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'This Is Why We Continue to Fight': Indigenous Leaders Outraged as Trans Mountain Pipeline Spills 50,000 Gallons of Crude Oil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/15/why-we-continue-fight-indigenous-leaders-outraged-trans-mountain-pipeline-spills


“This most recent spill is another reminder that the risk is too great to accept,” said George-Wilson. "

One has a to wonder what will it take before the greedy fossil fuel industry says to people like George-Wilson: " YOU INDIGENOUS PEOPLE ARE RIGHT; THE RISK IS TOO GREAT TO ACCEPT"!


The “crude” awakening of America to the power of the Oil Industry continues.


Good grief, while I agree with the First Nation’s leaders that it should be shut down, until then, how about forcing these companies to put monitoring devices on these pumping stations to detect leaks before they dump so much product. Seems to me the companies would want to do this, to limit the costs of these leaks, from cleanup costs and lost product. @Shantiananda doesn’t the AK. pipeline have this technology?


Only when their own ox is gored. Alas, polluting industries are far away from the gated communities and fancy resorts of the world’s Elite. And the only sacred land is that of certain religions, not of Indigenous peoples.


The riots, racism, violence against women/children, violence against the natural world ----they are all interrelated, interconnected----- the end result being destruction of most life forms on this planet.

This is yet another example of a complete and utter mind f&ck:

Justin Trudeau “taking a knee” and saying:

“The status quo where people face violence because of the colour of their skin is unacceptable,” he said.

“I think that Canadians recognize that there’s a lot of work that remains to be done to fight against racism, even today … this is not only something that is happening elsewhere.”

Well f$ck you, you hypocrite Justin Trudeau. Like so many other privileged, wealthy white men in positions of power who promote this crazy, mixed messaging saying one thing and doing another:

“Trudeau approves contentious Trans Mountain pipeline expansion”

Construction to start this year, Canadian prime minister says, despite opposition from environmental and Indigenous groups


While I am not thrilled with big green groups, I do agree with this recent article put out by the Sierra Club:

“The ideology of white supremacy leads the way toward disposable people and a disposable natural world.”

You can’t have climate change without sacrifice zones, and you can’t have sacrifice zones without disposable people, and you can’t have disposable people without racism. (and I would add, sexism, ageism, capitalism)


Well said!


I’d commented on specific QA/QC issues; with a principle vendor, PHMSA & the 3rd party inspectors, previously. I’d supplied links in support of my remarks. This was the first comment I’d ever had removed as “off topic,” so good luck getting pertinent, accurate and revelatory input on this. It’s not like there’s anywhere to actually blow a whistle, online.

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YEAH, yeah, yeah!
We’re all tired of generaliztions.
— But here’s one more:

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Throw the oil company executives and their government functionaries into the spilled oil. Give them life jackets and make them float around awhile in the crud.

(Oh, and make sure they are at least six feet apart when bobbing around in the crud. Make sure they are wearing face masks too. We don’t want them to catch the coronavirus.)


Capitalism = Nihilism

Capitalism = The annihilation of all value, all meaning

For oil company executives and their lackeys in government, life is utterly meaningless, utterly valueless… and is supposed to be that way. This is why they live their lives in abject terror of death.


Their are 12 pumping stations between Prudoe Bay and Valdez, Alaska approximately 800 miles of oil pipeline and although very seldom reported there have been many spills, but I am not aware of any high technology. And Alaska is probably the reddest state in the Union and that is because of what is called: THE PERMANENT DIVIDEND FUND. Which means every Alaskan citizen, with a few exceptions, like me, have been bought off by big oil and receive thousands of $ every year from the Alaska oil industries. That means the Alaskan oil industries can do no wrong.


Probably have to prove that oil, and refined oil causes cancer.
That’s how we dealt with mercury and chromium.


That technology is imperfect.

In 2010, Enbridge’s Line 6B burst near the Kalamazoo river in Michigan. The pipeline monitoring station was in Edmonton, Alberta. It shut the line down, but intermittently reopened it when the technology interpreted the problem as bubble in the line – that allowed a lot of tar sands oil to flow out while the team in Canada tried to figure out what was going on. They didn’t. The spill was reported by an eyewitness.

All told, over 1 million gallons spilled, 35 miles of river was shut down, clean up was declared successful after five years and over $1 billion spent by Enbridge who has since built a new and stronger (and higher capacity) replacement pipeline along the same route.


If they had to swim in oil once a week in order to keep the oil business flowing they would be perfectly willing.

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Yes, my perspective is that the egregious, root of Capitalism is that fossil fuels and property is more important than people’s health and well being.


OK. Fill their backyard pools with fracked bitumen and let them swim laps in it to keep fit. If they get thirsty, give them frack water lemonade. If they get hungry, barbecue up some pink slime burgers.

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My mistake, I knew about the many spills along the pipeline, but I thought I’d read they were lessened in severity by a monitoring system that detected leaks.
I can’t imagine it would be too high tech, I mean you can buy this type of technology now for your home to detect water leaks from a hot water tank.


Thanks, hard to believe we can detect when we have a water leak in our homes, but can’t apply that technology for reliable monitoring of pipelines.


NOW you’re getting close to where they might get a little edgy.

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