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'This Is What Resistance Looks Like': Dems Boycott Key Committee Votes

'This Is What Resistance Looks Like': Dems Boycott Key Committee Votes

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Charging them with lying to the panel, Democratic lawmakers on the Senate Finance Committee boycotted votes on two of President Donald Trump's controversial cabinet nominees on Tuesday.

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Takes one to know one, you mo-Ron!


I live in Wisconsin. After Gov Scott Walker was elected and Act 10 was under consideration in the state legislature, Democrats took off for Illinois and hid out for a while to delay voting. I thought then, and still do, it was a mistake. Many voters viewed it as an inglorious “retreat from reality”. Tantrum, dereliction of duty, etc etc.

A conversation I had in Georgia with a tourist there on the day it happened sticks in my mind. He’d learned I was from WI and then said, “is that TRUE, what I heard that the elected Democrats fled the state and went into hiding?” I told him it seemed to be true based on what I had heard on WTMJ radio online a couple of hours before. His reply was along the lines of, “It makes me ashamed to be a Democrat”.

Despite WI being a purple state, Walker has been office ever since and the legislature is still controlled by the GOP. I can imagine the Republicans saying, about the walkout, “how did that work out for you?"

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Hey Sherrod. How did your endorsement of Hillary work for us here in Ohio?


Or elsewhere? Thanks a ton!


Funny how Republicans can unionize and shut down Congress and walk out and find it ok, but Dems don’t vote and it’s the end of the world to them. How forgetful.


This is what BS looks like.

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And your idea of an effective strategy is? I am very proud of Oregon’s Sen. Wyden. Risistance now. Resistance at every turn.


Well it’s better than nothing I suppose. How long can they hold out?

If all of them would pull the fire alarm every time they see a pack of cigarettes or smell smoke on somebody, then maybe I’d feel they are sincere…

Well the dems have not learned a thing about the corrupt Republican party over the last 27 years. Shame on them. They used all means in the 90’s to stop Clinton, they are bullies, liars and squarely in the pockets of the billionaires but so are many dems. The dems have moved away from representing we the people and now blaming republicans where a lot of blame lies but don’t forget how stupid the dems can be.

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So the GOP changes the rules, votes w/o Dems.

If Dems had done that under a Clinton (or any Dem) administration, it would be front page news. People would be calling it un-American. The word “coup” would be thrown around a lot.

The GOP does it? The media blinks tiredly. Business as usual.

Your comment would explain why I am a registered Independent, and haven’t voted for a damnedocrat in all the years i’ve been old enough to vote!

What Do these creeps hold over the media? At least I remember when Noxon was impeached.

The dems of today ( well most of them) are scardy cats.

Most dems are childish scardy cats pretending that everything is normal