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'This Is Truly Terrifying': Scientists Studying Underwater Permafrost Thaw Find Area of the Arctic Ocean 'Boiling With Methane Bubbles'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/09/truly-terrifying-scientists-studying-underwater-permafrost-thaw-find-area-arctic


From the article:

“we can’t get off fossil fuels fast enough.”

So it appears. This is what we were warned about, way back when we might have had time to act.


Oh shit!

Good to see the focus on our collective existential threat not be distracted from the fascist menace in the WH.


Feedback loops engaged. Nowhere to go but climate chaos.

I was considering cutting down on drinking. Now I’m considering drinking more. Much more.


This article is enough to stop your heart. We must elect BERNIE 2020. The ONLY candidate with a real plan.


Multi-tasking is still an important skill. So many menaces to be aware of.


releasing ancient bacteria and viruses as well as greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane that further heat the planet.

Looks like Mother Nature is going to rid herself of us humans.


We must multi task as you phrase it. I find it telling the parallels between the crisis of our eco-systems because of humankind such as the WH menace who has no obvious control over his own natural forces. The two are not separate and they speak to us all collectively as we each must need self controll and a wider view that encompasses all of lives in the one Life.


Don’t go getting my hopes up.


And EVERYONE made fun of Paul Ehrlich in the 70’s for his pessimistic outlook due to population growth and overconsumption. He forecast in 1978 that if we elect a cowboy president in 1980 or 1984, they would go back to unlimited growth and environmental destruction–I guess that would be Ronnie Raygun.

We’re here! The shitstorm Ehrlich forecast 40 years ago.


There were those here a year or two ago that were admonishing me for talking about methane bomb going off in the East Siberian Ice Shelf. I was labelled an alarmist. A 50 gigaton ‘burp’ will result in temperature rise of 10 to 15 degrees in a period of months. Not years, not decades. We have entered the exponential phase of climate change with fully engaged positive feedback loops. Mother Nature is about to sweep the parasitic human race, and most all other species, away. Payback is truly a bitch.


On the bright side, divorce rates will drop precipitously.

Otherwise, yeah, we’re fucked. I’ll drink to that…

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You speak the truth!

Reading stories like this one almost makes me wish I was a climate change denying Conservative!


“We don’t need any more climate scientists. We know we are making the planet uninhabitable. But the people who run the world politically and economically … the average person … do nothing.” – Greta Thunberg

Here’s my own message to the people who have parts of the world’s political and economic power: The Arctic meltdown is your enemy, because it is the mortal enemy of your children and grandchildren. That’s the forecast and the forecast hasn’t changed since last year. Above, you can see the Arctic melting down.

One way to win this struggle named “Arctic meltdown” is to restore the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack with wind-powered pumps. I can sketch such a pump for you. klinkmansolar.com/arcticcone.htm

To win the Arctic meltdown part of our struggle, the entire developed world shall need to find about $10 billion dollars per year for many years, until we get atmospheric greenhouse gases back below 300 ppm. I’m not proposing something that the developed world can’t afford.

I set before you two choices. To fail and die, doing nothing will work just fine. To succeed, get to work now on that machine and pay people cash if they can improve it. If you come up with something better, fine.

You should know that people often work for cash and rarely work if there’s no cash, so pay inventors cash for whatever will save your lives. Don’t be another too-cheapskate Hetty Green with your own son’s life in the balance.

Next, sign world protocols to come up with $10 billion per year, a bargain! Deploy the machines and don’t be too slow about it. Keep replacing these machines as they rust away, or recover and refurbish them as needed.

Here’s my message to the average person: support this effort versus the Arctic meltdown. Specifically say “Arctic meltdown.”


We are still pricing survival in dollars…the cost to capitalist?

  • " People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage."

John Kenneth Galbraith


Since the GOP is a worthless and evil tool of big oil, let’s vote in the DNC so they can talk about doing something.

That is profoundly true. Also, people of privelge would rater die, and take us with them, than not win the momentary admiration of their posh self-centered tribe.


Paul and his wife are academic heroes.
They’ve been telling the truth for decades and have been harassed for it.
His Center for Population Biology at Stanford is the go-to place for scholars who care about life on earth.