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'This Is What Dem Leadership Looks Like': Minnesota Gov. Praised for Backing Fight Against Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline


'This Is What Dem Leadership Looks Like': Minnesota Gov. Praised for Backing Fight Against Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Green groups and progressive lawmakers heaped praised on Minnesota's new Democratic governor on Tuesday for "working for the people first not a foreign pipeline company" by announcing that he would renew a challenge launched by his predecessor against Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline project, which would run from Canada's Alberta tar sands, through North Dakota and Minnesota on its way to neighboring Wisconsin.


My governor, Roy Cooper (NC) could learn something from Gov. Walz.

Governor Cooper, back the fight to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and Mountain-Valley Pipeline (MVP).


Let’s hope Governor Walz continues to toe the line. He has been something of a Blue Dog so it would be wise to keep an eye on him.


Want a New Green Deal? First shut down All of the CEO’s in charge of every Fossil Fuel Company.


Yes, Walz is a blue dog democrat and if you think he is doing this for the environment, you are living in a dream world. He is getting campaign contributions from a consortium of small-medium size oil companies that have set up a front group claiming to be environmentalists. Long story short, the front groups goal is to eliminate pipeline and deep water ports for the importation of oil or liquidified natural gas. Eliminate importation and oil/natural gas prices will rise. Guess who makes more money and who gets screwed. Welcome to Neoliberalism.


A song about climate refugees.

The ice caps are melting. Let’s talk to celebs about their opinion.
Climate and celebrities.

climate and corn flakes.


'This is ‘What Dem Leadership Looks Like’ … let us ‘re -appeal’!! If we are depending on ‘dem leadership’, my best advice is to get busy on digging your survival cave to get out of the heat and await your turn of the sixth great mass extinction. Or we can mass extinct every politician, at the polls, that stands in the way of survival.


It seems we’ve reached the point where the insensate scrambling of the addiction to predatory capitalism needs absolutely firm resistance. The alternative possibilities to this cancer of centralization and planned obsolescence are NOT restricted to “resources” being extracted at colossal scales for ‘things’ being produced. They address every aspect ignored by this autoerotic fetishization of a full fledged mantra that is collapsing into gibberish.

The Brazilian mining company VALE is prime example. Reuters has listed the history of this scale of suman and natural sacrifice for the addiction. THERE IS NO REPARATION and the model absolutely requires political corruption of politicians who will slide the shit over the planet so that they can profit in their deluded megalomania.

So thank you Governor Flanagan, but believe me, your feet will be held to the fire.


Governor Walz, Ms Flanagan is Lt Gov.
; > )