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'This Is the Beginning': New Study Warns Climate Crisis May Have Been Pivotal in Rise of Drug-Resistant Superbug

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/beginning-new-study-warns-climate-crisis-may-have-been-pivotal-rise-drug-resistant

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The ag and pharma industries need to stop pouring tons of our frontline antibiotics into factory farms. They’re even spraying them on orange groves now FFS.


Spraying antibiotics - I hate to say it but we humans don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell.


DNA analysis of four distinct but drug-resistant strains of Candida auris indicate an evolutionary divergence taking place at least 4,000 years ago, with a common leap among the four varieties into drug-resistance possibly linked to widespread azole-type antifungal use in agriculture.
Source: Wikipedia


Hi Sparkle_Mahn:

What does the term–"-azole-type "anti fungal use refer to?

Okay, something else to worry about, thanks again. But given the scale of the climate disruption unfolding as we speak, it seems like hearing I’ll get run over by a bus – oh, and you’ll also get a hangnail! Nothing against this important research. It’s just in the unfortunate position of a meter maid working the streets of Hiroshima just before you know what.

Mortality count is not always the most reliable indicator of what’s more important, but so many more will die of heatstroke from too high a wet-bulb temperature, than from anything fungal – orders of magnitude more. Stories like this remind us how far we are from comprehending the full scope of what’s ahead for us, on an Earth with no icecap. It’s an all-hands-on-deck, triage emergency, and we’re still spinning our wheels with mere tokens to substitute for the genuine concern which would force us to stop fossil fuel extraction.

We just keep on doubling the carbonized harm we inflict every 40 years, with reams of research into the million ways we thereby injure ourselves and all Life on Earth. If this is intelligence, maybe what I’m looking for is stupidity.


Sorry but Stupidity is already in charge
Pick a Leader who is in charge of a Vital Position
Most probably Stupid
Even Harvard refuses to Divest Fossil
What ever happened to Best and Brightest
Went for the CASH
Gee let’s give the Pentagram another raise


This is so cool: posting in free verse! Keep it up.

Just as the Cretaceous/Paleogene bolide impact mass extinction is stratigraphically marked by a thin layer of extraterrestrial iridium, the runaway global warming-driven Permian/Triassic mass extinction - the most catastrophic event that life on Earth ever experienced - marked by a distinct layer of fossil fungal spores.


And when the permafrost and glaciers are done for, many other little critters may come out to play.

The X-Files are turning out to be prophetic.


Short of an advanced ET civilization giving us poor earthlings a helping hand, I would say we are well and truly fuked. Would they help us or would they simply say sorry but you fools knew better and have brought it all upon yourselves?

We are definitely in trouble on many fronts. Just try not to worry and live every day as if there are no worries, go out and enjoy nature, hug your family and friends a lot, and, speaking of fungus, keep your mind off the slime mold in the White House.


You know what…The risk of drug resistant bacteria causing large areas of outbreaks are a distinct possibility more in the West than in the East since the West has since the 70’s been driven by Pharma co agenda causing large scale disinfection drive of people with fear in the process making the people in the west more vulnerable to such bacteria, Heck flesh eating bacteria are causing death in the West is extreme and unusual.


I wonder what we would do in their situation? If I was them I’d take one look at our self destructive species and conclude that the universe is better off without us.


Yes, exactly right.

In certain quarters, they’d want to blame it on something/one else, though.

“Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out.” Claudius, or at least Graves, said it first? I’m asking: what connection is likely to NO/ONOO cycle, pro-inflamatory cytokine sickness behavior, along with all our microbiome autoimmune kinks have with agribusiness trying to cash in on damage done by the green revolution; poisoned air & water, dead soil & AGW? Losta moolah to be made by monopoly Pharma… hot DAMN!

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Good question!

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All those Positivist and Humanist philosophers who insist human progress is a slow, uneven, yet assured trajectory – they might want to rethink that. The downhill slide has clearly begun.


If humans do not make the adaption necessary for life to continue. Life will adapt ,what this could mean is it could become hell on Earth for humans .

Yes… life doesn’t care if humans are around .Nothing more cruel to nature than mankind.
The laws of cause and effect have been sufficiently outlined to our leaders.
The choice is ours the ball is always in our court .
There is only one team on the park,the other team is not real it’s every thought that separates us from each other and nature .

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