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'This Is the Cover-Up': Trump DOJ Instructs McGahn to Disregard Subpoena by House Judiciary

'This Is the Cover-Up': Trump DOJ Instructs McGahn to Disregard Subpoena by House Judiciary

Common Dreams staff

The Trump administration on Monday, via a legal opinion issued by the U.S. Department of Justice, has directed former White House counsel Don McGahn to disregard a subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee meant to compel testimony about the president's alleged efforts to obstruct justice by thwarting the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The Democrats look weaker by the day.

Gee, I wonder whose base is getting fired up.


Oh shit, I am just going to quote myself from a couple of days ago regarding Mnuchin:

“I am so tired of you feckless Article I Democrats–you know who you are. Use your jailing authority. You’ve been given plenty of reason to do so. Show some strength on behalf of the People that you have been elected to represent.”

I wonder how many people there are on the Rolodex for whom I shall think these same thoughts.


The words “co-equal” appeared in the response memo; the branches are not co-equal. Congress(House, then Senate) is at the top, Executive, then Judicial. If the Branches were co-equal, then there would be no concept of checks and balances to apply. The House and Senate check and balance each other, then check and balance the other Branches.


WO, “oh, shit” is right. So I call the so-called senators and rep, so-called representatives of wethepeople every. godd**n. day. And write often. I make the persons who answer the phone tell me what message they’re passing on and I tweak it when necessary until they have my succinct points correct.

I also pass news articles and exhortations to DO SOMETHING along to family and friends. If they’re taking any action, it’s sure unbeknownst to me. Great somnolence-flavored Kool-Aid they’re drinking…



This is really scary. The house seems totally powerless, and listening to Palosi tonight, she appeared scared to death of the power of retaliation that the administration has and has used. Look at how easy it was to scare the bejesus out of poor weasel Rosenstein. Question: Does the congress have power to protect its witnesses against the administration’s retaliation power? They seem to have reached down into the weeds and squeezed Stormy Daniels and Avenatii.


This still about the Russia thing? My young Labrador retriever knows better than to chase rabbit once it got out under the fence.

I would focus on finding some candidates to win me the election. For now in the Presidential run we have a bunch of Democrats who try to out-Marx each other and leading the pack a creepy groper.

Litigation is for LOSERS. Imagine a Reality Television Soap Opera named Congress, with authentic actors and real loaded weapons. If LOSERS in Congress appeared at 666 Fifth Avenue, and are suddenly shot dead, can we guess who did it?

What we are witnessing is the result of Congress spending the last few decades slowly abdicating its responsibilities to the executive branch. They have wittingly created an all powerful POTUS that not only has control of the military but absolute control over the justice dept and the federal courts. And they did all this full well knowing that one day a megalomaniac could get elected president and could wield all that power like a child that found his fathers loaded shotgun.
I have said this for the last two years. The ultimate lesson learned by this disaster of a POTUS is one in US civics. Far too many dim Americans didn’t realize how much power our unitary executive possessed. And they most certainly didn’t recognize just how much goes on in the federal government that is merely ceremonial and traditional, and that all it would take to establish a proto fascist government would be a single sociopathic POTUS.
That’s where we are today. We have an all powerful POTUS, and a congress that is legally and institutionally unable to stop him.
This is how the Republic will die.


L’Enfant Terrible in the WH clearly is NOT executing the responsibilities of his office only to his private interests which are not a co-equal branch of the US government.

Mr. McGann needs to be found in contempt of Congress if only so that the American Bar Association can disbar him. The seven year criminal statute of limitations runs out after two changes of administration and hopefully Mr. Trump can’t clear the charge, so the felon may well serve prison time.

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IF a lawyer is found in contempt of Congress, should his law license not be at least suspended?

True, the only thing I would add, is Congress has allowed America to become a military dictatorship by abdicating their mandate of the Constitution of the United States of their sole and lawful power to declare wars.

If they keep up this pretend to be tough act, the dems will lose enough voters to usher in a Hitler style regime, if it isn’t already.