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'This Is Terrorism': With No Face Masks and No Warrant, Border Patrol Agents Raid Humanitarian Aid Station in Arizona and Detain 30 People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/02/terrorism-no-face-masks-and-no-warrant-border-patrol-agents-raid-humanitarian-aid

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Welcome to unchecked conservatism.



ICE, border patrol, Bortac, whatever they are termed, they all are goons that enjoy the jobs they have been given to give rein their racism and brutality, and contempt for for vulnerable desperate refugees!

"Since its founding in the early 20th century, the U.S. Border Patrol has operated with near-complete impunity, arguably serving as the most politicized and abusive branch of federal law enforcement"

Like some other violent and abusive police agencies, departments, that often display contempt for the law they supposedly represent, they should be defunded and disbanded!




This is where unreal meets unreal. Sounds like an example of how to reduce the number of border patrol agents to me. It is a shared risk.


Voting for Biden won’t stop this. Remember that Obama did nothing to stop the ICE agents from essentially doing the same thing.


The US is returning to its roots. No problem with terrorizing the vulnerable. Death dealers. Nazi state. Zieg Heil!


sigh: and yet Americans are expected to believe that America is a kind and caring nation—AND it’s aII those other nations who are so evil. : ( And so----if the future of America becomes questionable, and food, or housing or medicine---------- disappear-----I would expect the Americans who are suddenly destitute to seek life elsewhere to. I wonder where that would be? WiII Canada be shooting at escaping Americans soon?-

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In a poll last week 91% of Canadians voted to keep their southern border closed indefinitely.

The GOP has been a domestic terrorist organization ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981.


I thought this only happened in other countries,or in the movies.

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Maybe they’ll make an exception for Bolivian or Venezuelan war refugees. Since they’re creating so many of them, quite possibly. What ya’ think those good Trudeau voters, along with the other Pontius Pilot Wannabe Handwashers & Handwringers of Canada, will do next to make themselves feel less guilty?
They’ve already closed their minds and borders.

The Nazis are no longer “coming.” They’re here!
** What are W e the P eople doing about it? What are W e the P eople doing about the shredding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights?
** In Portland and Chicago and other places, they are protesting, being gassed and beaten by government thugs. In desert aide stations across the South, they are being seized, exposed, and probably allowed to die by the same government thugs, whose Master in DC doesn’t believe in anything but force, greed and cruelty. "Fore!"

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So don’t vote for a candidate that can win. We all have that choice.

Not now, because trump has deported people with covid-19 to South America.

“Fore” Is that the opposite of “A hole-in-one”?

The GOP is to me: The Amerikan Fascist Party. What more proof does one need! Than that they are all cowards and obsequious, fawning parasites for Trump! No matter how egregious is their FUERER AND TERRORIST LEADER …NEVER A PEEP!

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The Axis-of-Evil rests firmly in Washington DC.

Never forget it. Most likely, 95% of us have supported it more than once in the past decades.

Many have supported it their entire adult lives.

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Naw, I was just thinking of what is theoretically hollered by der trumpenfuehrer when he goes out to relax and think up more lies.
I’ll tell you one thing, there is going to be dancing in the streets when "the last trump has sounded!"

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