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'This Is Unprecedented': Lindsey Graham Openly Violates Committee Rules to Schedule Vote on Barrett Nomination

“Some guy said some other guy said something when they were alone” Well i for one am certainly convinced.
After all the source is a sports writer. They don’t come more credible than that.

The Dems are just as addicted to the money as the others.


Just for the fun seeing hostile replies to follow, let me remind folks that during the impeachment trial when the Repubs were bitching that it was keeping the Senate from doing other business the Dems response was that was nonsense, that the Senate was quite capable of “walking and chewing gum at the same time”. Now, to mix metaphors, the shoe is the other foot and the gum tastes bitter.

You are thinking about it much more deeply than they are, which is not at all.

Keep on telling it –

Younger people often don’t know our real history – and couldn’t even imagine it.

Thank you!

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I think it is LOOOOOOonnng past time to end the charade of “Statesmanship” that keeps driving the interactions in the Senate. Because there IS no statesmanship operating there at all.

ROTpublican Senators regularly do what Graham and the rest of the Judiciary Committee did here: IGNORE the rules, and do what they want, expecting the Dems to just take it.

And the Dems? THEY JUST TAKE IT. Either stance is corrupt, and either stance is a way for the ROTpublicans to win, which the Dems at least should be working AGAINST.

If Feinstein suffers when the Dems WAKE UP, too bad. She should have spotted the Typhoid Senate stance the ROTs have taken on, and STOPPED IT. That she chose not to, really ought to be the DEATH KNELL of her career.

If the process of an appointment is improper then the effort should be voided when a proper appointment can be made. Pushing through any motion through an improper is an illegal effort and should be voided when the ability arises.