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'This Is the Horrendous Truth': Images of Father and Daughter Who Drowned Seeking Refuge in US Sparks Sorrow and Outrage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/26/horrendous-truth-images-father-and-daughter-who-drowned-seeking-refuge-us-sparks

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Take a good look at this picture, America. And then tell me that the time has come to channel our outrage and grief so it may become the wave that will drown fascism.


I remember the hair-on-fire reaction to a picture of a Syrian child washed up dead on a beach. Didn’t change anything then; won’t change anything now. Since Mathew Brady first started taking pictures of American inhumanity during the Civil War, the public has been shown everything from beatings, to lynching, to police brutality, to children burned by napalm, to video of black men being gunned down, but nothing ever changes. Too many flagged covered coffins; don’t publish them. Too many starving, fly covered children; quit showing them. Got video of the US army killing civilians and journalists; throw the whistleblowers in jail. Did your kid get gunned down in school today; you have our thoughts and prayers…but nothing ever changes.


Screw Philip Bump of the WaPo; the photo should be shown, far and wide. Photos were what caused the Vietnam war to finally lose public support. Now, the military and corporate/MIC-owned MSM purposely no longer provide us with such photos, allowing us to keep our heads buried in the sand, while our government sells/provides weapons around the globe.


This just came up on brit msm:

Having done development work in both the southern shore region of the Rio Grande and down in El Salvador, this atrocity cannot surprise me. It still enrages me. I care not whether this or that label is used to describe the underlying forces that beget such tragedies. It is imperative that more of the general population be awakened to the realities of the world and forego their “reality” television. Having a “reality” farce at the helm, having watched Idiocracy, I remain a dejected soul. Echoing the refrain from Network, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.” All I know to do is to think globally and work locally–AND VOTE!


The sickening rot has led to this."

How true and the election of Trump has lead to the surfacing 0f this poisonous rot to our collective consciousness and many white folks are beginning to face it too and this is good if we are going to have a hope of rapid change for the better.

We need to review and see the historical rot of this nation as a prerequisite to this change:

RFK in South Africa speech is one example:


Think this will prevent deaths at the border?


The father and daughter drowned in the river, a short walk from a bridge, that they were not allowed to walk on.


They were re-directed by three different agencies available to them before this happened. This requires a lot more cooperation on both sides of this issue.

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Agree with WiseOwl too.

When fascists come in they have grandiose ideas about revamping whatever economy. They re-style gov agencies, invent jackboot ones, flagrantly (and stupidly) flout their own power, PLUS greedily obtain the subsidizing and/or profits when/if they privatize (when the latter applies). The sad fact is the Dollar Church has been gaining ascendancy ever since Gingrich. You look at this crap from Fort Sill all the way to the Strait of Hormuz, and you realize it’s all of a piece. The thing has been creeping forward for years, and now we get to see how it acts when it goes into 5th gear. Look at what the Democrats were doing when this thing was creeping forward…pretending.

Yes, I could think strategically AND VOTE for Sanders or Warren. I would do it before voting green due to strategy (unless poll numbers change, which it doesn’t seem like they’re gonna (for sure it would seem like everyone should do likewise in swing states)). And I’m say’n now I’ll do it…as a matter of strategy. You want any of this insanity stopped, and YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK FOR A DEM THAT’LL CHANGE THINGS versus a Dem that’ll pretend (Biden). I was reading this stuff during Obama’s term. Trafficked women would apply for asylum, and it wouldn’t work. They’d get deported, and their traffickers would send’em back north across the border again. Trump just looked at part of what was THE SYSTEM then, and amped it up in terms of CHILDREN/families…to let his nutso base know he could be as cruel as necessary. The whole deportation trip was already in place. And why? Why is because the Dems couldn’t bother themselves to study economies, and if any of’em came to realize HOW BAD nafta had worked out, then those very realizers (for a time) fought tooth and nail to keep voters ignorant of the facts. Just as they can’t be bothered to do like Gabbard and take a real interest in the Middle East (400 reps having signed that DUMB open letter to Trump; or the 400 may consist of reps & senators, I can’t remember).

