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This Is What It Sounds Like When a Very Powerful Democrat Tries to Force a Progressive Out of a Primary Fight


This Is What It Sounds Like When a Very Powerful Democrat Tries to Force a Progressive Out of a Primary Fight

Jake Johnson, staff writer

People have long known these kinds of conversations take place, but rarely is the regular voter allowed to hear exactly how it goes down.

"The issues that resonate most with voters are not the issues that the DCCC is telling candidates to focus on."
—Levi Tillemann


I read the original article in The Intercept this morning. It was certainly no surprise to myself. Far from it.

But for those of you that still believe in the system and how it operates, it is one more piece of evidence added on to the veritable mountain of evidence that the system is utterly and systemically corrupted, The fascists are in charge now and our Republic is dead and pushing up daisies. Meanwhile the American people seem to be stretching the extreme boundaries of denial and apathy. We can’t vote our way out of this one folks. We pissed that opportunity away long ago. Many would argue we never actually had it to begin with and there is some truth to be found there also.


Well, that made a decision VERY clear to me: I will NEVER vote again!!!


This is how it works, and it is all about Corporate State Democrats (those who of course just love those Trump tax cuts) keeping the power center of the Democratic Party on the side of large corporations and wealthy individuals, and to keep that voting block with Republicans alive and well.

It’s time to have rolling protests at the D.C. offices of the DCCC and the DNC to up the confrontation.

You want a fight corporate servicing jerks? Okay, gloves off. (peaceful of course, but disruptive)

Noise machines at the convention. Lies lies and more lies about Sanders’ supporters being "Bernie bros, racists, misogynists, etc. We don’t forget those tactics. And they just keep getting dirtier, with power and money on their side of course.

But but Sanders’ supporters were unfair and rude!

Cry us a river.


And I got an email from Tim Kaine yesterday asking me to donate to support his “good friend” Joe Manchin …

The “two major parties” are ongoing criminal enterprises. We live in a thugocracy.


I really think everyone should read this before reacting:

This is not the first time the Intercept has gotten something wrong. I covered another example in detail here a year ago when Bernie’s Canadian drug import “amendment” that actually wasn’t was hyped in the Intercept.


That’s exactly what the bastards want—an alienated and apathetic populace, with as few casting votes as possible. This amplifies the votes of the teabaggers, misogynists and racists, and the plutocrats who love them (so long as they remain useful).

It would be much more effective as a protest, and more salutary to your mental health, to consistently vote outside the confines of the “two-party” long con.


The establishment Democrats make a big deal about a ‘resistance’ to Trump and how the Democrats need to take over the House and maybe the Senate later this year.

I have many cultural liberal friends on Facebook whose default mindset is to support Democrats. These are good people whom, if I sat down with them and went over issues, would probably agree with me on almost everything. But they are captured by the Democratic Party and get information from them constantly and then repost it.

One friend posted a glowing meme about an establishment supported Democrat running for Congress in Arizona and how she is a point ahead of the Republican. The meme was suggesting we all send money to her. I’d never heard of her. But if you know me that just means I go do my own independent research.

What I found out is that there were several progressive, Our Revolution/Justice Democrats in the primary and the establishment party, in order to support this woman my friend was praising, SUED them for being on the ballot. Yes. They sued them to get them off the ballot.

This is disgusting. I shared the article and my friend was also upset.

Listen. If we support these disgusting Neo-Con, corporate, darlings of the Establishment DCCC in order to resist Trump we’ll end up with a Congress that will give him more authorization to use military force as he pleases, help him deport dreamers, approve his right-wing judicial nominees, and give consent to his warmongering, torture loving, bloodthirsty cabinet choices. But don’t worry, they’ll go on MSNBC to bitch about him all the time and scream “Russia! Russia! Russia!” non-stop. But real resistance? Don’t count on it.

Don’t vote for establishment Democrats, no matter how much party apparatchiks go on and on here about how it’s necessary “because Trump.” Real change must begin with resisting the Neo-Con/Neo-Lib establishment Democrats so we have a real alternative. They’ll tell you we have to be engaged in changing the party but then they’ll bitch at you if you do the only thing that will change it- not vote for the shills of Wall Street and the MIC.


I would say this should not be a surprise. I believe Sanders and his supporters said their goal is to take over the Democratic Party. It appears that establishment is not simply not going to sit there and let it happen without a fight. It is amazing that this recording exists. I would say it certainly going to make far more enemies for Tillemann than he already had within the party. The Democratic Party establishment types are certainly more interested in taking on the Republicans than other Democrats. But this is way things are. The Democratic Party is now the only major party that is not extremist. There is a populist movement on the right moving the Republican Party toward fascism. There is a populist movement on the left that is fighting corporate influence in politics and economic inequality. How this all shakes out will certainly determine the future of the US.


Clearly the power and interests of “the party” stand far above (hard to even use the phrase “trumps” anymore!) any moral principle or progressive leadership - hell, they really don’t care if they win elections apparently, just as long as the party apparatus remains in their hands!. “The party” is the goal regardless the corrupt and/or immoral scum that may make up parts of the whole…blue dogs, corporate/banker/wall street shills, war hawks, “red state” republican-lite so-called “Democrats” who are never there when needed to stand-up for moral principles - as long as we put a “D” after your name, your OK!.

Brother Emiliano Zapata said: “Es mejor morir de pie, que continuar viviendo de rodillias.” – “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” _ the DP establishment seems to believe it is better to lose on your corrupt knees, than win standing tall for justice and the people on your feet!

The party apparatus and the interests of the establishment elite reign supreme…the “little people” just get in the way anyhow…


Since the Inauthentic Opposition Party would rather lose to a Rethug like Trump
than win with a progressive like Bernie, this is not a surprise whatsoever.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” - JFK


The DCCC positions were already known, in their regard to not wanting those crazy “leftists” to rock the corporate apple cart. Whether this is “wrong” or not doesn’t change that fact.



Democratic (in party name only) Corporate Corrupt Conniving


What about the Inauthentic Opposition Unions that are all over your Seattle/Bellingham area and the Microsoft/Boeing-Military Industrial Complex?
They’re a boat anchor on progressive change, too.


But as Longman makes clear, this is hardly a centrist versus progressive primary as the Intercept dishonestly and purposefully frames it. Both candidates are quite progressive, with barely any difference between them. It is actually Tillemann with the deep party background, not Crow, which is opposite of the Intercept’s shitty framing. Hoyer, the Colorado delegation, and the DCCC like Crow better because of his biography–which is very impressive–and the money he’s raised as a candidate. It has very little to do with who is most corporate.

The DCCC should not have acted like it played nuetral, which rightfully irked Tillemann. But as Longman clearly and in great detail points out, the Intercept is being dishonest–lying to its readers–in its portrail of the candidates and its framing.

To add, for the record, my preference is nuetrality in contested primaries.


I guess the “Party of the People” stopped being of the people around 1968 or so


Thought I would share some reading material with you as well…



It’s more like 1944 or so, when FDR’s first vice-president, the socialist Henry Wallace, was replaced by the user-friendly stooge Harry Truman—after which FDR conveniently died.


. . . AS PROVEN EARLIER TODAY!!   See https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/04/26/rubber-stamping-trumps-war-cabinet-6-democrats-just-voted-gop-confirm-mike-pompeo .

Close, P-C, but IMHO not quite worth a cigar.

I would suggest “DCCC — Deceptive Conniving Corporate Con-Men” instead, but nearly half of them are women of the DWS ilk, and we ignore them at our peril!