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This Is The Real Donald Trump, Loud And Clear


This Is The Real Donald Trump, Loud And Clear

Anne Kingston

In a combative, unprecedented, off-the-hook press conference held Tuesday afternoon in the gilded lobby of Trump Tower in New York City, President Donald Trump alluded plaintively to the “massive, self-inflicted wound on our country,” one he termed “disgraceful.” Following the weekend of horrific violence at a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, one that showcased newly emboldened hatred in the U.S.


Anne Kingston, thank you ! You wrote a fine analysis of this past weekend’s events and of Trump’s lack of intelligent leadership and non-existent loyalty to American Democratic values. Excellent read! PattiRL


I do know a few white nationalists but they would not of been carrying weapons or anger against people of different color.

They believe we should all stick to our own kind and are country should not encourage people of other races to come to this country. I’ve always told them that is already out of the bag and you would be fighting windmills. Yes, they do believe in the blue eyed whites being the superior race which does no longer have any factual basis for that belief.

I am for diversity but not white superiority which is not included in that diversity as are fascists. I saw this comment from a person living in France.
Not far from me is a war cemetery, a military cemetery of those who died defending France. There is a long list of names from WWI, then more names, all names of men, one name per line. Starting in 1940 that changes: there are whole families with their Hebrew names. I’ve been to a lot of holocaust memorials but this inadvertent one – the locals didn’t quite know how to erect a monument to murdered Jewish families – is chilling in its subtlety.

I see the US going down a dark path. Europe’s been down that path and knows where it leads. There is the occasional crank, some with a fair amount of support, but they’re quickly drown out. The US, from what I see, believes it is immune; those circuit breakers of historical memory are not there. That’s scary.

Hitler took power with 36.8% of the vote. Last I saw Trump’s support was about 39%. American’s must not underestimate the danger.

We all need to be concerned


So the corporate media demanded that Trump come out with a certain statement-----So if Trump had done this would we all go back to sleep. There is a deep sickness that runs through our culture and Trump reflects some of that sickness back on us------and the corporate media say no Trump can’t do this. We all know that Trump is a racist -----but just put on the face of tolerance so we the elite don’t have to deal with this sickness. Maddow turned back to Russia today so we don’t have to deal with this sickness. I guess the media thinks if Bannon resigns it will bring all this to a close and we won’t have to deal with this sickness.Genocide,slavery,militarism,capitalism-and what’s the main root in all these RACISM!


Too much power in the hands of one man always leads to this. Read your history books and tremble. With the Patriot Act, the War Powers Act and secret unaccountable funding for the CIA, NSA and who knows what else is just asking for an emperor to step up and assume control. Then add to the mix a closed dysfunctional two party system only answerable to whoever is funding their campaigns what exactly is expected? An peaceful evolution towards a more democratic system? In your dreams perhaps but the reality is always power and resources flowing in an ever increasing stream to the top in the guise of national security and foreign threats from any who disagree or challenge our control of resources and trade lanes. Empires always fall. This one is no different and the cracks are appearing everywhere.