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This Is What Oppression Looks Like


This Is What Oppression Looks Like

We're getting some tired of the racist claptrap the powers-that-be have made of NFL protests - the latest that idiotic $240,000-plus walk-out stunt by Mike Pence and Mother, who find kneeling to oppose white supremacy more offensive than white supremacy. A reminder: Nazis again marched while they played their stupid PR game, and this is not about the flag; it's about black bodies in the street and their killers going free.


Loved the cartoon. Sort of puts things in perspective.
*If I were to write a novel based on what is going on today in the Fourth Reich, nobody would print it. They would say it was a fantasy too far out for anybody to believe. Nobody could possibly believe that a bigoted, narrowminded, greedy, grasping, caricature of a human being, autocratically running a large powerful nation for his own gratification could be a real character. They would say business could never take over the government, buy the representatives, and have them shred the Constitution for power and profit.
*Nope, has to be fiction and bad fiction at that.
*(Don’t I wish!)


I try to preach that…all of our shadows are the same color…in the hope that someday people will understand that everyone on this planet is the same, everyone of us…this breaks my heart and makes my eyes get watery…


oppression isn’t a vouge political statement by millionaire athletes. oppression is something else. i have been following police aggression since 9-11. it’s not a racist thing, it’s a police state thing. if we start throwing race in, it becomes something else. sorry. the statistics don’t lie. cops are becoming more deadly for everyone.

i have a problem with driving while black. i also have a problem with black on black crime.

all that aside, if you choose to go after nationalistic displays such as the flag or the anthem, you can expect push back. plain and simple. if you discount how some americans feel about these things then you are being just as disrespectful as they feel the athletes are being. nationalsim is what it is.


Keep kneeling, NFL players! Many of us are proud of you! I hope more of your teammates join you in a show of support, and a retort to racism and injustice.

Don’t let the negative comments get you down. You guys are the best. Without you, there would be no game and no money made.


So true! We are ONE race – the human race!


No wonder the effete corporatists plow their noses through the fallow regions impoverished by their narcissism and project the terms ‘welfare queen’, ‘think they are entitled’ and such perspectives drawn from the legacy of royal courts when they use the public airwaves for insane condemnation of a welfare safety net in this land of political/financial frauds and theives. The system has been generating insanity in its ranks from the get-go, but then the pharma branch discovered steroids.

Thank you NFL players for reminding us of the value of our knees - any extra Tshirts?


May I ask a favor? Okay, thanks. On this site there is a piece about Native Americans and columbus-day, will you please read it and the comments? There are none more oppressed or discriminated against than Native Americans and it has to stop. They were here first and we, those of us non-natives, are nothing more than un-welcomed guests. In order for us to heal as a nation this must become a primary focus. We have to turn the corner against all this ugliness or our country will not survive.