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'This Is Trump's Failure': US Reports Record 90,400+ Covid Cases in Just 24 Hours—Equivalent to One New Infection Every Second

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/trumps-failure-us-reports-record-90400-covid-cases-just-24-hours-equivalent-one-new

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It’s easy to blame this on Trump – and his idiotic rhetoric actions and inactions certainly make him complicit but – he remains the most obvious symptom and enabler of the real problem which is capitalism. Many of us do not have healthcare access and many of those who have coverage cannot afford to use it. Then there is the rampant idiocy of the American precariate and the culture of ego-centric, hyper-masculine denial and invincible exceptionalism cultivated and reinforced daily via disinformation media manufactured to dis-empower and divide us and to support corporate interests. Trump has benefited from this but it will still plague us when he is gone. As will COVID and the continuing plagues capitalism inflicts on us.


You beat me to it.
I can’t help but notice that every Politico here in the USA has framed this pandemic in the same context, that no matter how many sick and dead there are, it’s Capitalism that must be saved.


Criminal insanity rather than failure



91,530 new cases yesterday, Oct 29

1,047 deaths - twice the daily death rate from the days previous.

Looks like a five alarm fire to me, especially the upper western states bordering Canada.

Out of control


Here here !

Everywhere I look, I see a managerial class unfit for life on Earth - it is not just Trump - he is the flagship of GDP Growth - a terminal illness.


Absolutely so! If I were of the religious sort, I would definately name him/it as the fabled “Anti Christ”; as in he claims he is the only one to solve all the problems, but, in reality he is the destroyer, the ruination of peoples minds, the institutions of civilization, the environment. trump IS the plague, and, no sympathy, no respect to his legion of supporters, enablers and sycophants. Why else all the lies, the hatred of everything except power. To sum up, donald trump is a mindless, worthless fucking monster, plus, a stinking piece of shit!


Well said !


Unfortunately the opposite is true - the religious sort is what his base is 99% comprised of; that and the 1% billionaire / sociopath / CEO cult.

How about criminally insane failure.


I would also include reckless endangerment as well as criminal negligence as it appears that he absolutely no concern for the health of his supporters. And the Democrats as well as the Republicans have not lifted a finger to stop him which make them almost as complicit as Trump.


You opine that:

" To sum up, donald trump is a mindless, worthless fucking monster, plus, a stinking piece of shit!"

While it would be very difficult to argue against that statement those on the left, as Paul Street compellingly informs the reader over at CounterPunch, should not become complacent at Biden’s big lead in polls over Trump. As Street writes there is a very good chance that Trump will get re-elected when one factors in the Electoral College favoring Trump, voter suppression, Trump threatening to unleash his militia groups both during and after election day, and the Supreme Court which is stacked in favor of Trump. The current occupant of the White House is pulling out all the stops in every nefarious manner to make sure that he remains in power and if that happens then his first four years in office will look mild compared to his second term in office.


Orangeman couldn’t pull it off without his orange minions. It’s true that exceptional inequality in USA would have exacerbated the plague here in any event, but only Orangeman, so far as I know, has had the foolishness and the followers to campaign against facemasks as an infringement of liberty. That’s a uniquely destructive social accomplishment, which has allowed the virus to burrow quite deeply and thoroughly into the most remote “heartlands of heartlands” in USA, whence it might never be expunged. Covid is a respiratory virus shape-shifting into a cardio virus, in bodies and lands.

Johhs Hopkins has a crisp map of per-capita new cases which vividly illuminates the current eruption, USA’s third national surge, seemingly bursting from North Dakota into all nearby states:


The wrong kind of red-state: colored on this map. Exactly corresponding with scoffing of social precautions in the states with meteoric caseloads, to nobody’s surprise. JH’s positivity tracking this morning has South Dakota close to 1/2 positive; Idaho, Wyoming, and Iowa near 1/3; Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, and Nevada at 1/4 of tests coming back positive. Positivity steadily rises in most states today.


I found this article telling:

The world’s democracies should prepare for a contested U.S. election result



What exactly should be done to contain the virus? I am looking for answers not totally politicized news articles, which this is. What are the authors proposing? Close down businesses again, as if that was so very effective in the first place? What then? No, I’m not defending Trump. I can’t stand the man. But please, instead of just talking generalities, provide some possible solutions. And by the way, not to go off topic, but where is any news article on Glenn Greenwald’s resignation from the Intercept? Isn’t this something that good journalists would report on? Eh?

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Thanks for the heads up. Here is one article, which ties in with what I will present below:


Note the following from this article, by Intercept co-founder Glen Greenwald:

"Greenwald said the site no longer carried out the mission that he had intended when it was founded, which was to amplify voices rarely heard in American journalism. In his resignation statement Greenwald said: “The current iteration of the Intercept is completely unrecognizable when compared to that original vision.”

Note now this from a very different article, on the attempted suppression of “Planet of the Humans”

~ "Naomi Klein, perhaps the most prominent left-wing writer on climate-related issues in the West, did not weigh in to defend “Planet of the Humans.” Instead, the Intercept columnist, social activist, and Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies at Rutgers University was an early participant in the campaign to suppress the film."


So it all fits - the Intercept support for Biden, the anti-GDP documentary "Planet…, the lack of support for this film by Klein …

Connect the dots

  • Klein - out
  • Intercept - out

Let’s not monkey around.


Read about S. Korea and Taiwan to learn about how to contain this without lockdowns.

From h-ttps://whdh.com/news/taiwan-just-went-200-days-without-a-locally-transmitted-covid-19-case-heres-how-they-did-it/:frowning:

The government invested in mass testing and quick and effective contact tracing.

Former Taiwanese Vice President Chen Chien-jen, who is an epidemiologist by training, said lockdowns are not ideal. Chen also said that the type of mass-testing schemes undertaken in mainland China, where millions of people are screened when a handful of cases are detected, are also unnecessary.

“Very careful contact tracing, and very stringent quarantines of close contacts are the best way to contain Covid-19,” he said.

My daughter studied in S. Korea last year where the clear cultural, societal standout was how people embraced masks and working together to help each other collectively. She is going back in a few weeks and it’s incredible (in a good way) what steps are taken before, during and after her arrival there.

In the u.s. it is the opposite as we have discussed on CD’s repeatedly.

I can’t imagine u.s. citizens coming together to stop covid with the measures Taiwan and S. Korea enacted. IMO—this is an impossibility with the mentality of too many people that live here. We are seeing this in European countries as well.

Many people think contact tracing is a conspiracy and again as we’ve discussed here, that covid is fake and not that bad.

Throw in the anti-vaxxers and again, I can’t imagine any scenario where the u.s. government and the massive amount of ignorant, science denying people that live here will get this under control.


Indeed and what is also quite striking is that the United States under Donald Trump has not allowed international observers into the country so that they can see first hand how democracy is being carried out in the alleged land of the free. Controlling the outcome of the elections is one of the first concerns of the elites but they have little to fear from either the spineless Democrats or the compliant Republicans.


I’m not arguing that Trump’s response has been terrible. But it isn’t just Trump, its a systemic problem with the health care system and the attitudes of politicians on both sides of the aisle. So no, I do not like how everything has become black and white, polarized and political. I was asking why there wasn’t widespread testing in the US several months ago. As far as the Intercept goes, read what Greenwald has to say. He has been blamed for a lot of articles over which he had no involvement whatsoever. In the current political environment, anyone who challenges anything from the Democratic National Committee et al gets labeled as a “Trump supporter.” This is simply ridiculous, and precisely the reason Glenn Greenwald is so pissed off. I don’t blame him one bit.


Good article manysummits.

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