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'This Is the Problem' Say Critics as Police Union Welcomes Fired Officers to New Jobs in Florida

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/09/problem-say-critics-police-union-welcomes-fired-officers-new-jobs-florida


Exactly the same strategy of the catholic church and it’s protected pedophile priests- just move them to a new community that has no warning of the predators they refuse to hold accountable. What would it even look like to hold powerful men accountable? If we gave actual punishment for hate crimes, murder and rape it would be a deterrent but it seems like judges have a fetish for enabling serial rapists and slapping scumbags on the wrist and re-traumatizing their victims for daring to come forward.


If someone loses their contractors license because they build shoddy homes, do other states want them? I can think of so many more examples…bad teachers, incompetent firemen, etc. Why are police protected?


“Systemic racism in action.”

Yes and yes again! I have two relatives who are retired police officers and I have seen this for a long time. Bad cops are usually just transferred to another police force…AND BELIEVE ME I HAVE SEEN SOME REAL BAD ONES! Who would see nothing wrong with what happened to George Floyd.


I hate to tell you, but the po-po aren’t the only ones who shop new states after getting run out of one.

In fact, any “profession” that doesn’t require accreditation/licensing is victimized by wandering frauds.

“Therapists,” for example, can register as such on a national registry for a fee no-questions-asked.

That said, this shopping around for fired miscreant po-po is a real low. Brevard County is the kind of place that would hire a serial brutalizer like George Zimmerman. On the bright side, the deputy who posted the subject of this article has been suspended – he was a rogue a-hole.


Well, I guess that shows where the police mindset is; defend the indefensible because the cop “fraternity” holds itself above the law and common decency!
Let the damned FOP re-hire the worst of the worst goons and import them to FLA where they can continue to brutalize and kill civilians with impunity - they think!. The state will soon be bankrupt from lawsuits against killer depraved cop psychopaths and citizens will push for, demand!, even more accountability and change!

Racism is not the core of this. Sure, racism is about as front and center on display as far as you can see. But as massive as it is, racism by itself is more a feature and distraction from what they are really doing.
Underneath this started as class war, protecting the rich from the poor they fear.
And along with that we have a long-standing a police coup showing full in the open, finally, exposed and too brazen to care that everyone can see them. They are the criminal uniformed mob who long ago decided they run the country and the states and the counties and the towns, not the politicians and darn certainly not any civilians.
This is not a mere brutality problem (again, as much as that is massive and front and center). This is about who runs our society in every possible way, including opinions and political expression.
The willingness of cops to be so brazen says they are telling us they own us, all of us and everything we do. More organized than “organized crime.”


There really is no hope for the USA. It is determined to burn itself to the ground with full on fascism. Hire all the fucking thugs you want Florida. They can all drown with you as climate change washes over you.


the mentality is “us” meaning police officers versus “them” = civilians.
They really do believe it’s a war…not good. This is a police state.

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as others with licenses must take a number of courses every few years to maintain them, i.e., (LMSWs) (myself)- licensed Masters in Social Work, someone suggested to me - in addition to police having to keep up with
target practice skills,
how about , most importantly, every 2 years or less, requiring college level courses in mental health training, social work - , community relations, race relations, etc., every 2 years, or maybe ongoing…
not a one time 90 minute intro…and you’re done.
keep up on credentials, or you are demoted/ relieved of duty


My message to Brevard County F.O.P., sign your members up for job training in new occupations, because we’re coming for all of you.

Not sure what the problem is in floriduh, but per capita there are more morons and racists than in any other place on earth.

The Brevard County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) posted two messages on Facebook Saturday urging officers in Buffalo, New York; Atlanta; and Minneapolis to consider finding new jobs in Florida where the union claimed they won’t have to face so-called “spineless leadership.”

With a recruiting campaign like this, they’re likely to find that trial lawyers will take them to the cleaners the first time one of their cop thugs lays a hand on someone. Those lawyers are probably already drooling at the prospect.

Unfortunately, it will come at the cost of the damage done to those plaintiffs.

Great idea. Police need to become part of the community, not antagonizers. Back in the 1950s (I know that wasn’t the perfect decade but it sure beats the hell out of today), police departments had just enough cops to maintain order. Some on patrol didn’t even carry guns. Everyone in the neighborhood knew them. I can’t site examples (too lazy), but I’m talking in general terms.

I guess they’re not afraid of scaring the tourists…

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the ugly amerikans on full display. horrific people.