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This Is What Makes John Bolton so Dangerous


This Is What Makes John Bolton so Dangerous

Richard Eskow

Snowpocalypse.” “Robo-apocalypse.” “Retail apocalypse.”

Casual references to annihilation pop up every day in American life. That makes it harder to communicate the danger posed by Donald Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor

Bolton has poor judgement, a mean spirit, and an intellect that’s weaker than he thinks. He spreads ethnic hatred and argues for sending others to fight and die.


His Hatred and desire for Human Suffering makes him extremely dangerous.


Great article. Next time, please work the word “evil” into the text–it won’t be hyperbole, but possibly understatement.


“Understatement” indeed !

Any reference to the US Government needs to include FORCES OF EVIL seeing how any other characterization is a euphemism.


Trump/Bolton/Pompeo: The Real “Axis of Evil”.


The 5th Horseman!


“I am the Walrus,” John Bolton is itching to KILL as many people as he can from his cell ph. and as soon as possible. If I had to guess what he’s advising Donald the Dumbass right now it’s to attack Iran. He’s telling Trumf that we can easily defeat Iran from the air because the regime will fall from the inside. Of course, ( just like Saddam) the opposite is true and if we do attack Iran its more likely the first effect will be that Iran will turn the Straits of Hormuz into a sea of fire with oil tankers and warships ablaze. The 2nd immediate effect is the price of oil doubles or triples as the first ships sink. This, of course, serves Russi’s interest but destroys our economy… Iran would also in all likelihood attack Israel and Saudi Arabia as well drawing them into a widening War.


The real sin of omission in this debacle was committed by the chicken-shits O’Bummer & Pelosi, who failed to prosecute the war criminals when they had the chance.  Aschcroft, Bolton and Cheney, . . . Haspel . . . Prince, Rove and Rummy, . . . The Lying Son-of-a-Bush, . . . John Yoo and many others would all still be in prison if justice had been done in 2009.