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'This Is the Language of a Fascist': Trump Denounced for Racist Rant Calling Immigrants 'Animals'


'This Is the Language of a Fascist': Trump Denounced for Racist Rant Calling Immigrants 'Animals'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump has made so many vile remarks about immigrants and people of color that it is often difficult to keep track, but during a roundtable discussion in the White House on Wednesday the president unleashed what is being denounced by lawmakers, activists, and virtually all of civil society as his most racist and dehumanizing rant yet, calling the immigrants his administration is deporting at a rapid pace "animals."


This from a dyed orange monkey.


Another precedent, another normalization, another step down the road to blatant fascism. Keep in mind, Trump will be gone someday, but the precedents he has set, the doors he has opened, will not be closed. The mantle he drops will be picked up by other, more blatant fascist Presidents and politicians in the future, and those individuals will be (actually, HAVE to be) more devious and intelligent than Trump, and thus will wreak far more damage than Trump.

This is the beginning.


Fascism is Corporatism; rule by capitalist law. Such talk by this creep is hate speech.

US citizens have murdered 21 million totally innocent people around the world since 1945. That pain and suffering is coming home to roost.


This isn’t just Trump. It’s Trump and his base, which numbers in the millions.


Mmmm. I think it’s the end.


It is past time for America to smite this ass.


Responding to Trump’s remarks on Twitter, Mother Jones national affairs editor Mark Follman wrote simply: “This is the language of a fascist.”

It’s also the language of an asshole and a jackass. He and his administration are the animals.


Yes. The beginning of the end, unless and until it is stopped in its tracks.


Another example of Trump hypocrisy, considering that he descended from invasive Drumpf animals and there is no evidence that he has evolved since then.


and how far from our wall having guard towers where they take pot shots at those trying to find a way under or over? like shooting fish in a barrel


Sadistic border patrol operatives don’t nee guard towers to shoot immigrants. They have been doing it for decades…wall or no wall.


The Man Boy makes me sick to my stomach. How much more are we as a nation going to take of this sociopath and his cabinet of goons?


It has been my experience that the one claiming something of another is usually the transgressor in reality.

Most of us are aware of his transgressions destroying stuff. Like our civil service, his own life and the lives of others. There must be then a Giant Elephant sitting at that round table.


The language of hate.



That’s rich, a Monster calling others animals.

Look in the mirror Trump.

Yeah, it’s pretty ugly.


Trump and Bolton and assorted minions have become the face of not just the Republican party but of Amerika. And it is the face of Greed and Death and Terror and War and Genocide. It is the face of a monster that not only preys upon all living beings, regardless of their race, religion or nationality, but does so with an obvious, perverse, sadistic pleasure. It is a matter of life and death for everyone on the planet to stop the monster, by whatever means necessary, as quickly as possible.


Trump has set no precedents here. Look to his predecessor and then to the history of Duopoly presidents going back at least to WW2.

During Obama’s second term, civilian deaths in Iraq almost equaled Bush2’s first term. Under Obama, civilian deaths in Afghanistan nearly tripled and drone assassinations were unleashed. Aid to the Saudis for the ongoing Yemen massacre started with Obama. Africom exploded in the Obama years. Unequal wealth distribution soared in the Obama years. Obama deported more immigrants than all U.S. presidents combined. The 10-year multi-billion gift to apartheid Israel was given. Real wages were flat/declined. Etc…ad nauseam…

The point being, Trump, as sickening as his personality and words are, behaves in a consistent pattern established by the oligarchy that owned his predecessors.


Well in truth we are all animals and as far as other animal species go I put a whole lot of them above Donald Trump and his ilk. I really LIKE my cats. Donald Trump , not so much.


Mitch McConnell Appoints Hate Group Leader to Religious Freedom Commission

Hate is a disease which can spread like the flu…be careful of your own heart.