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This Is the Bunny I Love: The Stellar Trolling of Mike Pence


This Is the Bunny I Love: The Stellar Trolling of Mike Pence

This week's Canny Moments of Resistance Award goes to John Oliver, who deftly stole Mike Pence's family's homophobic thunder by, hours before the release of their children's book profiling their pet rabbit Marlon Bundo’s "Day in the Life of the Vice President," released his own "Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo" - who is, gasp, gay. Oliver's book is dedicated to "every bunny who has ever felt different." It's also a swell way of "telling Mike Pence to go fuck himself." Oh, and it sold out in a day.



…follow the bouncing ball and sing along, we all know the tune by heart, all you need is Love…


Ahhh… luv ya Oliver



Fan. Tast. Ic. Absolutely wonderful! Going to buy a dozen copies and give them as gifts to my friends with children, especially my right-wing acquaintances, including my parents. If my local libraries do not have this, I’ll be donating a few copies to them as well.

I urge everyone to do the same :slight_smile:


Yeah well.


What? A second hand emotion? To carry it further. Sorry, had too.


Oh one of the greats! This too.


John Oliver -1

Mike Re-pents- Zero


Hope someone gives it to me. It will make wonderful starter material for my woodstove fire


The construction of the human body shows us the manner in which it is to be used. Much as you can look at a hammer and see that it makes a lousy screwdriver or an even worse attempt at a chisel, the human body has clues built right into it.

  1. The male and female of the species are built in a complimentary manner so that their parts fit together. You cannot say this is the natural state of things, even if the abundant application of Vaseline (or KY jelly, depending on your preference) makes it in some way happen. In short, it isn’t natural according to the structure of the body.

  2. The union of male and female is designed to bring forth new life. That is what the sexual organs are designed for. This is thwarted in male/male and female/female couplings. The very purpose for which these organs are designed is does not happen in homosexual unions.

  3. it is no secret that anal sex between men is highly damaging to the male body. In addition, the homosexual world is troubled by numerous diseases that come with such behavior. These diseases do not trouble those who choose chastity (and in this I include heterosexual chastity. Promiscuous heterosexuals have ever bit as much problem with STD’s as homosexuals) have no such problems. This points to the rightness of chastity till marriage.

Homosexual behavior does not fit in the natural construction and design of the human body. It is a problematic behavior caused by a number of deep-seated emotional factors, leading among them a lack of a good father/son bonding as a child. That you would rejoice at a book that militantly encourages children to even consider such behavior is profoundly disturbing.


It’s hard not to be jaded but then something comes along and you just gotta swing and sing along. Follow the bouncing ball Fern :-)))


Say what? The history of the animal kingdom, not just humans, is in total disagreement.


Step back, take a deep breath, and try to see the whole point I am making. Mechanically speaking, that is, viewing the human body as a machine, the construction of the machine does not lend itself to homosexual activities. The organs are designed to create life. That is their function, and in order for that function to work, the male and female must unite.

Any derivation of this is not normal, anymore than a machine built to box candy is operating in a normal manner when it starts flinging Mars bars across the warehouse. The so-called “history” of which you speak is the actions of a minority of human and animal behaviors. You and this site are striving with all your might to make it normal. It is not.


I might not always agree with Oliver (his episode on Jill Stein being my personal least liked) but damn it I have to hand it to the man, he really knows how to troll jerks in power.


I believe there is a Mastadon hunt proceeding apace somewhere that requires your immediate attention, followed by a game of “whose knuckles drag on the cave floor the lowest?”

Better get moving!


Ah so…scientific facts mean nothing to you, do they? No response either, eh? Can’t give me one proof of the mechanical reality of the human body pointing to male/male or female/female couplings, can you? So just do the usual, call names and think you won the argument.

One wonders, seeing how you ignore facts, how you Liberals don’t go around sticking forks in electrical sockets. After all, who cares about the fact that to do so would terminate your existence?

Facts be hanged!!!


The reason you didn’t get a response is because you use isolated “facts” that don’t really mean anything outside a population context. And it doesn’t explain why the behavior continues to exists through out history and by different species. In other words, it has some truth but can’t be generalized or compared.


Yep, just like some have ‘innies’ and others have ‘outies’ (uh, bellybuttons) the female of the species has ‘it’ inside, while the male of the species’ ‘apparatus’ is on the outside – there may be minor differences, but they are basically The. Same. Thing!

IF God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son … to be the propitiation for OUR (yours and mine) sins why do some of us have such a difficult time extending God’s love to those we perceive as different?