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'This Is Warp Speed?' At Current Pace, US Will Take 10 Years to Adequately Vaccinate the Public Against Covid-19, Analysis Warns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/30/warp-speed-current-pace-us-will-take-10-years-adequately-vaccinate-public-against

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covid is definitely Trump’s historical ignominy.

But it’s also Congress’, too.

From the bottom view, this is indeed a failed state. Obviously the top disagrees.

I’ll be happy when our medical people and teachers finally get their shots. But they gotta wait their turn behind the Persons of Quality. You know, the ones bravely cowering from the virus in their nice and secure homes.

The plague helped to end feudalism. Wonder if this plague can help us end this monstrosity?


Who didn’t see this debacle coming?
As we see once again, nothing fails quite like prayer, and capitalism. In typical American fashion, we are apparently waiting for private industry to fix this for us.
Good luck with that.


Trump obviously interfered with the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are the best source of logistical planning. Plans for moving materiel, vaccines in this case, to distribution points could have started long before the vaccines were ready. This would have not even been in a war zone. I loathe the lack of leadership of IQ45, who could have simply given an order to make plans for distribution points based upon priority individuals, high density populations, and rural populations including our indigenous populations. The military would have plans in place long before the vaccines were developed. The handling (temperature requirements) would just have been a last minute adjustment for them. I want IQ45 out so badly–he is an uncaring idiot beyond reproach.


Operation “Warp Speed,” or Operation "Twart Speed?"

Which do you think was really intended?


It is not just trump. There are others who could be holding press conferences daily and speaking the truth about where the u.s. is at regarding the spread of covid and issues with vaccine supply/distribution among other critical issues that the u.s. faces.

I know people keep defending Dr. Fauci---- “director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases” and the man on the covid “task force”, . . . . but please . . . enough!

He has been downplaying covid since day one:


He pushed for re-opening schools last summer when we were ill equipped (to say the least) for basic things like PPE, mask mandates, hospital care.

Now we have the shit show of the vaccine rollouts under the guise of “operation warp speed” (stupid, stupid name and one that screams: Red Flags!)

Anyone with any knowledge about this virus and the absolute mess our country is in (socially, politically and the disaster of our “health care system”) would be calling out these issues LOUDLY, CLEARLY and not sugar coating the realty of covid-19 with false promises and quick fixes.


Fauci Says Getting Covid Vaccine So Fast Is ‘Unprecedented’

22 December 2020

Additionally----now we are hearing about the importance of genomic sequencing and covid. Scientist/specialists in the field of infectious diseases in leadership roles should have been speaking LOUDLY AND CLEARLY about how important this is regarding covid and how we are sorely lacking this in the u.s.

Until now there has been silence on this.

Only now are we reading things like this:


“There’s still a massive disconnect between the seriousness of the situation that we’re in and the reaction and the measures,” Worobey said. “We’ve got a long way to go before vaccines rescue us from that.”

If we had truth tellers there would not be a “massive disconnect” right now.

Instead Fauci was instilling false hopes of this vaccine---- singing their praises:

Dec.22 – Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious-disease doctor, talks about the new Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. “What we’re seeing now is the culmination of years of research,” Fauci said.

He should have been talking about getting our act together in distribution of the vaccine and the fact we have almost no measure in place for sufficient genomic sequencing for covid-19.


Sequencing is key as we continue the battle against COVID-19

Couldn’t the experts, doctors, scientists who have a history with infectious diseases have said:

“Operation warp speed is misleading name. We are ill prepared for vaccine distribution in this country and that is a serious problem.”

If people respect this guy so much why has he not been telling the truth—repeatedly and clearly ---- about the reality of our situation in the u.s.?


Private industry will fix this…For a price, a price far too high for the average American most likely.


You got me there. Once it becomes profitable to save people, they will be saved.
We are after all, only human capital.


A problem in New York. ~https://nypost.com/2020/12/26/brooklyn-clinics-face-criminal-probe-over-covid-19-vaccines/


Caroline,- good posting…
“There’s still a massive disconnect between the seriousness of the situation that we’re in and the reaction and the measures,” Worobey said. “We’ve got a long way to go before vaccines rescue us from that.”

… We live in a sea of truths and lies propagated by the government, elites and corporates that run it all… We live with a naturally occuring Covid Virus that can easily jump species added to the fact that we have many US biowarfare genetic labs throughout the world… the new variant of Covid that just seems to naturally pop up throughout the world may be a prime example…you must ask yourself, what are they injecting, stabbing-jabbing into people…really… we live in a truly dangerous world with many not questioning what is really going on… A covid vaccine developed at warped speed from a corporate pharma system designed to generate profits over health,… from a Trumpian administration. Can’t wait for the next news release from Fauci.


the monstrosity that is capitalism/imperialism


Perhaps, but likely only if we don’t cooperate and get vaccinated.


Indeed. This is quite intentional.


Surly, if most Americans had voted in favor of fascism, this wouldn’t be necessary.

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Of course it’s exceptional warp speed, going perfectly as planned by psychopaths, if you’re looking at the speed of their pet virus spreading. COVID-45’s lead physician mad doctor Scott Mengele Atlas, his favorite medical publication the Great Baringteeth Declaration, his closest ally mad doofus Boris Johnson, all decisively favor spreading the virus as quickly as possible. Get it over with, you know. Nobody asked by which particular speed they were measuring themselves!? Operation Warp Speed is a smashing success, in its intended deployment as public health sabotage. They’ve turned the country and the continent into a pile of shit in record time. With most impressive bigliness, too.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/18/2020          13          13
>  18.  04/21/2020     802,570     802,583
>  27.  06/23/2020   1,534,032   2,336,615
>  36.  08/25/2020   3,416,038   5,752,653
>  45.  10/27/2020   3,000,141   8,752,794
>  54.  12/29/2020  10,679,331  19,432,125

The only possible explanation for this consistent and bipartisan “bungling” of the pandemic response across the board is that they genuinely want most of us dead.
After all, less “consumers” in the world means they can keep the oil flowing abit longer.
There is also the fact that more and more prominent researchers and scientists, including Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, who is possibly the worlds leading virologist, are coming forward with evidence showing that Covid 19 could only have been created a lab.


I think it’s more incompetence than intent. The Air Force should distribute it to every middlesex village and farm. We have C-5A Galaxies cargo planes three stories tall in the bays. How many vaccines can you get in a giant cargo plane? We have squadrons of them and C-130’s you can land in someone’s backyard and takeoff. America has distribution networks. DARTA, defense research and technology agency is secret. It has swarms of drones it can drop from bombers and put vaccines on doorsteps, they talk to one another with AI. We can kill and fund killing in a heartbeat. But buy a piece of bread for a baby we’re not vaporizing for Halliburton and America gets her camo thong in a wad. Bankers. We have all this technology for our military but we never use the pentagon to help one soul. They bank tax free overseas. We sermonized about the last days of Trump. An eternal plagues seems a fitting adios. Happy New Year. peace.


They are going to need a lot of dilithium crystals to reach warp speed …better get Scotty on it…

Grocery workers did more for the country in the last four years than Date Rape Donald. In fact, he ruined everything.


Hi drone1066:
Maybe , as in the after plague rra, the lack of workers made wages rise. Hey, maybe this will help American workers now!
SERF’s UP and so are the non serf wages! A nice future mantra! : )

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