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'This Is Their Land': Indigenous Activists Protest Bolsonaro's Environmental Policies in Brazil


'This Is Their Land': Indigenous Activists Protest Bolsonaro's Environmental Policies in Brazil

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Thousands of indigenous Brazilians are marching on the country's capital for three days of lobbying and activism to protect the South American country's vast natural resources—which are under heightened threat from President Jair Bolsonaro's pro-exploitation regime.

Up to 5,000 indigenous activists are expected in the city of Brasilia between Wednesday and Friday. As of Wednesday afternoon, at least 2,000 people had shown up and most were encamped in the heart of the city.


The 18th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues just opened on Monday in New York.

The international treaties, the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Organization of American States are the framework, still nascent, that is all there is at times between transnational extractive corporations. The rights of the Indigenous Peoples in Brazil to their traditionally occupied lands and their constitutional rights were only ratified in the Federal Constitution of 1988 after finally forcing the military dictatorship out. Lots of politicians and beneficiaries of the dictatorship are now powerful and abusive landlords on a scale few can imagine. Until that is, you take a look at the still unfolding Operation Carwash. “Coup” is conservative term for unbridled bulldozing.

The lungs of the planet NEED the peoples who have been stewarding them for millennia.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro wants U.S. to join development plan for the Amazon

Brazil’s Bolsonaro wants to mine on Indigenous lands — illegally

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“Environments”…a new Revelation:
“You see, in the Greater Community, environment is considered the most important thing. It is not something that you use, and then after it has been misused, you worry about it a little bit. Environment is the most important thing. It is seen as the absolute, fundamental context for survival and creation and a model for education itself.”… a new Revelation for humanity; Marshall Vian Summers (newmessage dot org)…we are truly in a Global Emergency, the first stages, that will last a very long time…

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If you think the refugee crisis at the Mexican border is bad now, just wait until people begin leaving Bolsonaro’s Brazil in droves. Imagine the site of over 100 million people marching across Central America towards the USA. How long do you figure it will take before the US armed forces are carpet bombing refugee camps?
Good times ahead!

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You can’t go back. We’re on the eve of destruction.

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Flying Rivers of the Amazon

Stay, there will be forest

2019 Alternative Energy and Communities Symposium and Fair

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We could set up refugee camps on the U.S. - Canadian border. Refugees could ask for asylum from either country.