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'This Is What a Climate Crisis Looks Like': Fires Have Now Burned Record 2 Million Acres in California This Year

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/08/what-climate-crisis-looks-fires-have-now-burned-record-2-million-acres-california

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There is little to say. We will look back on these days as the good old days. I no longer can even try to fathom the horrific future that awaits us all. And I know nothing will be done to stop it. I just read an article that says people (who are able to) are buying up extra used cars at a crazy pace right now. Because they don’t want to ride on public transportation now because of the virus. So now there will be an new uptick in fossil fuel burning because of their virus fears. No thought to what that will mean to ongoing exponential climate catastrophe that will kill us all off. Humanity overall is a failed species. I honor those indigenous cultures that did their best to live in harmony with nature, and those who are too poor to even contribute to the insane consumerism that led us to the cliff of extinction. I dread waking up each morning to view the latest news. We are no doubt in hospice mode now.


Wrong. This is what the beginning of the beginning of the Climate Crisis looks like.


—has burned over two million acres, a new state record and a revelation that sparked fresh calls for urgent action to address the human-caused climate crisis.

Calls for urgent action? To whom may I ask? The people that can make a difference will not answer their calls until it is too late and their lives are threatened!


I live and work in the middle of California. For the fourth and longest time I have forsworn the auto and live a mostly wonderful fulltime bicycle lifestyle. I still have a dwindling stack of N95 masks leftover from bike commuting 30+ miles a day in the smoke from the the Paradise Fire, but I was saving those for when my school reopens to be safe from the covid kids.
The predawn air was fresh and breezy this morning though ash was still falling for the third day straight. I open my email at work and find some kids return to work next week and they all come back the following week, in hybrid mode, 2 weeks after the Labor Day viral spike. Now it’s windy and blowing thick smoke, grounds workers where sent back to the shop. Now I’m wearing one of my last N95’s just to breathe today. I’m still lucky I wasn’t in one of the many storms, fire and otherwise.


Mainstream news outlets ? Call a spade a spade.

The US military manages civilian morale. It’'s not news.

Repeat, Civilian morale management is not news.

Whether it’s unprecedented wildfire in California or Cascadia, the mass deforestation and incineration of the Amazonian rainforest (home to a third of all known terrestrial plant, animal and insect species), record-breaking flooding in Europe, single-use plastics clogging life-bearing waters, unprecedented stalling hurricanes, a B.C. (2019) midsummer’s snowfall, the gradually dying endangered whale species or geologically invasive/destructive fracking or a myriad of other categories of large-scale toxic pollutant emissions and dumps—there’s discouragingly insufficient political gonad planet-wide to sufficiently address it.
But there’s always plenty of big business ostrich syndrome to maintain it.
While neither Republican nor Democrat presidential hopeful offers a notable improvement in poor Americans’ lot in life, their governances will maintain thinly veiled yet firm ties to large American corporations—especially Big Fossil Fuel interests—as though elected heads should represent big money interests over those of the working citizenry.


While clearly anthropogenic climate change is partly to blame, these fires are not solely the act of mother nature. No mention is made of climate engineering -solar radiation management, aerosol spraying, radiowave frequencies - that have been employed for years by the military and governments the world over. Why? in an attempt to cool the planet down (temporarily) so that we can continue on our unsustainable path of hydrocarbon fueled growth. Aluminum, barium, strontium particles are highly flammable and as they blanket entire forests, create a tinderbox (and the dry lightning). This is clearly madness and disrupts the earth’s natural hydrological cycle and leads to irreversible consequences to all of life.

Please check out Dane Wingington’s work on geoengineeringwatch or read Norman Padgett’s book
“The End of More”.

I wouldn’t piss on Dane Wiggington if his heart were on fire. He’s a right-wing tinfoil-hat screwball who has been mind-fucking with entire city councils. Fast friends with all the second-amendment fascist fools – that’s Dane. Attacks on science can feel intolerable when you’re out here in CA, payin’ the price of monumental ignorance with every breath.

The very first post from @MetaphysicalCo2 is pure denialist bullshit, rarified from the kookosphere. Deep discount tinfoil haberdashery services available. Limited time offer.

The flakes are absolutely crawling all over this site, lately, for some strange reason. Wave after wave of right-wings beating by, like migratory geese. It’s starting to remind me of that classic Frank Zappa song (Flakes from Sheik Yerbouti):

California’s got the most of them
swear to Got they got a host of them…

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Perhaps the heat is getting to your head. Certainly doesn’t seem like you’re abiding by the rules of this forum. Outright hostility, name-calling and projection reveal more about the commentor than the person they’re attacking.

And btw I live in CA and grew up in a rural part of New England. While initially a skeptic, have come to believe in a lot of what Mr. Wigington scientifically documents. Additionally some of my relatives
are current homesteaders and very aware of daily climate activity and it’s effect on nature, wildlife and farming. Weather whiplash scenarios are very real and not natural.

Science on it’s own may be rational but science co-opted by market forces can become corrupted. I am not discounting anthropogenic climate change, nor is Dane. Climate engineering is another factor to consider in the equation.

Please allow other readers the liberty of checking out the information so they may draw their own conclusions.

My heart goes out to the humans and animals displaced by yet another fire in CA and now also Washington. Even though this is an article about the fires, let us not forget our friends in LA who got whacked by Hurricane Laura. Our federal government looks the other way with no sympathy for anyone as they suck the government dry. All of these are symptoms of climate change. What really irks me is that the oil companies knew for decades but kept it to themselves just like the tobacco companies with smoking. We are pointless little pawns in the game of chess that the rich wage.



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Right now, around here.
Probably tomorrow or the next day for just about everywhere east of California,
wherever the wind blows from here would be my guess.
Actually years ago for the many and growing populations living in Smoglandia globally.
Certainly indigenous South Americans lungs would benefit as their home, Earth’s lungs, have been relentlessly incinerated for a few bucks.
Of course most wont die immeditely from free filthy air,
but the clean stuff will cost you now.


There are N95s available from Grainger:


You might be better off in the long run by buying a half-mask respirator with replaceable filters, like the one I use for work:


Very comfortable, easily replaced screw-on filters, actually these are more efficient than N95s, as they filter out smaller particles. The magenta ones in the picture are called “P100” because they are like 99.9% efficient.

Good luck out there.

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The California Redwood is the best way to fight the climate crisis- they buffer more C02 than any other plant.


Giant Redwood Sequoiadendron giganteum
Coast Redwood Coast Redwood / Redwood Sequoia sempervirens
Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides

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Thankyou Standish ol’ butty!
Not every guy has what it takes to wear N99 pink,
but I can pull it off.

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As i posted some weeks back on this matter due to the rising heat vast areas of land on this Earth will become uninhabitable. This includes virtually all of the land between the two tropics and extending North and south of those lines for hundreds of miles. The Human body can only tolerate so much heat before heat stress starts to kill.

This of course extends to all life we share this biosphere with none of which were responsible for this. That warming started with the Industrial age and ramps up exponentially now as all the “fail safes” fail due to human activity and greed.


Truly the terminal end stage of capitalism. Where only those who can afford it will be able to breath clean air.


And not only that but there are studies showing as the body does start reaching those highs the brain gets more aggressive and thus more violent. As the planet warms expect our final days to be ones full of violence.

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Its not just California burning, 300,000 acres burned within Washington State in one day (September 7), mostly in the eastern part of the state, however, strong offshore winds have driven the pollution index on the coast to far above 200.