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'This Is Why We March': Poll Shows Overwhelming US Support for Police Reform, Increased Accountabliity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/why-we-march-poll-shows-overwhelming-us-support-police-reform-increased

You know, they used to do surveys and find that most African Americans knew someone who had been shot or in prison, or both.
I have found in my travels that, even among white people, the numbers of folks who have been hassled by or physically confronted by cops is now significant.
Oh well, we called them heroes. We told them that they were the best among us. Now they believe it. Disagreeing with them is disagreeing with a hero.
It’s a wonder they haven’t shot more of us in the face.


It’s been escalating for decades really.

Back in the Reagan years, I was run out of a small agricultural town in my early 20’s for writing an editorial to the local paper denouncing the local police dept.'s winter sting operation targeting unemployed agricultural workers. Many of my friends fell to it, as the possibility of a construction job (what was being offered) at 3x’s the current minimum wage for the price of a small bag of marijuana seemed worth the risk.

I was extremely lucky as I was told I had 48 hours before the cops were going to catch me with “a significant amount of cocaine” in my possession. Damned right I split for Seattle that very night with what I could carry in my car.

The same year, I had a friend taken out to a canal bank some 12 miles from town in the back of a city police car. Upon arrival, he was taken from the back of the car, unshackled, and handed a revolver without bullets for fingerprints. Kicked and beaten to the ground like that, when told with a barrel in his mouth that if he didn’t start naming pot-dealers he was going to be killed, he did what any rational person could have - he soiled himself. Later he told me that if he’d actually known any dealers (he’d move to this town only a month earlier), he’d have sung like a canary.

Flash forward to Seattle WTO, before the police riots broke out, I actually over-heard riot cops asking each other where they were from. The eastern Washington cops loudly proclaimed they were there to “split some liberal skulls” even though there were witnesses all around them.

Because of my activities back in the Reagan years (think illegal arms shipments to the Contras), to this day I cannot go to any airport in the States without ending up in a glass cage. Triple S security flags on my name follow me to this day.


We shall march until every Testosterone Fueled Terrorist in uniform is reprogrammed to wipe wet noses of kindergarten kids.

Oh wait till the mass evictions happen next month. I am sure we will see plenty of shooting of people who refuse to get kicked out of their homes.

Thank you all for switching to the term “police reform.” I don’t care what you actually mean when you say it - it is just infinitely better PR than “defund the police.”

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Why do I get that feeling that it is going to take more than marching?

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If I get pulled over for something I want to be treated like a customer in a store. “How are you today sir, do you know why I stopped you?”
Take the power trip stuff and shove it. It just pisses us off.
That can even be the case with the next level of offenses.
Why is it so difficult to be friendly. If people try to take advantage of a polite police officer, THEN get rougher.

Should police be required to turn on their body cameras, give testimony on why that could not be done, or face at least some punishment for not doing it?