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'This is What the Climate Crisis Looks Like': One Day After Crushing Heat Wave, Flash Floods Inundate New York City

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/what-climate-crisis-looks-one-day-after-crushing-heat-wave-flash-floods-inundate-new

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NYC is considering building a wall to protect lower Manhattan from rising sea levels. Type ‘NYC Big U’ into your favorite search engine for details.

The floor is now open for wisecracks.


Climate crisis in Greece:

Followed by this:

Now, mind you: this is the same yooj megolopolis which plans to go green, by replacing scores-of-thousands of mob toxic fuel-oil burning boilers with fracked gas (displacing slumlord superdelegates’ carbon footprints beyond the Delaware?) Picture, all the tens of thousands of leaky wells, abandoned after being successively re & re fracked. The infrastructure is going in, right now, ALL over NYC. New fracked gas power stations, major pipelines by Williams and Spectra, feeding crazy bad-looking laterals (to mostly OLD, big wood framed apartment buildings, down intensely crowded, narrow side streets) I didn’t hear much mention of all the methane, ethane pipelines, cracking plants, dilbit bomb trains, or how to rescue NY and Philly, after the water’s poisoned, by ANYONE at the 1st Democrat cage match? (Of course, nobody up on stage mentioned the burning Everglades or doomed Miami either?)

Present National Foreign Policy- Desperately trying to start wars with Iran & Venezuela: to artificially raise the price of oil before the price crash.
A new Wall St. spin on " dump and pump "; dump billions of $$$ worth of bombs on " the evil doers " , raise the price of all dirty energy and dump the stock ( 401K portfolios of working stiffs ) in 18-24 months. While proudly standing on a stack of Bibles and waving the U.S. flag vigorously with both hands, of course.


Friends are flying back to PDX tomorrow from NYC and asked if we wanted anything special. Told them to check if Noah’s Bagel Boutique in Brooklyn was still there. And, if so, to make sure they get two each of everything on the menu.

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We have a very dear friend who took right around 2 1/2hrs cyclyng home to her former squat tenement in Alphabet City. It’s spooky to be clueles, just a few miles away from beloved Brooklyn haunts (we’re still mourning the loss of Azuri & terrified we’ll lose Yonah Schimmel’s Knish Bakery the Yuppie hordes?) Maybe, State College, PA. next? Or, Ireland?

Will those cars from Sweden be back in vogue next year; ya know, the little convertibles with propellers and water-proof features so you could drive one around in a lake?
My boss had one and was driving ( propelling ) around a Minnesota lake when a ski boat intentionally swamped him with its very large wake. He and his Amphibious- Phibious ( our name ) had to be rescued by the lake patrol.

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We’d joked how everyone seemed to buy the exact same cars, at the exact same time, peh. Up here, in the UWS (of course) everybody went from HUGE Audi Q7s to Chinese Volvo SUV and crossover models. Not the Geeley EV ones, either? It’s kinda like they’re preparing for some Yuppie Nazi Mad Max? Nobody’s aware these monstrosities can park themselves? There are Maybachs, Maserati (Fiat Chrysler) & lots of silly Porsche crossovers. Which, again, will simply block actual emergency vehicles when folks need help most. Status quo! Maybe, next it’ll be Unimogs and Blackhawks. The limos are those common-rail diesel delivery vans, the Germans use as ambulances (I’m guessing they’re full of Uzbek Victoria Secret kids, armed with MTAR-21 bull-pup rifles, guzzling cocaine?

Anyone for some more nice deregulation?

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You got it. Today trump hired another swamp toady to head the department of defense.

Mother Nature, climate, take us, swallow us, we deserve it.