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'This Is What It Has Come To': Amid Fears of Politicization at FDA, Big Pharma Pledge to 'Stand With Science' Is Met With Skepticism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/08/what-it-has-come-amid-fears-politicization-fda-big-pharma-pledge-stand-science-met

Big Pharma and Trump can stick their vaccine where the sun don’t shine.


the CEOs of the companies wrote that they will “only submit for approval or emergency use authorization after demonstrating safety and efficacy through a Phase 3 clinical study that is designed and conducted to meet requirements of expert regulatory authorities such as FDA.”

The last part. meet the requirements of the fda. And who “owns” the fda ? It’s the agency that approved aspartame, in spite of the scientists calling the research shoddy at best. More and more lawsuits are being filed against “fda approved” drugs. More and more “fda approved” drugs are being recalled. Don’t trust any of them.


Fears of politicization at the FDA?! Say it ain’t so. The FDA has been compromised for many a year now due to industry insiders under both parties. The FDA puts Profits Before Science (PBS), not to be confused with Propaganda Broadcasting Service news, though somehow they are all in bed together now as the oligarchs control everything now.


these statements are carefully worded admissions that the trump administration is planning on skipping the phase 4 trials.

phase 4 trials are to determine whether or not there are unforeseen side effects of a vaccine… and they take roughly 1 year to do…

so yes. they are doing this in a politicized and science-denying way in order to benefit the fascist in the white house.


Should tRump help the testing of a new COVID-19 by being the first human it is tested on, waiting only until it has been shown to work on mice?

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FDA or not, Big Pharma should be met with skepticism. They ultimately side with money.

for the corporations it is all about money–if they can clean up financially they will do it-regardless of the consequences-end of story–

Also needed are stronger laws against profiting from one’s employment in government, something like disallowing lobbying by former top elected officials and political staff for a number of years after leaving their jobs, from which they typically take valuable inside information that can enrich lobbying firms.
I’ve felt particularly strong about this since reading about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration commissioner, Arthur Hull Hayes Jr, who decades ago permitted the potentially health damaging artificial sweetener Aspartame to be placed in many foods and drinks, before he then left his FDA position for a lucrative job with the public relations firm owned by the Aspartame patent holder and producer, G.D. Searle Company.
This, despite being urged by credible health academics to refrain from immediately granting FDA approval of the sweetener—a chemical concoction discovered accidently in 1965 while G.D. Searle Company chemist James Schlatter was testing an anti-ulcer drug.