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'This Is What Solidarity Looks Like': Mass Demonstrations at LaGuardia Airport as Kids Ripped From Parents Arrive in New York


'This Is What Solidarity Looks Like': Mass Demonstrations at LaGuardia Airport as Kids Ripped From Parents Arrive in New York

Jake Johnson, staff writer

If President Donald Trump thought his sham executive order would put an end to mass grassroots outrage over his unspeakably cruel anti-immigrant agenda, he was sorely mistaken.

"They think it's over, that we'll pipe down and go away. It's not over, it's just getting started."
—Metro D.C. Democratic Socialist of America


we must continue to show force on this issue. these children must be sent back to their parents before it is too late. do not let distractions take forefront to our commands against this policy. continue to fight


Growing up can be painful. Others should never be the source of our pain.


There should be more mass protests, such as national strikes, to drive Trump, the GOP, and the corporate Dems out of power.
These protests should also occur at the homes of billionaire elites and harmful corporations.
Not just over bad treatment of illegal immigrants, but of bad treatment of mother earth, the rise of the oligarchy, and the destruction of our democracy.


The only way to beat Big Hate in the long run is with Big Love. Right on to these righteous folks.


Our only chance. DSA! DSA!


testing the devil


In the case of the war against mother earth, I suggest that Big Love motivates Big Sabotage:


We must hurt these Monsters in their pocketbooks.

I mean Hurt.


Demonstrations like this are inspiring.

Locally, I’ve also been working with immigrant support group in my area on strategies aimed at shutting down business as usual.

I have a great deal of appreciation for the folk that organized the LaGuardia protest, but, if were part of the group, I would have advocated to shut the airport down.


Hayduke Lives!


We haven’t yet ran into the truth. It may not ever run into us. But we do run into politics and into its vastly harmful and destructive lies and we are ran by it.

This means that both the secular and religious politics lie to us daily; for they haven’t yet discovered or ran into honesty, respectfulness, civility, etc.

Alas, they, i suggest, never ever will. And we will not ever get desirably civil to one another as long these two politics run us.

So, let’s at a minimum utterly destroy politics of the mullahs, ‘prophets’, rabbis, priests, pastors, evangelists, and anyone who ‘teaches’ religions [lies].

Prophets appear under single quotes because not single human can see the future; thus cannot predict it; i.e., be prophetic.

Only a god can be prophetic! But as of yet she talks to no one about anything and not just about what will happen and why will the happening happen.

Glum news??? No, very good news.


Good for NYorkers! It is certainly NOT a city without heart.

I keep worrying about the children who are already separated from their parents and their parents have been deported, and the lost children. Since there is now no way to track them, I’d like to see a non-governmental agency take pictures of all the children they can, one by one, and post those pictures online, including name, age, gender, country of origin and the number that has been assigned to them. For the lost ones, maybe this proposed agency can put out a call asking the children’s caretakers to contact them with the same information on the children they are caring for. Then put out an online message to every country where the children originated, giving the link to that information so their parents, if deported back, .can see where their children are and reclaim them if that is safe. Give a contact reference if the parents can reclaim them. If not safe, the parents can decide what they want done with their children.


David, if Trump makes things even worse, I’ve no doubt there will be massive protests. And we know Old Orange Butt WILL make things worse, guaranteed. He cannot help himself.


(a) You do not understand what prophecy is. It is speaking truth to power, not predicting anything.

(b) Just how do you expect to destroy? No, don’t answer that. Get back to the topic of the children. And maybe consider the 639 pastors and United Methodist lay members, and thousands more through petitions and the like, who have started the engines of church discipline to call JBSessions to task for his self-serving political use of Scripture. Maybe consider the churches that are sheltering immigrant families and the pastors who have gone to jail for it. Maybe take a look at who is actually working to help these children.

To all, indeed, we must all take what part we can. American Airlines, United, and Frontier that I know of (via Rachel Maddow) have said they will not transport the stolen children. Best kudos go to the passenger on the plane who knew who to call to arrange a welcoming protest. This is how it will get done, and it must get done.


There is something seriously wrong with our government. I live on the Canadian border in Caribou Maine. Because of American policy, few people come across the border and we have dozens of customs officers waiting around for traffic, one or two cars an hour maybe. I love Canada and visit often visited some time ago and on return, one officer went off on me because I had not waited at the stop, several hundred feet away, until signaled. Create a point of entry where the people are coming in, that way they are no longer illegals. God Lord we can build an airport and bridges in the jungle in hours and we can’t create a point of entry? We have staff to house these poor souls and can’t find a way to process their claims of asylum? The points of entry between Mexico and America take hours for just normnal traffic, let alone for a bus load of starving families. We have gone nuts with our TIKI torch cuckoos. Thank you Fox


No. We need every American in DC, where the problem started and smash down the White House Gates and drag these murderers out into the gutter. This is the only way to stop them! Why won’t people organize? Afraid of what? They plan to kill us anyway!


Prophetic means predictive. Only god, provided the [and not an] IT exists, can tell us what will happen and why IT is making happen what we will see or experience happen.

Isaiah was called and deemed by the ancient priestly class a prophet. Isaiah, reportedly, was a predictor and a teacher.

If Isaiah indeed was taken as; or in fact is/was a teacher and a seer; then, he sucked that god-like knowledge out of his thumb. So, god just looked on but did not interfere in Isaiah’s thinking or discovering the ‘truth’.

If you know what “truth to power” means/entails to do and you also know it [seen, experienced it], then, i am totally lost as to what to say or think of it.

In any case, if Yahweh, God, or Jesusgod exist; then, only they or one of them only is a Teacher [Mt 23:8]. NT also teaches not to go beyond what is written. This means that no one should interpret what Bible says.
This pertains also to “truth to power”. Truth to power remains forever truth to power.

Paul said that, i suggest, because he expected that the interpretations of Bible what would cause fissures, acrimony, accusations, anger, etc, in Jesus’ church.


Paul had no idea he was writing Scripture. He was writing advice to particular communities that faced particular issues. But this is not a theological discussion. Let’s get back on topic.


Did you know that, according to the Bible, the Satan of the Bible, is not ever idle? So, God must always be idle if it is true that both the God and Satan exist.

God probably is not always idle. We know He’s activated [put on team] at times by the evangelists when they need money.

Had the Big Bang strike deaf all gods? And have the priestly classes struck deaf, dumb, and blind all of their believers?
It surely looks like that that is the case!!!
Eternal verity, so strike me god dead! Sad news for believers: He did not!