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This Is What It Looks and Sounds Like When Thousands of Amazon Workers Learn They Just Won $15 an Hour

This Is What It Looks and Sounds Like When Thousands of Amazon Workers Learn They Just Won $15 an Hour

Jake Johnson, staff writer

What does it look and sound like when thousands of Amazon workers learn that CEO and world's richest man Jeff Bezos has finally relented to widespread grassroots pressure and raised the company's minimum wage to $15 an hour?

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Good on ya Bernie!


Congratulations to all those who have fought the greedy beast! Now, let’s not stop there and remember that in parts of the US $15 an hour is still poverty level. But it is a start. Workers Cooperatives should be seriously contemplated to liberate ourselves from the greed of capitalists.


Some talk of union organizing and a little pressure from Bernie, and this is a result.

BTW - workers should continue to organize at Amazon.


Amazon and Bezos are monopolies that need to be broken up for the good of the country. I wish people had somewhere else they could work.


The title of this article which I am reading reminded me of the late Mahatma Gandhi who pointed out in his An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiment With Truth that liberalism subverts what it claims as human dignity, freedom, the way to encourage the development of knowledge and progress.

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This is what Jeff sounds like: YIPPPEEE!


Kind of like all of this was planned out ahead of time. We know Bezos always had the money and it really wasn’t like he was giving up very much. Maybe he just wont have enough to buy another toy company for his monopoly.


It’s been a while since I studied the works of Marx and Engels. Regardless if you agree or disagree with their theories they got one thing right: In a capitalist system there will always be Exploitation. Even a raise in wages like this one doesn’t change that fact…
Bezos’ net worth: roughly $166 billion.


No one said the Revolution was over. As others have posted here and elsewhere, we must continue to organize and liberate ourselves from greedy overlords like Bezos. I doubt Bezos would have done this much if the workers, with Bernie’s and others’ help, hadn’t pressured him. Bezos was getting negative attention. Rather than being brainwashed simpletons, it could be that those workers, at least more of them, also can now see that they have influence.


But they won’t. they don’t want to appear greedy. I think Jefferson mentioned something wbout hoe “the People” have shown themselves through history to take a lot of shit before rebelling… Of course I paraphrase.

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Well, actually it’s not good business for Amazon and Bezos. Amazon is a high volume -low margin business and frankly they are not very good at it. A couple of billion profit on massive sales of 200 billion is pretty piss poor.

The consequence of increasing the minimum wage is that product prices will certainly go up. Hmm, throw in the internet tax, deemed legal by the supreme court, and you have a business model that is decidedly less competitive. I’m actually interested in seeing how this will turn out.

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You’re right that workers have lost most of their class consciousness. That’s a very key point.

When was the last time you heard of a major strike in the private sector?

I’m glad Amazon workers got something but much more needs to be done to deliver a living wage to more workers.

On a related point, in less than 20 years, the US will have a major retirement crisis. Private sector pensions have been extinct for 25 years, replaced by far more volatile and far less substantial 401Ks, which a majority of workers don’t fund or fund nearly enough.

To maintain 1980 living standards, workers turned to debt, too often credit card debt.

We’re about 20 years from serious working class reparations or rebellion. I don’t expect it to be pretty.


I don’t understand why so many liberals can hate Hillary so much and remain so tepidly critical of monuments to extreme greed like Bezos.

I wish there was another service as good as Amazon in all capacities. It’s an evil I have to deal with as I don’t have a car, I watch a lot of streaming TV and read many used books sold through third party sellers on Amazon. And yeah they are good to deal with. Other sellers elsewhere don’t give a crap as soon as the credit card transaction goes through. I am glad that their overworked workers are getting a few crumbs from their Master. How about $20.00 an hour next year?

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For Amazon it is simply a PR stunt. For the Amazon workers, it means a better way of life. Now stop treating the workers like robots and we may be getting somewhere. Still, even the small victories must be celebrated.


Don’t worry about Jeff or his business. He can always cut back on total employment by a proportional amount, which is what happens traditionally when minimum wage laws are hiked.

Well, I use Alibris instead of Amazon if I order online. I try to buy at bookstores. There are alternatives but if people do like you do…someday there will be no alternatives. This is a serious monopoly which is erosive in a political and economic sense. What would you have done before the internet and amazon even existed? This is not leading down a good path but I don’t see the US as a whole in a good direction.

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Congratulations on what you have been given! Hopefully, it will be commensurate with inflation and will be only the first of regular pay rises that will allow Amazon employees to not need second jobs or to have to supplement their wages with state benefits.

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Not bad, except for the fact that it would cost Bezos $3.6 billion to pay the wages of 100,000 employees. What’s wrong with this picture? Exactly, it’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Living wage for everybody in America. NOW.