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This Is the Only Story Now

This Is the Only Story Now

Kavanaugh news: Law profs, clerks, colleagues, the National Council of Churches all bail on him and his Beach Week letter proclaims, "We’re loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us." Still, it barely dents our rage and horror at the vile pig of a "president" mocking a sexual assault survivor, with his braying buffoons enabling him. A searing snapshot of where we are. For so many women, "Our memories are long, our resolve unshakable."


Abby Zimit over the past year and nine months has done her best to become the feminist, progressive Donald Trump and replaced thoughtful evaluation and analysis with name calling. In doing such she has shown herself to be a rank amateur compared with the ultimate pro in this department–Donald F. Trump. It is a shame because Abby does understand the greater issues+ involved in this matter but prefers to get in touch with her inner demagogue*. Sad!

*In general a demagogue is a leader (of anything) who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace.

+For an example of that about which I am talking, see the article by T.S. Mendola (herself also a woman) elsewhere at this web site.


Strongly disagree. Zimet is very good at what she does—serving up adult doses of bile, venom and opprobrium where indicated—while Pwesident Twump is barely middling at what he does, which seems to consist mostly of playing to the crowds and cameras for self-validation. Zimet’s columns are like pinpricks that skillfully pop self-inflated public personas like Twump’s, and I find them a welcome change after so much “thoughtful evaluation and analysis” to be found here.

(The article by T.S. Mendola you refer to mentions “toxic homosociality;” it’s a most useful term that would certainly apply in Twump’s case as well as Kavanaugh’s, in that both regard women as stage props in the grand pageant they imagine their lives to be.)


Truly and surely one of the most powerful images I’ve ever seen…America and it’s leaders have now descended into Dante’s Inferno…my we all rest in “peace” (Pieces)


Relatives and friends of the 20 plus million people murdered since 1945 by US military force do not forget either.

There is a big bill coming due and Ds are just as guilty as Rs.


So are we just going to sit on our arses and whine and cry. God Damn it folks! I am not going to go down without a fight. Just because you think we lost this battle and we did not…we must all keep going. These fools just energized our base…and I am as mad as hell.

We all have skin in the game and if we do not stand up to these forces now…we will not be able to do it later. I personally feel that some of us will get some real bruises and scrapes.

What about the morons who come out with their guns. Who and what are going to stand up against them. That is something that has to be addressed now. That meaning how we must learn to safely disarm people who are frightened with concocted stories coming from the White House.

It is the man in the White House who is manufacturing this violence and we must learn how to counter balance that…and we need learn how to do it and NOW.

We must not let Dr. Chirstine Blasey-Ford be forgotten. We must support her and let her know that we believe her and that history will in the long run be so grateful for her bravery. .