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This Is Very Dangerous': Trump Administration Seizes Venezuela Oil Assets, Renews Threat of Military Action If Maduro Stays

This Is Very Dangerous': Trump Administration Seizes Venezuela Oil Assets, Renews Threat of Military Action If Maduro Stays

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Trump administration intensified its interference in politically-fractured Venezuela on Monday by announcing the seizure of billions of dollars in assets connected to the nation's state-owned oil company, a move critics decried as part of a "dangerous" U.S. policy to help opposition forces overthrow elected president Nicolás Maduro.


It is time for WE The People to seize the assets of these dangerous and worthless war mongers–clearly they have way too much money to play with and are coming after our safety net, don’t give a rat’s ass about our environment and a future for our youth but have the power to do this to a sovereign nation and to all of us? If we get out in the streets as the French Yellow Vests, join Code Pink’s efforts, plan to start boycotts that lead to total non cooperation, jam the phone lines of your often worthless “representatives” and remind them who pays their salaries and provides their stellar health care we might start to get somewhere.

Any good computer hackers out there that can find a way to freeze the assets of these dangerous cretins?


It seems very likely that the us will engage in military actions in Venezuela.

Does anybody know of national actions to take a stand against war with Venezuela?


You have probably just broken a ‘law’ by asking


The US, unfortunately is behind most of the present day disasters in the World. Look at Ukraine, barely able to keep its head above water, then there is Libya, now a failed state rife with terrorism, Syria’s infrastructure is destroyed, Iraq is wandering in the desert without a unifying leader, Venezuela is being torn apart by American interference and economic warfare, Russia instead of being welcomed as a new democracy and capitalist competitor, was made into an enemy, China has had just about enough American interference by now to last through to the end of the 21st century. Oh yes, if the US gets its way there will be no 22nd century!


Yes, caution is important. We have to assume that conservative operatives and agents of state repression monitor sites like these.


My message to John Bolton as posted on The Hill:

Giovanna Leporea minute ago

NO , the USA has a special responsibility to its own people. This means: 1. NO interference in any sovereign nation’s affairs; 2. safety for its people by providing a strong safety net and a truly national health insurance; 3. minimum wage between 15-$20 per hour; 4. public, electric transportation; 5. publicly supported education which includes higher education; 6. transition to a Green Economy; 7. tax the wealthy at 90%; 8. honor all treaties with the First Nations; 9. a domestic “Marshall Plan”; 10. remove all incompetent and dangerous “leaders” in Government.

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The silence from the Dems is frightening, Iraq 2.0 maybe Trump can dust off AUMF. No need to go to congress ,I’m sure Pelosi won’t object.


Contact Code Pink and start one where you live.


The United States of America lives up to the values of “The Founding Fathers”. They are thieves , nothing more.

Behind every great fortune is a crime. Capitalism is a criminal enterprise.


Here we go again. Wasn’t Venezuela on the “list”? Will people now take action? Our government is out of control. I do not condone it’s actions and am sickened by this continuation of a failed policy. These people are sick, arrogant and incredibly dangerous to the rest of the world which deserves peace.


And Guaido’ is a decent, pleasant man? They are probably both indecent men, but the difference is that Guaido’ is Washington’s indecent man!



I will not pretend to know what form of government but going on the past neither does Washington . Our interference-in other countries political process usually does not turn out well. food seems to be a big problem for this country so lets help the citizens have access to food.


When der fuehrer farts, be sure to take a deep breath and thank him. (You can puke out the back door later, when he leaves.)
When, oh when, will the US Fourth Reich commit its “Poland?” When will the world wake up and strike us down?


So let’s think this out… The purpose of the United States military is to be bought out by a well-armed foreign government that hates us, and then the military’s job is to overthrow our country’s democracy and install a strong man to rule us perpetually, until perhaps his son and grandson take over the office. If our military doesn’t do this deed, we shall be invaded by a foreign power and then things may not go so well for us.

Did I say “United States”? I meant, um,…


Probably in the planning stages as we speak


A recent poll showed that over 80% of Venezuelans don’t know anything, anything at all, about him. So, not surprising that Americans, if they follow politics, don’t know tons about him. My guess is that your knowledge of him is limited, unless you of course are close to people helping to install him as president. What we know is that he was educated in the US, comes from a party that is lead by someone that committed treason (not hyperbolae) and that he is working with a foreign power to undermine his own government, which means he is also committing treason. If you want to deny this, would you argue a self-described Marxist that was getting similar support from China to do similar things here would be anything other than a traitor to the country? I wonder how often someone wakes up and finds they have a new president, just because some asshole goes on a street corner and announces it. Not only obviously invalid, but then that Venezuelan has to try and research who the hell this person is. What puppet wants power now?


Remember, Obama is one who got this ball rolling by first imposing sanctions. Increasing sanctions combined with falling oil prices has led to the current mess. The comments I’ve seen from presidential hopefuls is Gabbard saying, “The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela. Let the Venezuelan people determine their future. We don’t want other countries to choose our leaders–so we have to stop trying to choose theirs.” Bernie Sanders give a disappointing ‘there are bad people on both sides’ statement. Crickets from Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.). And it looks like Pelosi might not give Donnie his wall but is fine with him starting another war.


Doesn’t the US always want oil and makes up some other excuse to overthrow someone elses’ government? Wonder what Canada thinks about this? Non cooperation is too polite for these pieces of sh-t!