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This Is Why Labor Day, And the Movement That Created It, Matters


This Is Why Labor Day, And the Movement That Created It, Matters

Dave Johnson

Economic anxiety and inequality is contributing (as it always does) to the rise of right-wing, anti-immigrant, xenophobic and racist politics. Many of the people most hurt by the decline of unions are turning to the very politicians who want to kill unions off for good.


You won't hear a more Orwellian phrase than the name of the anti-union "Right to Work" laws -- unless the full and fully honest name is "Right to Work for Less Money and Fewer Benefits" laws.

Happy Labor Day!


seeing the seal on the window the reminder was of US POST OFFICE BANKING

I had a dream that everytime Wasserman schultz walked into public a giant organized demonstration that was tied to her like a spider web calling for US Post Office Banking

Tried and true - say goodbye to payday loans!!!!!


If union members can vote directly for what they want, why can't we all vote directly for what we want and must let corrupt politicians decide for us?

Direct Democracy


From the article:

"On this Labor Day, it’s worth considering a new study that shows that these “damn unions” raise the pay for everyone, not just the union members."

It's not just a better paycheck, you've got to include dignity. When I was growing up in the 1950s in one of the new suburbs surrounding Detroit, my dad was a union electrician. Many of the neighbors were professionals like doctors or other skilled, college trained people that moved in after we did. Financially, people were more equal back then.

People could do well with only the man working in a family, while there were many stay at home moms watching the store. Now, it's hard to afford a good life unless both are working, even harder if both are working dead end, non-union, low wage jobs with no bennies.

Consider also, retirement. A good pension was part of most union benefit packages. Having that extra income can make the difference between doing OK, or living on beans and rice.