than 100k, and likely even higher.

I know I wouldn’t go to an ER over this, although part of that is that I’m a chronic pain patient, and ERs treat us like Trump treats asylees.


Amerika became the covert, surreptitious, Fourth Reich on 11/22/63, but now it has become the overt, transparent Fourth Reich, complete with it’s Amerikan, Fuehrer!


When NYC was reporting 790 deaths a day, Gothamist, Fair and even NYT reported >250 more a day, dying at home, work, waiting in paramedic trucks & Ubers. It was still a gross undercount as “How do I pay for this?” were reported as victims’ last utterance. The lack of options to drugging and intubation, the lack of effective protocols, no PPE, ridiculously overwhelmed & totally unprotected, exhausted, terrified and pretty much abandoned medical personnel receiving lethal doses of a totally unknown virus… this isn’t going to change, or improve after November! All THEIR private equity owned, multinational conglomerate medical system will learn from this totally unnecessary Catastrophe is how to lie more effectively, obfuscate how they profit from our death, flip empty apartments, foreclose homes, code terrified, dying folks up, or charge ridiculous surprise ER, ICU, ITU or mortuary expenses, collect usurious debts, charge extravagant amounts for chronic kidney, lung, heart Cytokine-damage and pharmaceuticals. OK, folks, back to your machines, don’t forget to train your replacement once it’s you’re turn! Now, they’re finding the folks who died in their high-rises. And we’re all silenced by our own party.






“Everybody is going to be able to get a test… We’ll have the best most beautiful tests.”

“Everybody will have a mask… Masks won’t be a problem. We’ll have billions of masks by tomorrow.”

“Everybody will get the stimulus money.”

“Don’t worry, if you miss your mortgage payment for a few months you wont lose your home.”

“We will cover your medical bills for covid-19 illnesses.”

Trust is an issue.


It is absolutely criminal that in the midst of this crisis and the widespread terror of medical and other forms of bankruptcy the Democratic Party is not supporting universal healthcare free at the point of service.


There is no “people” with these DC gangsters, only money. To them “net worth” is not only a financial assessment, it is the way the value of human life itself is assessed. Its time we started devaluing their worthless lives exactly as they have devalued ours. That goes for pretty much all of them, and in all branches and departments.


This country IS one big packing plant, CAFO not included. Bet ya, the Comcast types will be shocked to learn kitty’s eating mass slaughtered pink slime, shredder and bagged by COVID infected convicts, as they squint at “canned and shelf-stable meat” recipes from Saveur or Grub Hound? Impossible Burgers are PEOPLE, it’s a COOKBOOK!

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The problem is systemic. The system is Capitalism. Hopefully, the potential Tens of Millions of Americans fearing the treatment costs for Covid-19 will wake up to this fact and demand an end to the most predatory system the world has ever seen…


Let’s make this real simple: No shxt sherlock!

And this illustrates the venality of the system as it is equally on the shoulders of the Democrats and Republicans - also known as the establishment, the elite, the upper class who own and control this government while the rest of us go bankrupt or die from lack of healthcare. Enjoy your chocolates and ice cream Nancy while you throw untold billions at corporations and support endless military spending and wars while pretending to oppose Trump.


I think YOU are Absolutely Correct. If the Date is NOT Exact…it IS the Date that it all BEGAN!
November of 2000 ALSO is a Seriously Deadly time!

Good Comment!


SUPERB Comment…and TRUE!
I Joined here BECAUSE I wanted to Vote Your Comment UP!
It is THAT Accurate.

Well said!


So, we’re back to Medicare For All and Bernie’s programs.
Another example of Reality endorsing Bernie


I believe it started earlier. 1980 to be precise and Regan being elected president. His administration introduced trickle down economic, busted the unions with tragic consequences. The Clinton administration deregulated the banks and the stock market, reformed the criminal justice system with mandatory sentences and also gutted welfare. In the 21st century the ball has just been rolling faster. It took 40 year to make the U.S. into a failed state.


If one looks at cases per million population and excludes the Countries that are statistical anomalies due to small population size (as In Isle of Man) the USA is in the top 5 and climbing.

There are 4 Countries ahead of the USA in infections per million and all of this have run a minimum of twice the tests per Capita as the USA. If you run more tests there more infections so the US number of infections per million is likely understated due to the lower number of tests. It would not surprise me in the least to learn that if the USA ran as many tests as those other Countries they would top the world for infections per million.

Many of those Americans avoiding tests due to costs could well be infected. Even as this becomes clear Politicians think it time to “reopen the economy” and remove restrictions on large public gatherings.

This is a terrible indictment of the Private health care system and of the Trump Administrations handling of this crisis. He keeps pointing fingers to China and WHO as the reason the numbers so bad but all Countries on the globe dealt have these as variables.


09/11 was to me the final nail in the coffin because of the oxymoron called the “Patriot Act” and 3,000 Americans murdered with absolutely no accountability!