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'This Is the #NoDAPL Last Stand': Tribe to Sue as Actions Planned Nationwide


'This Is the #NoDAPL Last Stand': Tribe to Sue as Actions Planned Nationwide

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Trump administration "will be held accountable in court" for its decision to grant the final easement on the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), Indigenous people and environmental allies vowed Tuesday.


I'm sorry, the BIA is not the place where voices are most important at this moment, and a video from last month is a distraction. Call your member of Congress (type her/is name and congress.gov, and you'll get the Web page). Ask them to join the legislators speaking directly to djt and the Army Corps. That's what will stop this.


Don't agree. Chase Iron Eyes is exactly the voice that will motivate--if anyone can--the latent courage in everyone and stand up and organize against injustice. We are still listening to Martin Luther King JR. so a month 'old' video by a Standing Rock Sioux somehow irrelevant to action? You need to keep a more open mind.
Being inspired to act on behalf of the Water Protectors is not off topic but just the reverse. Please reconsider your viewpoint and flagging of my post. Thank you.


today FEB 8TH, ARMY CORPS RALLY THOMAS PAINE PK. Worth & Lafayette Sts., (northern end of Foley sq. facing Army Corps building.) Calling for them to follow the law, do the EIS, Environmental Impact Statement. www.everydayofaction.org Honor the Earth,
nationwide rallies,
Trump said on ABCTV, "no one has complained about this... and our companies..." He is invested in Dakota Access Pipeline.


I just posted this request to my Senators and Member of the House, and a version on my Facebook page, inviting readers to do likewise:

Last night I learned of the Army Corps of Engineers abruptly and without notice abandoning an open period of public comment (on only the scope for an environmental impact study) on allowing Energy Partners to drill under Lake Oahe for their pipeline. This morning I learn that Rep. Grijalva and 3 of his colleagues on the House Committee on Natural Resources, along with the Ranking Member and 4 others on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, have written to the President, observing that

“It has been the policy of the Corps to wait at least 14 days between notifying Congress of its intent to grant an easement of this nature, and actually doing so. This decision violates that policy and circumvents appropriate congressional review.”

The letter also cites “blatant disregard for federal law,” as well as tribal rights, consultation, due process, separation of powers, and transparency.

I hope you will join your colleagues on this letter and its demand that the law and the people, let alone the environment, be respected.



While I have read and enjoyed Common Dreams for years, especially community comments. I am appalled at the narrow minded censorship I am witnessing.
The condescension is wrenching. Seems some have hidden agendas.
Free speech is being lost with the new administration, at break neck speed. I don't want to see the same here.
Rebuttals Are one thing, silencing another something else.


Your condescension is stifling and not appreciated.
Stick to topics you know something about.
This is a, "all hands on deck", situation.
The do little to do nothing congress, almost worthless. The battle has been being fought for years.
Stand for Standing Rock, everywhere!


Thanks for re posting it! I have been sharing it with friends and family.
I am personally so glad that such a leader has risen. This is Indigenous land after all and if not Native people then who shall lead the fight for Mother Earth?


Very impressed with Chase Iron Eyes.

A world view - a natural view.

I can only hope we see more of this fine young man.


A bunch of numbers to call since Trump closed down the WH comment line;


The availability of clean drinking water is a matter of national security and should be the priority protection focus by the Environmental Advisory Board of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. After reading the April 19, 2016 letter to Lieutenant General Thomas P. Bostick, Commanding General and Chief of Engineers, I am demanding the purging of the Environmental Advisory Board staff for failing to follow its own watershed scale approach to decision making. As a matter of national security no pipeline should ever be considered near a body of water in the United States of America or any other country. What are the ecosystem services and human benefits of a pipeline near a clean drinking water source? What are the partnerships developed with other federal agencies to coordinate the development and collection of necessary ecosystem services data and models when computing infrastructure necessary to maintain and distribute knowledge about our national security issue of clean drinking water? Do you have an Armageddon public welfare agenda? Water has been considered the “new gold” for many decades. Water is the most important natural resource the United States of America has. Please purge Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss, Chair Chief of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board for failing to communicate that water is a national security issue and no pipeline should be built near a body of water. The challenge seems too much for him. What is his mission?