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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Small gesture, big moment: Pretty electrifying to see over 100 NFL players, and some owners, fight for their rights by taking a knee, sitting down, locking arms or not showing up during the National Anthem - that fraught but too often empty symbol of democracy - and to see much of America support them. All those guys were standing together against racism and police brutality, and sending a message to our racist, divisive, vindictive Dolt-In-Chief: "Get that son of a bitch outta here."


If that’s the forum protest must take, then let it be. I don’t watch football but every gesture of resistance–however small–has my support.



In every Forum Available, the message should be sent every time.

Not to in any way diminish, (cause I loved the show of Democracy)

but can we also multi task and send some relief to Puerto Rico?


As George Carlin said, “I don’t get all choked up about yellow ribbons and American flags. I see them as symbols, and I leave them to the symbol-minded.”


A middle finger is also a symbol. America, I’ll trade you my symbol for yours.

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I proudly support those NFL players and just as proudly condemn the retard-dotard in our White House!

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Dear News Media,

I don’t give a good god damn about Trump’s schoolyard fight with the NFL.

Tell us whether Puerto Rico is going to drown. Tell us whether the health care of many Americans is about to disappear.

Tell us if the Vulgarian-in-Chief is about to provoke a nuclear war in Korea.

But for God’s sake, stop chasing after every phony controversy Trump gins up to distract people from the real issues and Trump’s failure to address any of them effectively.