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'This Is Unacceptable': Progressives Reject Manchin Proposal to Cut $15 Minimum Wage Proposal to $11

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/23/unacceptable-progressives-reject-manchin-proposal-cut-15-minimum-wage-proposal-11


The Democratic Party clearly has a serious problem, though when compared to the lockstep Republicans, a little dissension is far more normal.
The history of the the DP has always shown a wider dispersion of political positions within it, which, one thought, was a healthy thing.
I confess to being less certain of that in these terribly trying times.


OK Joe Manchin, you proved your point. You’re a tough guy. Now just try and vote against the Covid relief bill with $15/hr folded into it. Your fifteen minutes of fame are getting tiresome.


Joe Manchin makes sure the Party of Can’t still can’t. We know what the Party of Won’t will say. We’re just hearing a Democrat quote them.


This is another promise that will not be kept, and it’s a small one to begin with. The US govt. can’t even vaccine its own people with a workjable program or vaccines. Healthcare in the US is an oxymoron, and that includes this sorry Biden/Harris outfit. that is some retro throwback thirty-forty years ago.


The minimum wage should go up to $15.00/Hour. The CEO’s should take a cut in their salaries. They make money by exploiting the 99% and donate much of the money they make to the corporate political parties.


Manchin has obviously received his talking points from the coal companies and the West Virginia chamber of commerce. $11 per hour is as high as he will go.
Just a reminder, $11 an hour is about $22,000 a year (before taxes). Even in the blighted landscape of West Virginia that’s barely enough money to keep a single person out of poverty, but just barely.
The democrats need to call “Fredo” Manchin on the carpet and tell him not to go against the family or he gets to go “sleep with the fishes”
Let this whole Joe Manchin debacle be a lesson to the Dems. They need to decide who they are. If they are a progressive party, the party of the New Deal and the Great Society, then the Manchin’ and Sinema’s must be exorcised from the party. If the democrats decide they aren’t a progressive party, then they’ll just have to live with a conservative minority determining their agenda and their future. You know, just like we have as a nation for over forty years.


From Richard Wolff

The Fake Debate Over a Minimum Wage



Well, of course, Sanders is correct, but at this point, the only thing we know for sure is that the oligarchy is continuing to conspire with government, to enslave the people of the United States, on many different fronts.


For starters, the guy is a bore to begin with.


Good article.

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The Senate leadership takes its cues from Biden, nominal leader of the Party, and himself a senior senator until recently. The fact that two Democratic Senators dare to defy him by declaring their refusal to remove the Jim Crow era filibuster rule, is beyond belief. And we should not believe it. After all, the leadership exerts immense power over any Senator, from committee assignment, to re-election support, to White House access, to money.

We can either swallow Biden’s excuse, or else look for a more believable reason. Is it not more likely that he is being true to his life-long record of servitude to corporate interests. Would it not be Biden’s wet dream to rely on a Republican minority to block measures such as Medicare-for-all, which corporations forbade him to do?

However, Biden may not be astute enough to realize that if he persists in throwing bones (E.g. Rejoining the Paris Accords, not egging on Iran, roll back vote suppression, $1600 payments, etc.) at us, while denying what most Americans need and desire, the voters will sit out the next mid-term. He loses the Senate, and maybe even the House. He may not care, but we do.


“we can do $11 in two years and be in a better position than they’re going to be with $15 in five years.”

How does that work, Joe? Cause, from what I read, they want to pass legislation that would make $11 an hour a reality NEXT year, but–unlike your proposal–keep going to $15 in five years. Have you been taking math lessons from the GOP?


Yeah, if I was a betting man, I’d go with door #2. If the dems wanted to be a party with progressive legislation, Sinema and Manchin would have already been whipped into shape, being told if you go against this legislation, we will make sure you never hold office again when your term is up, not even dog catcher. But they won’t, both of them are the dem’s excuse to continue to delay this and future progressive legislation, no matter how badly it’s needed.
“Smoke and mirrors” or “dog and pony show”, our choice while the people continue to suffer no matter what side of our single party holds the reins.


Shouldn’t the true minimum wage, when linked to inflation, be about $24 an hour?

Once they raise the rate, why don’t they tie it to inflation?

How did Manchin come up with $11 an hour as the magic number. Love to hear his explanation for this.


and the fix is in—another administration working hard for the corporations who bribe their sorry butts–Manchin is the safe choice to do the betrayal–people will have long forgotten his perfidy before he is up for re-election–and of course we will have another Republican administration to do the corporate bidding and he will fit right in


And WV is positively “progressive” compares to Pennsylvania where it is still $7.25 in an area with a much higher cost of living.

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So should the administration or the other Senate Democrats slip some Novochok in Manchin’s coffee? To blame the administration and the other Democrats - who unanimously support the $15 per hour, for the actions of Manchin is positively idiotic.

And even if someone could “get rid of” Manchin, West Virginians would just replace him with someone even worse.


From the article, and this is not a suggestion to such indecent human behavior:

We might note that it clearly implies that were we to drop the minimum wage even further, below $7.25 per hour, we might achieve lower unemployment rates. But that is so gross an idea that right-wingers rarely go there. They don’t dare.

The capitalists may not articulate this but they would be only too happy to continue their current policies of making this a reality–or worse. The thing is, we need to seize the framing away from their cruel and self-serving illogic.


Can you show me where in the constitution how the Democrats could actually make the people of a right-wing state vote for a specific candidate? I guess they could kick Manchin out of the Party, but he would simply join the Republicans and continue to get re-elected just the same. We are talking about a state where Trump won in every single county - even the university city of Morgantown.

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