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This Is What a Broken Party Looks Like


This Is What a Broken Party Looks Like

Bill Scher

America saw a divided party Wednesday night, though what it was divided over wasn’t evident if you haven’t been paying close attention.

What everyone saw was Ted Cruz humiliating the Republican Party’s nominee Donald Trump by ignoring the chants from delegates of “endorse Trump” after cheekily telling the audience to “vote your conscience.”


I can only hope the break will stand.


Even though computer models can now process immense amounts of information, the info fed to them represents the linear progressions (all based on averages) based on previous performance records.

My point is that all bets are off!

Lately, I have found that when The Weather Channel indicates a 60-80% chance of rain, it doesn't rain. And sometimes, The Weather Channel will say 20% and not alter the numbers until it IS raining.

The point is, chaotic events related to weather AND climate are definitely speeding up and no computer models seem to accurately account for the mass of overlapping tipping points that sends all bets off.

Therefore, this statement is rather premature in that IF Republicans do get the Presidency and both houses, what they WON'T do to alleviate global warming will potentially mean that 2020 might not arrive, or arrive in such a way as to make elections, or politics in general, particularly relevant, useful, or operational.

"If the Republican Party passes its baton to him in 2020, the party wouldn’t dig out of its current hole. Same with Pence having allowed himself to be infected by Trump."

Put plainly, the world cannot afford to be led by dinosaurs and neanderthals at this very, very dangerous and precarious juncture.