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This Is the Conduct We Expect: If A Man Comes to Kill You, Kill Him First. If A Boy Throws A Rock At You and Runs Away, Kill Him Too


This Is the Conduct We Expect: If A Man Comes to Kill You, Kill Him First. If A Boy Throws A Rock At You and Runs Away, Kill Him Too.

Oh, Israel. Dishearteningly but unsurprisingly, new video contradicts the Israeli version of the July 3 killing of 17-year-old Muhammad al-Kasbeh by a high-ranking army official. The Israeli colonel said he feared for his life when he shot the boy, who'd thrown a rock at his windshield; the video shows Muhammad running away. Grim eyewitness and medical evidence make it all worse. Yet Israeli politicians have praised the shooting : "This is the conduct that we expect from IDF commanders."


Chased the target down, publicly executed them and then left them to rot in the street as a direct threat against all the others to remind then exactly what is going to happen to them unless they leave.
Expect no prosecution, what occurred here is exactly what they have done before on a mass scale. Publicly execute Palestinians in order to drive fear into the rest of Palestine to make them flea their own country, so that it can taken over and re-branded as Israel. The newer, whiter more Jewish Israel, with better Jews than the rest of the world’s halfbreed Jews.
It is going to get worse and worse, you can not be white enough, you can not be Jewish enough and you can not speak against Israel in any way shape or form, else, you will be labelled an anti-Semite and a worthless goy waiting to be used and abused and that includes those Jews who are not white enough or Jewish enough or pro Israeli enough (religiously they might be Jews but according to Israeli Jews, they are not actually Jewish just goyim pretending to be Jews).


The cowardice of the U.S congress in the face of this butchery will go down in history as the main reason this genocide continues. Arms and money supports this tragedy, most of it coming from American treasury. So sad. To think the ‘people of the book’ could treat their fellow man this way is heartbreaking.


What is it about this century, that makes cops and soldiers shoot at people running away?

For a second there, I thought this video was about Ferguson, MO!

IDF claims the kid threw a rock at the windshield. If true, I can see IDF calling in F-16’s and tanks in response. That’s what Nut-and-Yahoo tells them to do. But in Saint Louis, it’s even worse: In Ferguson, Saint Louis, you get shot just for Jaywalking!


I agree with you about US police use of deadly force, for minor “offenses” such as jaywalking or looking an officer in the eye, but if you think that Palestinians only get shot for throwing rocks, you might want to read more about the situation in Palestine. I’d recommend Anna Baltzer’s “Witness in Palestine” for a bird’s eye view of the atrocities committed by the IDF and by settlers in the WB. It is horrendous, and, as Noam Chomsky, quoted on the cover of the book, put it, “Even those who are familiar with the grim reality of the occupied territories will quickly be drawn into a world they had barely imagined…”

Just recently I read of a goat herder who was attacked and beaten by settlers, and his goats were burned alive on a fire. The man’s crime? Tending his goats on his own property.

Yes, there are similarities to police violence in the US, but I would not say that it is worse than what is endured daily by the Palestinians.


This seems to be the growing standard operating procedure in our US police forces as well–become hysterically terrified by some minuscule potential threat and attack like a rabid animal foaming at the mouth, intent on destroying the threat at all costs. Especially if you have dehumanized that individual and made his or her destruction OK in your own head.


It never fails to amaze and horrify me when I see how much of Nazi abuse has been internalized by the descendants of those persecuted by the Nazis. It is no different from the child abuser who was himself abused as a child. Until we acknowledge and treat these deadly cycles of oppression and abuse, we are destined to repeat them.


I think you’ll find that those committing the atrocities today have only a remote family connection, if indeed any, to the victims of the Shoah. Just as the ones in the forefront of stealing Palestine during the '30s and '40s had never spent a day in a camp, and some had never even been in Europe during the Hitlerzeit.


Very good points; and I agree with you. Keep in mind, that many US police departments are now trained sub-contract, by Israel. Chicago under duel-Israeli citizen Governor Rahm Emanual is an example.

We are all in peril as this “New normal” goes on.


I am sorry. I apologize that my country has a blind eye to such wrongs. I am sorry that the USA is so wrapped up in bigotry that they think that Muslims are somehow more violent that any body else. I am sorry that my country is stupid enough to think that because Germany wronged some people it is OK for those people to wrong somebody else.


Do your own research. It’s tedious, but not hard. Just look up the names of the main malefactors.

You can start with Ben Gurion: born in Płońsk, emigrated to Palestine in 1906, never spent a day in Europe during the Shoah. Read Shabtai Teveth’s biography of him: he knew exactly what he was doing in Palestine and should have been hanged for it.

You can continue with Begin, denounced by Einstein, Arendt, and others as a virtual Nazi. Born in Brest, was jugged by the NKVD, but never suffered a day in the clutches of the Nazis. Emigrated to Palestine in 1942, became a terrorist with the Irgun against the Brits, for which he should have been hanged.