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'This Is the Moment to Fight': FCC Announces Net Neutrality Will Officially Die on June 11


'This Is the Moment to Fight': FCC Announces Net Neutrality Will Officially Die on June 11

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Open internet advocates urged Americans to "ramp up" pressure on their senators on Thursday after FCC chair Ajit Pai announced in a press release that the widely popular net neutrality rules his agency voted to repeal last December will officially die on June 11.

"We need to be paying attention, educating ourselves and others, and speaking out. This is the moment to fight!"
—Fight for the Future


Along with calls a boycott and divestment from AT&T, Comcast and Verizon are in order.


Or we go back to messages tied to homing pigeons’ legs.


He who owns the internet, owns the lines of communication. Based on that basic truth, do you really think there is any chance in hell the Corporate Fascists are not going to take control? People there was never a chance they were not going to destroy net neutrality. It goes with that loss of your democracy thing. You know, the part where you are now wage/debt slaves with no voice…yeah that one.


Oh yeah that one. I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a few more democrats in Congress?


Municipal Broadband

May 10 in VIRGINIA!! :Portsmouth Fiber Network to Cut Costs, Benefit Region in Virginia

Copy down their Fibre master Plan

The Post Road Foundation Announces Partners for New Funding, Infrastructure Approach


Tue, May 1, 2018 | Posted by lgonzalez

There are often common characteristics among communities that have invested in fiber optic infrastructure. While many of them can’t get the connectivity they need from the incumbents or lack reliable Internet access, many begin their ventures into better broadband by connecting utility facilities. A new nonprofit, the Post Road Foundation, sees a valuable link between intelligent infrastructure, high-quality connectivity, and sustainability. By bringing together members of the public and private sectors, the Post Road Foundation is implementing an innovative approach to funding. With support from the Rockefeller Foundation, they’ve selected five partners to begin implementing their new approach to funding, connectivity, and sustainability.


Those teeth are just annoying me now.


Free speech, what a concept.


I’m sick at the position free speech loving Americans find themselves in facing the obvious criminalization of speech outside of official sources. What you say will be held against you. The death of the free American spirit in our lifetimes. Where is the planet destroying force that wipes out all of the oppressors? Is human nature this evil? It appears so.


He is one fuuuuuuugly S.O.B. both inside and out!


I just read an article that says the senate is going to force a vote to return to the 2015 open internet order:



But we need to punish Democrats and make sure they don’t control the Senate schedule after this year. Only by letting McConnell control the schedule and appoint more hack judges another two years, will true progressivism, where everyone, all the time, agrees on every issue, no matter what state they are from, arise.


They took out Eric Schneiderman who was leading the legal battle to block this.
The plutocrats, the One Percent have won.
NBC reports tonight that loneliness and depression are rising among all. Americans.
The fascists have repeatedly stolen our elections. They mock us as did that FCC asshole Aijit Pai, the genuine enemy of the people.
They will likely block Common Dreams, or would do so if CD were a threat to the billionaires.
There’s nothing we can do, they will kill you either way, they will take everything of value from you.


Boycotts do little if anything today. You know why? There are only a handful of companies that basically own all of our lines of communication AND media.

Many years ago AT&T was merely a segment of telephone (landline) companies. But just like their greedy buddies–Comcast and Verizon, they began goobling up all forms of communication venue, and are monstrous transnational corps that wouldn’t be affected in the least by a boycott today.

Sherman Antitrust Act doesn’t have any teeth anymore. These huge corps have purchased political cover. Every f*****g Rethug in office, and some (not all!) Dems bow to these multinational telecom companies and do their bidding. Thank God for Dems+ Susan Collins in the Senate. But 1 short is everything right now.

This is the time to make a noise with our senators! Especially if they are up for re-election.


Don’t stop fighting! The ahole greedy sociopathic rich want you to stop, to just relent. That’s exactly what they are hoping for. We as Americans need to keep putting up a fight.

Hell, should we all just stay home and slit our wrists? Fight. Get together with your friends and family. Tell them what we are up against. Strength in numbers.

Oh. And VOTE them out Nov 2018. Sitting and complaining is useless. Take action. Donate to these progressives groups fighting, being our “attorney”, an advocate for us, keep calling your senators!

If you caught somebody breaking into your home trying to steal from you, what would you do? Get these aholes out of your home!


Are you joking???


I have lost count of the number of times I have called my senators and representatives. Obviously they have received thousands of calls asking them to preserve Net Neutrality.

The FCC ignored the will of the people. They really really really ignored the will of the people to a criminal level. Ajit Pai should be behind bars!


It would be a lot nicer if we had a totally Green Congress.


I am just reflecting the logic of the stupidity of the arguments I see on here too often. In my mind, we either vote to put a check on Trump this upcoming election, however imperfect, or we don’t.