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'This Is Unacceptable': Progressives Reject Manchin Proposal to Cut $15 Minimum Wage Proposal to $11

Why can’t they just let some of these states with a very low min move to 15 at a slower rate? And an agrument for the lower is it helps make these states competitive------ If they can’t pass it now----I would take the 11 and come back to it.-----and I mean come back to it this year----not ten???

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When did that happen? I’ve read a great deal about the New Deal, and do not recall that happening. Roosevelt was of course concerned about the left flank of the party, but he also did things like help undermine Upton Sinclair’s campaign in California.

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Why is Manchin considered a Democrat?


“Democrat” is a label. Voters vote for labels. lieberman was a democrat , then a republican , then an independent , then a democrat …
And , is there a difference between the “parties”? All of them work for corporations.


“This is unacceptable” according to self-styled progressives! Let’s get real, the minimum wage, adjusted for inflation taking 1968 as a base, should be $22/hour. So useless “progressives” are selling everyone out, again. Here’s the bipartisan formula: Republicans be: you’re hurting? too bad, now fuck off. Democrats be: you’re hurting? we feel your pain, here’s some peanuts, now fuck off.


Manchin obviously doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his constituents in a poor state. His shorts are in a knot because if people made $15 an hour, they would become rich! Yes, rich, $30,000 a year for a 40 hour work week. And the minimum wage wouldn’t even go to $15 for a few years. Manchin is a wretched slimeball, and I hope some day his constituents wake up.


$0.25 per hour was the factory wage during the 1930’s.
However, the steel mills were closed for three years in Youngstown, Ohio and many other steel cities in northern Ohio. My town provided one days work each week in the mill. They also hired stranded Mexican farm workers who did not have enough money to go home. This is seen as humanitarian and getting votes against the union.

1946 through Korean war, factory wage was far less than 1.00 per hour. I am thinking it was about .43 / hour.

A VA home was $2,500.00
Now sells for $140,000

Can you say Green New Deal on steroids ( including SuperFund site cleanup and waterway restoration, etc ) for W. Virginia? Along with other. strong enhancements in the upcoming Dimocratic ( Bidenistas’ Infrastructure Bill ) legislation.

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no we should quit voting for those who do us harm and this crisis is a multi decade, multi party produced crisis due to the capitalists controlling our politicians with their bribes and the weak souled corrupted politicians say “how high” ? when the capitalist tell them to jump for their money–as long as we allow the capitalists to bribe our so called “leaders” we will continue our descent into the third world country they have made the US into–you know the scene–a very small percentage of people (.01%) have most of the wealth–another small percent are the bureaucrats administering the pain(10%) have most of the rest of the wealth and the majority is broke ,busted, hungry, sick, homeless, in a world of pain and waiting for the relief that never seems to come regardless of the party in charge–to be clear --they could have eliminated the filibuster and pushed the relief package through but are now doing the very Democratic party thing of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with their pandering to the corporate owned members of their party–same old story --different administration


Professor Wolff can explain it better than I can, and is much more knowledgeable on the subject, he’s mainly talking about the need for a third party in this vid, but it ties into what happened with the FDR administration and our discussion.

“America Needs A Third Parties w/Professor Richard Wolff”
Jimmy Dore Platform

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I saw a great graphic recently:

Republicans: ‘middle finger’
Democrats: ‘middle finger’ ‘candle’

Incorrect. See my earlier posts. Adjusted for inflation from 1968, min wage is close to $12 now. Adjusted for productivity gains which is a completely different argument, it would be close to $24 now.

A supposed Democrat. Me thinks he just can’t compete against Rethug campaign in WV

Why the hell should Manchin have such power to hold everyone else hostage?
Congress is far overpaid – not just for the little they get done, but also cuz’ they haven’t got a clue what the real world is like out here! Let them make a puny hourly wage & try to feed & house a family on that income!
In fact, maybe Manchin should be paid $11hr & get a nibble of reality for 10’s of millions of hard-working Americans?! Let us decide what they get paid & bet they’d be more inclined to represent US!

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Congress decides its salary per the Constitution. That said, hopefully there’s something Manchin desires that will get him to move his number up. It seems to me he’s just averaging $7.25 and $15.00, which puts you at ~$11.00.

He has a lot of power because he is the key swing vote. Without him, Democrats don’t control the Senate and there is no bill at all.

Pretty sad. $11.37/hr was my starting pay in the post office as a part-time flexible in 1989. Seemed like a lot of money then, compared to the job I left after 8 years working for the city at $6.17/hr. But it’s just a drop in the bucket now. Some people seem to think youngsters should work in “starter jobs” on the cheap and then work their way up. Well, there is not “starter house or apartment rent”, no “starter car payment”, no “starter utility or health insurance payments”, no “starter tax payments”, etc. First off, they need to start forcing billionaire business owners to pay their employees a living wage, that’s all. Secondly, if a small business model is so unprofitable that the owner/s can’t pay their employees a living wage, maybe they shouldn’t even be in business. We have lots of ignorant, self-serving, greedy bastards in this country and it needs to stop somehow.

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“Key swing vote”… So that be the power. Thanks.

Yeah, it sucks, but if he doesn’t caucus with the Dems, we get nothing at all. McConnell certainly would not bring a minimum wage bill to the floor.

True bill there

I hope that I live long enough to see it Garrett.

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