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'This Is Their Desperate Attempt to Cling on to Power': Pence Joins Trump in Refusing to Commit to Peaceful Transition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/their-desperate-attempt-cling-power-pence-joins-trump-refusing-commit-peaceful


Harris appeared to have the same strategy as her boss last night. Sit back, say very little, commit to nothing, and let the other guy sound like a lunatic.
Isn’t it sad when your only selling point is, “well, we won’t be nearly as bad as the other guys?”
The more I see Biden and Harris the more likely I believe we are about to experience 2009 all over again. Democratic wins, and little else to show for our efforts. They will screw the pooch like Obama did, and a disillusioned public will abandon them for fascists that get things done, just like in 2010.


Hard to tell which one will be worse. Short term Biden/Harris will be less oppressive but in the long term the end result of either one will be the same. Detrimental for the American People and a bonanza for the the 1% that they both represent.


An Unfortunate Predicament.

  1. The US Government is no longer, may have never been one of Democracy. Well, maybe a Democracy for the rich & well-connected.
  2. The use of Money has corrupted the entire system.
  3. Too many laws in place that benefit the rich and powerful.
  4. This country is no longer viable. It is a 3rd world fly-over country, well at least 99% or so.
  5. A great collapse is unfolding, cannot be stopped… a collapse of an ecological nature, an economic and of social-political…
  6. The Earth can no longer support nor withstand the Great Human Industrial Civilization.
  7. Only a “New Message from God” will be able to change the course of things…and one has been received in this world at this time…Google it, you will find it.
  8. During the times of the Buddha, the Jesus, and the Muhammad, such thoughts were rejected, we now live in such a time…a time of great danger and opportunity.

Over the last 50 years there has been a dumbing down of the American electorate. Madison Avenue style politics, brainwashing and societal isolation/indifference have left people unable to discern truth from lies. Even the relatively well meaning and awake sugar coat the truth, as the public stays addicted to lies. Most liberal proponents simply moderates. Moderates are conservatives. Conservatives non-existent-replaced by fascist extremes.

And as these changes have become more insidious and dangerous- the public more paralyzed- the new normal has become conventional “wisdom.”

Trump has laid bare this hypocrisy- by being the penultimate hypocrite. His one success in life- the Apprentice. He learned the bigger the lie- the better.

While some can discern the lies- very few can question the “system itself.” Most are adept at questioning their “opponents” and laying in the attack- almost none can see how they are manipulated and the false underpinnings of their society- and the deadly decay.


Pence dodged almost every question, and lied constantly.
Disappointed in Harris. As a former prosecutor, she could easily have eviscerated Pence on numerous occasions, but went soft.
She was pulling her punches and failing to exploit obvious openings for attack.


I would accept this as an acknowledgement that they are planning for and fully committed to a violent Coup. Why shouldn’t they? There is no chance the American People and their pretend opposition party are going to do anything about it.


The GOP has been rigging elections and suppressing voters to the extent that its the only way they have won any election during the past half century. Denying that they lost the 2020 election will be part of the natural evolution of their legacy.


Excellent point as the moderator, as the article points out, never addressed a follow-up question regarding Pence’s refusal to directly answer the question about a peaceful transition to power while it appears that Harris never criticized Pence for not directly replying to the question. George Carlin was quite correct to note that the future looks pretty bleak when America’s political leaders do not have much to offer to the American people.


If I were president and asked if I would meekly step aside the day after election and ‘transition’ power to the incoming regime::

No, I would not.
I’m gonna win. Why give an opponent a public signal ‘uncle’.
I will remain president through January 20th of the next year.
Certainly communicate status of various matters - foreign affairs and military and those 22 CIA guys.

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The electoral playing field in the Senate is tilted fairly heavily to the Dems advantage in 2022.
But it is this year, too, and they seem to be struggling.

After two years of Biden/Harris, I expect the Dems to be pushed back into the wilderness again.
And I guarantee that when it happens, they’ll blame the left.


I beileve Harris made a number of very telling points , though she stuck to the pandemic a bit more than I would have liked. That pandemic is certainly a very telling indication of how poorly Trump governs but there are so many illustrations thereof that needed airing…
Pence only proved himself a landing strip for flies.


Like hell. I know plenty who will delight in sending these folks where they belong, myself included.


She can’t be too critical. They belong to the same party.


I know! Looks like he could have said, “if you don’t do as we say, we will kill you!” and not gotten a follow up question.

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The fly is thinking, “I’ve got all this shit to myself!”


Works, most every time, so why try anything different? They’ll blame: their nascent “left,” their deplorable victims and whichever foreign trade adversary is hording our gas/ oil, poppies, rare-earths, indentured labor… what-EVER!

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/08/deba-o08.html (can’t attest to this, we went back to Fargo S4?)


Your link is to an article on Iran attacking our bases in Iraq after we assassinated Sulieman.

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Any politician who cannot decimate these gangsters with the utmost ease, isn’t much of a politician nor a leader. Lets face it, these people are having a difficult time defeating Trump who is obviously the worst president in US history, and backed by the worst senate in us history, and and the worst platform in US history. Under the circumstances, it seems like Chuck E Chicken would do better. It’s a bad day when these vermin are in contention much less have a chance in hell.


Sorry. Every time I copy & paste the URL, it’s: “Harris refuses to oppose Trump’s planned 2020 election coup”


(Of course, this iteration of Firefox & my VPN showing this Huawei phone’s in CA right now… not to mention this thread & them cantankerous wsws boomers sites’ peculiarities?)

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