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'This Is Truly Terrifying': Scientists Studying Underwater Permafrost Thaw Find Area of the Arctic Ocean 'Boiling With Methane Bubbles'

Approximately what decade was your high school experience?

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Hi Paul K:
I saw somewhere in Russia that the polar bears were invading housing and walking thorough halls looking for food. If they are starving, then I suppose the Arctic foxes are too-----and the narwals too you say? Oh the unicorns of the sea--------- Modern Wars all created by humans -------------humans really have opened up the Pandora’s Box------I don’t suppose much hope is left in it now. : (

What are these humans supposed to eat?

Ya, there’s not a lot in this article. They found a big seep, and something that size hasn’t been seen before. While we can worry, we have no idea how unusual this is, how many there are, and how much they are contributing to methane in the atmosphere. As of yet, while methane is increasing, it is not a major additional contributor to warming. Here is the historical record: https://www.methanelevels.org/. Note that the half life is ~7 years, so we should be considering the graph over the period of the last few half lives.

Good harvest this year! The horticultural advances in breeding new powerful strains is astounding. An example of what happens when science is applied for the good of mankind;-)

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Started my horticultural experiments in 1970. The rewards of doing so have been fun.

Takes patience and care. Two things I’ve always found easy to do.

It’s amazed me how making use of the Sun can bring out the best in tending to your garden of delights.

The sky is falling!!
The sky is falling!!

Probably won’t work but firing the methane turns it into CO2. I can imagine a tent on the surface of the sea or on the methane emitting sea flour to make a plume that could be fired, though the sea surface turbulence and ocean currents would likely negate the idea. If the fantasy works, we might even power jets, rather than windmills to cool the arctic.

Still the main gain is to enrich our soil to fix the carbon. Wild and domestic herds can gobble undergrowth, and fertilize and seed in forests, grasslands and desert edges. Here in Colorado and much of the western US we also need to thin the forests toward larger trees that shade more ground and allow herds to walk underneath. Probably take a recession to get the manpower. Rather than subsidize soil depletion and fertilizer companies, subsidize soil enriching practices that grow more and healthier food. Even more gain here than to quit emitting, both needed.

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We don’t see you much here Walt. How do we change that?

My hope lies in believing that there are still countries of the world who take this situation seriously and will develop answers to save the planet and that America will no longer be in charge of the world, offering weapons of destruction to any country which can afford them. That the scientists of the world are looked to as our leaders instead of billionaires calling the shots. Though we think that the US is the greatest country, it is pure hubris. It started by doing its best to annihilate the native population, then moved on to the mass kidnapping and enslaving of Africans who suffer to this day. Then the massive effort of enticing impoverished Europeans to come here and work for pennies to enrich the opportunists. This country is based on money, not ideals. Explorers who came here were sent to exploit what they found.

Those countries that look to us for real leadership are barking up the wrong tree. We all need to look toward countries which have found a way to be kind to the planet they occupy and the people who populate it. We have not learned that lesson and it is not likely we will. As we say here, ‘Money talks’, and it runs the show.

We have a socialist running for President, a guy who wants significant changes in this country. His message resonates with many of us. Electing him would be a first step away from the precipice of disaster we are standing on. A message to the exploiters that their time is up.

“Soylent Green is people.”
Be well.

Let us acquire a taste for Soylent Green, I suppose…
Be well.

Sadly, I concur.

Would Soylent Red be house pets?

I’m terrified alright, hat some cruise ship somewhere will blunder into a methane seep and promptly sink with no warning!