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This Is the Most Clueless, Incompetent, and Self-Defeating Administration in American History


This Is the Most Clueless, Incompetent, and Self-Defeating Administration in American History

Ryan Cooper

he continual meltdown of the Trump administration has reached, unbelievably, an even higher pitch over the last few days, with the hiring of financier Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House communications director.

And yet, the endless juicy personal drama surrounding President Trump is in some ways covering up for far worse failures and incompetence — particularly surrounding America's nuclear programs and arsenal. The hapless incompetence of this administration is virtually impossible to exaggerate.


And who elected him ?

Why did JFK barely beat Nixon; Bush beat Gore ?

Are these fair questions ?

“There is no happiness for the man who does not travel;
Living in the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner;
For Indra is the friend of the traveler - therefore wander.”

from a supplement to the Rig Veda


Frankly, there aren’t enough obscenities in all the spoken languages on Earth to properly describe Trump, his family, his political appointees and the Republican party altogether. Not to mention many of his supporters. Lying sack of excrement is just scratching the surface for Trump himself. The most corrupt, evil and potentially murderous fascist government in the history of the world is just the tip of the iceberg for the horrible, embarrassing joke of a government he squats atop. Neo-Nazi, Social Darwinist scum is accurate for Republicans and Trump supporters and a good start.


And if the election were held today, clueless Trump would get re-elected.

Polls indicate his base is enthusiastic about voting, the (former) Dem base isn’t.

On top of that, the Dems will run their usual line up of lackluster conservadem blue dogs in red districts and give us liberals more reasons to leave their big tent. Anyone remember Ossoff? A month ago he got $27 million while vowing never to support Medicare-for-All or any tax increases.

Let’s face it, we live in an era where two parties can longer represent the wide range of political/policy goals. I won’t hold my nose and vote LOTEs any more. And I’m part of a growing trend.


I just put in a reply to James Kunstler’s “Clusterfuck Nation”, which I always read but seldom reply to.

Increasingly, I am finding Common Dreams a lost cause.

Too many third rate articles by at least a factor of ten.

Very little meaningful comment interaction - either because of the ‘way too many articles’

  • or possibly the numbing of the comment base due to the surrealistic times we live in ?


As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and they is us.” In THE POLITICAL BRAIN the author, Drew Westen, said that 85 per cent of the electorate vote for emotional reasons, and if a candidate’s position on an issue conflicts with the emotions, the emotions win every time. Thus, “Make America great again.”


I just couldn’t resist the headline.

Along comes Trump and his cadre of cretins, who are clearly exceptional in a very bad way. Self-defeating doesn’t begin to encompass the three-ring circus playing out on the world stage. I cannot imagine any scenario where this display of ineptitude, callousness, inattention to detail, contradiction, and really bad communication skills will be of benefit. What kind of strategy is this? Keeping your enemies off guard is one thing, but keeping We the People along with Congress and other government employees, the military, corporate America, and the Deep State itself off guard isn’t likely to lead to any fruitful outcome by anyone’s description.

I am gobsmacked by the lack of decorum, knowledge of issues, and gracelessness so far displayed by Trump and this administration. I do applaud those who had the good sense to quit, and that includes Spicey himself. There are a lot of vacancies to be filled in government departments; one can only hope that folks will decide it’s much better for their careers to remain unassociated with Trump, than it is to take a ride in the clown car.


That incompetence may wind up saving a ton of people. So far, Trump and his corrupt sideshow have spent all their time bloviating at reporters and critics, as well as trying to cover up their business shenanigans.

That’s time not spent blowing sh*t up.

Last president to be mired in this intensity of a scandal got nothing done either (Slick William). Sometimes that’s the best you can hope for.


“American History”? I think we have to go further back than that to find comparable levels of corruption and disfunctionality in a large state, Try Rome, ca. 37 to 79 AD or so. Maybe we need a big volcanic eruption, fire and plague to shock the country back to reality…


No, it is not saving a ton of people. You must not be following the news very closely…


Cynicism is the end result of frustration with the destructive nature of the Duopoly.

I am in the same boat Tank.


Me too. :disappointed_relieved:


Hasn’t it sunk in yet? Trump is the Great Pretender! Like all con men, he is expert in conning people and getting them to believe what he says. Trump is all talk and no he doesn’t really have a clue. He appoints people with images that fit his team agenda not because they are particularly skilled and would do a good job in the position. Pruitt is anti-EPA at root and Trump likes that so he gives him the job as head of the EPA. Pruitt fits the Trump team anti-regulation image. Sessions did too but apparently is a bit too involved in the job to just automatically do what Trump wants without question. He may have to go because of that.

Trump leaves all these many positions vacant because he doesn’t understand the needs of governmental operation except as a con man would. It is all surface and appearances to Trump. The princeling gives an order and expects it to be obeyed - not to have to listen to the reasons why it is impossible. To rule is not necessarily to know how to rule. To be put in charge is not the same as being the right choice for a job.

Trump creates chaos amid distraction because he truly is incompetent in his job. He knows only how to create an image, as con men are able to do, of his doing the job and doing it well despite the growing evidence of his failings. For Trump everything he does is always described in hyperbolic and glowing terms as being really wonderfu’, the best - only the best etc. Trump is a superb con man who was born rich and that helps him convince people that he knows what to do!

He actually doesn’t know how to be the President of the USA and from all the time he spends golfing and tweeting, he doesn’t really try to be either.

With Trump, the office of the Presidency is on hold. We are being conned if we think otherwise!


Chomsky has the Fascist Republican Party pegged right on.
The top Terrorist party in the fourth reich.


All of that is true.

However, into the vacuum of his non-presidency jump the Republicans with their truly shameful neo-Nazi, Social Darwinist agenda. They may have had more of a slog, so far, getting everything useful and good destroyed to their liking, but they have three more years to accomplish their final solution for democracy and western liberal civilization. Actually Trump’s incompetence and moronic antics help distract the masses from realizing just how much the Republicans (and some Democrats. Let’s not forget Joe Manchin) are going to screw them.

And it’s also worth considering that although Trump is a superficial, not-too-intelligent-con-man, he also has strong authoritarian leanings. The right set of circumstances could see him declaring martial law and suspending rights and freedoms. Many Republicans and other neo-Nazi Trump supporters would like that, as well. Some people would see it as an opportunity to clean up society and set things “right”. Remember, “Make America Great Again”?

Don’t underestimate Trump’s capacity for evil.


I do not see Trump as stupid but I do see him as being incompetent in a very complex and demanding job. He is cunning as many con artists are. Cunning in getting over, in promoting his image or agenda but not skillful or competent in accomplishing it. Trump is very much a skilled promoter.

Authoritarian? For sure! Many a disastrous leader has been expert in staying on top by any means necessary! Let’s hope Trump isn’t inclined to truly destroy America, just to benefit himself.


An excellent comment, with excellent questions, with much to ponder.


He is…
A racist, xenophobe, mysogynist, sexist, homophobe, bigot, narcissist. Speaks volumes to The Mango Mussolini.


Do you notice how the adjectives you used apply to our entertainment industry? We are fed a steady diet of movies, tv shows, novels etc that fit these adjectives. Not a good sign I know but that is Trump. Insincerity to the core!


Words of wisdom, speaks_like_silence!