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'This Is Unprecedented': Lindsey Graham Openly Violates Committee Rules to Schedule Vote on Barrett Nomination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/unprecedented-lindsey-graham-openly-violates-committee-rules-schedule-vote-barrett


United States of Ugly right now.

I won’t pretend I am sorry I am not there with you in anything other than mind and heart. I may be thousands of miles away but my thoughts are there - constantly. I feel we are all asking if there is a way out of this nightmare.


And now it’s been revealed that she failed to disclose 7 talks she gave at ND including one to an anti-abortion group. Graham is a clown but she’s a disgrace.


The one question I have is what the hell did putin find when he stole the DNC and the RNC files? Cause the lock drumpfy has on the most dangerous organization in the world is beyond explanation. And if I were to guess, putin has dirt that includes the federalist society, nra, and of course money. drumpfy is a psychopath and everybody knows it. Yet, he’s got the repugnants on a string doing everything he wants even if it’s breaking the law in public. Something more than corruption is going on here. And this is mindful of the fact that the gop needs no excuse to lie, cheat, and steal to begin with.

p.s. could be part of this psycho’s payback for impeachment, but still seems like something more.


The party beyond corruption, the proud, grasping, malicious, mendacious, house-wrecking, wantonly destructive, vandals, the GOP. The quiz on mere corruption has been canceled. And the class. And the school. This is all on Republicans who should be ashamed, but won’t even imagine the concept of shame. The Republicans have chosen to be internal invaders of our country, not a part of it, not joined in a mutual effort against, god knows, so much, just barely even staring with COVID, with which Republicans could care less. The party of destruction.


So, it’s more of a guideline than rule?
Again folks, let’s stop with all the pearl clutching and righteous indignation. You knew Barrett was a lock the very second her name left Donald Trumps hateful lips. Our time would be best spent now on what we will do AFTER this nazi, along with the other five, Use the next SCOTUS term to provide a legal framework and protection regimen for the coming fascist America.
This battle is lost. Don’t waste your ammo. Take that anger out to the campaign trial and tell the voters what is going to happen. Rile them up. They’ll need that loathing to survive the coming war with America’s brown-shirts.
This is going to get ugly. It always was.


Looks like the only way is money – that’s where this fascist Supreme Court put us –


It’s fascism – and just look how Lindsey Graham is working to support it as fiercely as he can.

What does Trump have on him?

This is the way fascism works its way to the top and total control.


All enemies foreign and domestic…


The entire system has been illegitimate and rule-breaking for decades. As just one glaring example, Bush II was installed, not elected.

The only question is, as it has always been: What will we do about it? Will we recognize it for the existential matter that it is, and put our whole selves on the line to resist these usurpations?

Of course it is terribly late in the game now. But surely, after the iron clamp of illegitimate fascist rule is completely upon us, we will look back with regret at the years and decades of sleepwalking, missed opportunities to call it what it is, and actually resist.


She was NOT a lock, there were many things the Democrats could have done,but they did not, which means they are complicit. If the House had called for impeachment of Trump, it would have shut down all Senate business until the impeachment was dealt with. The Senate could have demanded roll call votes for EVERYTHING rather than have allowing unanimous consent…and there were many other thing the boneheads Dems could have done…they are in on this, they are complicit.


Donkeys are afraid of upping the ante because of elections. Republicans up the ante because of elections.


If I can say do not be so quick to be caught in the hysteria over Russiagate as the Republicans and their leader Trump [as well as the Democrats] are quite capable of screwing things up for, among other things, the working class and the poor in this country without dragging Vladimir Putin into all this. Perhaps you are too young too remember but many years ago there was something occurring in this country [as well as in the rest of the world] where the conservatives were hysterically trying to convince the media and the American people that those dastardly Russians were somehow trying to take over this country. Nowadays it seems that that same hysteria is going on today with the only difference is that it is the liberals who are trying to convince those in the corporate media along with the American public that there is a Russian agent lurking under the beds of American households.


First, not too young to remember. Secondly, extortion and assassination are the mainstays of how putin works. He’s not funding computer crime without expecting a return on his money. And he spotted drumpfy coming all the way from across the ocean. And he doesn’t pass up opportunities. Do you think putin invited the nra over to russia for tea and sent his call girl here for what, sightseeing? Ha!


I would like to think that trump and the GOP have plenty of pictures of Ms Lindsey in all manner of provocative positions with virile young boys. However, since anybody with two eyes and half a brain already know about Lindsey’s “proclivities” all we are left with is something I guess we have all known for quite some time as well.
That Lindsey is a willing and enthusiastic participant in the overthrow of the American republic.


Roe is toast.


And yet someone like former National Security analyst Ray McGovern, as well as other people like Chris Hedges, has pointed out that there is simply no proof that Putin tried to significantly alter the 2016 U.S. presidential election while also realizing that Russia has absolutely no plans upon taking over this country anytime soon. If you remember the hysteria of the Cold War then you need to then realize that the same hysteria is taking place today under the liberals who usually want to seem just as super patriotic as the Republicans. Looking outward for a scapegoat like Putin is a lot easier than looking inward at the many problems which have befallen this woeful country.


Anytime the executive branch and the senate are controlled by the same party, any judicial nominee is a lock. If you mix in the waive of the 60 vote rule for all nominees (which has been in place for years now) Barrett was as inevitable as the tides.
If you’re angry, you should be. But aim your anger in the correct direction. The democrats have been bending over and taking it from conservatives since the days of Slick Willy. This latest debacle should come as no shock. And until we replace the people that run the Democratic Party, or form our own progressive party and abandon them, they will not change.


The Democrats have done NOTHING to slow the progress of this, yet they could have, and you know it. There are tons of ways to gum up the works.


Vividly redolent resonance of Robert Mario Savio’s 60K foot view of history, 50 years ago. Awful times are squeezing rather admirable, classic prose out of you. Ring of truth, too – except maybe for the optimism crouching behind your pessimism: your anticipation of effective resistance someday. I think if US Americans lie down and allow election 2020 to be subverted by fascism in November and December 2020, well then it’s all over for the foreseeable.

It becomes a different kind of unremitting underground struggle at that point – if forces fighting for human dignity and the preservation of Life on Earth are hopelessly outnumbered. We’d still have to keep fighting, regardless. Organized or unorganized.


I basically agree though one has to wonder how many Americans, to recall Savio’s words, would have the courage to throw themselves upon the cogs of the machine in order to bring the machine to a halt.