We’re in a pretend world still. If Trump changes his mind on the Iran strike, we believe he’s listened to reason. Either someone broke their neck to get Tillerson back in there for 15 minutes, or get him on the phone…OR THE THING WAS JUST A BIG DRAMA JUSTIFICATION (being “nice” for PR points, after you’ve come across as too much like Nero even to your own base). There is also that chance, though, that half-of-him…half of whatever deal-maker there exists at all in his psyche…realizes the hazards of brinksmanship. The sad part is the other half. They paint him as off to his own watching Fox and tweeting. Could be. Could be not. He might have a retinue of consultants TRYING TO MAINTAIN an off-to-himself-image. Whatever the case, if you needed to be cruel to the helpless for your base’s sake and thus did put oppression into place…THEN YOU HAD TO HAVE HARBORED THE SAME KIND OF PREJUDICE/RACISM YOURSELF SIMPLY TO ENABLE THE POLICY. But this has been shown to be the case prior. He wanted to be identified with the hard nosed prejudiced regarding the Central Park 5, probably as some kind of “ticket,” but the fact is his heart was in the same place as the ad he took out.

It isn’t really a matter of defending one Dem candidate over another…so much. It’s a matter of opposing the scapegoating, opposing the oil environment, and opposing the oil WARS (whether their aim is long term to grab the oil, or short term to slow production yonder to drive up the price of what we’re producing here [see Parsi + Tverberg]…or short and long combined). BTW, I don’t rant as one not having read Gail Tverberg (I’ve read her a little). I acknowledge…a lot of the good in my life has come from oil. Also I acknowledge that a way around this present paradigm of ours will probably make the Whole Earth Catalog look like Condé Nast.


Koch oil barons INTERFERRING in objective thinking on part of voters https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/06/18/koch-oil-big-lies-and-ecocide-writ-large-in-canada/


Congratulations Donny Baby you nailed another Mexican Rapist.

Anyone who supports our Bigoted President should be ashamed of themselves.

If you support Dapper Don, look in the mirror and she what a Bigot looks like.


"Instead, for decades, our government has worked very hard to otherize them, to ensure they are dismissed, unwelcome, alien… illegal."–I ask: Can anyone be “illegal” on stolen land?


i’m not big on conspiracy’s and false flag operations , but this really stinks of one.
The Trump administration ruining central and south american economies , pushing desperate people to the border and then saying , “see, i told you it’s an invasion” and now they claim they are justified in using any barbaric means possible to stop the dirty little brown people from tainting our lily white America. UGH!


fern, my statement of “walking over the bridge” was callous, and I deleted it.
Last night, I first saw this photo on Huffington Post, and I was revolted.
The sickening policies of the US on immigration during the past 37 years have brought us to this level of degeneracy.
As I’ve noted before, in 1982, my brother and I walked over a bridge from El Paso into Juarez, Mexico, walked around for a few hours, and then we walked back into El Paso. It was as easy as walking in my Dubuque neighborhood.
The American people, almost all of us descended from migrants, have brought us to this point of viewing the deceased bodies of migrants father and daughter lying on a river bank, where they should have been free to walk over the nearby bridge.


It was reported that there were over 1,000 people waiting to do the same thing. The last place was the U.S. Consulate. In either case it meant detention. California is the 10th largest economy in the world, Mexico is the 11th. They too could be doing a lot more. I know this happened in Texas but still. California has the highest number of undocumented people (millions) Texas is number 2.

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No, you always have the theorists that justify everything that’s done…the “Chicago school,” the “Harvard boys.” Most believe that stuff. That the places would actually improve. As with everything, though, you have the disaster capitalists.

I brought up oil above, and though some may think it’s another topic…I actually should have brought up minerals and agribiz too. What we really have here are indigenous peoples that are in the way, ultimately same issue as the 43 disappeared students. The way to do things seems to be to let all counterproductive policies just stay in place [Trump’s border thing, the war against the mini cartels, and on and on]…which to me amounts to hassling a people out of existence


Very sensible analysis. I am aware that fascism in the US didn’t start with Trump. He and his henchmen are just the face of unadulterated fascism. Colonialism is a brother to fascism and that goes back a few hundred years.


Glad you started things off in comments with naming the thing. What fascists seem always to pull off is messyness (scapegoating) in reality, while somehow at the same time maintaining a facade of obeisance to or allegiance to this or that lofty idealism.


Palestine needs a f—ing fence as much as anyone. And it needs to go up miles into the present edge of the new settlements.

On the other hand, we can’t just install a turnstile at the border and welcome everyone, every day.
And I can understand the position that the immigrant population will need work. How will that work out while at the same time we are developing machines to pick crops, and continue to expand the army of robots that kill jobs for humans?

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