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'This Is What a Climate Crisis Looks Like': Fires Have Now Burned Record 2 Million Acres in California This Year

By the way I read 14 firefighters were injured when they got caught in a blaze that jumped the fire lines. My heart goes out to them and their families. When we talk about “service” to others fire fighters are the genuine article .

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It was smoky all day here in Vancouver. The smoke is blowing this way from those fires in Washington.

I live in WA so I really hope they don’t spread across Western Washington. Thankfully they seem far away from the county I live in. We don’t even see any of the smoke at the moment.

That particular half-mask is very easy to breathe in. I wear one for hours at a time in very dusty environs. You can buy the “pinks” in sets of four, wear two of them one day, then put those pinks out in the sun for a day to disinfect and use the other set, and so on.

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the corporate capitalists and their employees in control of Both our main political parties–the ones who decided to ignore the science for over 50 years and counting–double down on their support of the industries who are driving the crisis–and have resisted the transition to renewable energy-a rebuilding of our infrastructure to meet the needs of preparing ourselves for the increasing severity of this fossil fuel corporation caused crisis–and that both political parties, the fossil fuel corporations, and the media(also corporate owned -so no surprise ) are DIRECTLY responsible for the problem as they studiously refused to take the necessary action on in order to GET THE MONEY to be made on destroying our world—the genocide that will be the result of their greed will make all the other genocidal maniacs in history look like grade school tyrants compared to the death of EVERY living thing as the 6th Great Extinction continues unabated around us --our only hope is that we remove these criminal’s ability to harm us by refusing to give our support to the perpetrators of this crime-so if your politician has taken a single corporate dollar from the fossil fuel corporations or voted to support the fossil fuel industries–STOP VOTING FOR THEM-our lives literally depend on it


Well how about it America? You have stood by for 50 years and did nothing to rein in these Corporations as they rape the land with one extraction scheme after another. They are getting ready to leave now for greener pastures, But first they have to collect billions of dollars in bailout ( money that was suppose to go to FEMA for panemic) thanks to the Republican Senate with little opposition from Democrats. The climate crisis will now move East. Do you finally have enough courage to stand up for yourself? I doubt it. Aurevoir.

I wish we had the option of “hospice mode” TrumpTowerofBabel!

Description of hospice care:

“Hospice care is for people who are nearing the end of life. The services are provided by a team of health care professionals who maximize comfort for a person who is terminally ill by reducing pain and addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. To help families, hospice care also provides counseling, respite care and practical support.”

How helpful that would be if we could get hospice care---- which I feel is what everything—all forms of life----desperately needs right now.

The tragic, heartbreaking, absolutely gut wrenching reality is we are experiencing the opposite of hospice care ----at least those of us who are not wealthy.

We don’t get “social, spiritual” support---- we get gaslighting, cruelty and literally torture.
We get beaten down in a system that has no room for compassion and empathy.

Hospice care is supposed to “maximize physical comfort”.

In this disgusting shithole country that is the u.s. we get one of the worst health care systems in the world. It kills people, it creates pain and suffering.

Elderly, poor people, women, children, people of color get kicked to the curb and treated like a felled forest for lumber-----cut up, shoved on a truck and eventually hauled away.

The reality we are in right now is, for me, almost impossible to wrap my head around.

Media—of course— not accurately covering these horrific climate catastrophes as few, if any link them to anthropogenic global warming and anthropogenic ecosystem destruction.

These are human induced disasters that are breaking countless records but worse, leaving irreparable trails of destruction, death, suffering only ratcheting up as the once solidly frozen arctic---- which gave the earth climate stability---- is in free fall.

And so few people will talk about this. They are just carrying on as if “it” will eventually be ok. That blows my mind and crushes my spirit. It feels like a “zombie apocalypse” which until recently I thought was absurd!

I’m not sure where to turn these days. I used to come here but I can’t take the endless arguing over trump, biden, duopoloy, oligarchy----
while what I see out my window right now is a horror show. Literally frozen hummingbirds (from the recent wacked out jet stream), dying trees, lakes that are sick with invasive species and toxic algae, wildfire smoke filling the skies all over the earth . . . in essence earth’s life forms (which does not exclude humans) are dying all over the world.

In the midst of the destruction of the “natural world” here in the upper midwest there are hoards of people in their f—ing F150’s/ATV’s, SUV’s driving around angrily, many with trump flags waving.

The subaru/prius/tesla drivers are just hoping it will all be ok soon, keep their heads down while going back and forth between their city homes and “cabins” with their customized face masks. Probably many relieved today that the “djia” had the “fasted correction in history” this morning and is up over 200 points.

Yet . . .
the tension and unspoken anxiety emanating from all these people is palpable and getting worse.

I wish there was hospice care for the creatures we are killing and for the humans who are sick, struggling, grieving and do not know what to do.

I have abiding reverence for the passionate/compassionate people who carry on with their activism in their fight to minimize the damage humans inflict on all life on earth in spite of the dire facts of AGW/ecosystem collapse.

One such activist is Peter Kalmus, climate scientist who practices what he preaches more than anyone I’ve ever seen. On his twitter page he describes himself as a “climate scientist terrified by what I see. Shifting norms & living on 1/10th the fossil fuel”

I look to him for inspiration and knowledge.

This was has most recent (alarming) post on twitter from last night: (h_ttps://twitter.com/ClimateHuman/status/1303524175022153728)

Well, there you go, we just got the dreaded evacuation warning for the BOBCATFIRE. Getting ready in case we need to go. Fuck climate change, fuck climate deniers, and fuck everyone leaving this for someone else to fix.
Peter Kalmus is the people’s climate scientist
@ ClimateHuman


Yes, are we looking at a future where there will be no more clean, free air for the poor? In the future will only the wealthy be able to breathe clean air?

Land, food, healthcare, WATER, I’m sensing a trend.


Actually, no law says it cant be subtropical at the poles too. It was, at times in the not so distant past, also at other times, it was much colder, with icebergs making it down the Atlantic Coast at least as far as Cape Hatteras, (Snowball Earth) We know because they left characteristic markings on the sea floor that are still there today.