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'This Is Your Brain on Capitalism': CNBC Market Analyst Rick Santelli Calls for Infecting Global Population With Coronavirus to Help Wall Street

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/06/your-brain-capitalism-cnbc-market-analyst-rick-santelli-calls-infecting-global

Not to worry, Donald Trump is already on board with that plan.


Long term = card 19 is just a blip.
The cnbc reality retail touts, Cramer too.
Dow index is -846 and oil traders have decreased futures about 4%.

Larry Kudlow advises to consider that this risk is short term.
Top experts advise DC for very low deaths. Nursing homes in danger = yes.
Elderly with health issues such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, are the victims.

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Disgusted with Mr. Santelli…follow Chris M. out the door…NOW!


Well this clown said the quiet part out loud… great.
As long as he, Trump, the entire cabinet their deputies and most Trump loyalist policy makers die first and in grave suffering first to try it out…


All right Mr. Santelli, you go first to get the infection. Then your family members and everyone else you know. And don’t forget your beloved grandmother in the nursing home. And the people who work for you at cleaning and cooking for you. What? you weren’t talking about yourself? Weasel.


Can we just publicly hang this piece of shit and be done with one more evil bastard? This ass hole is taking up valuable oxygen that I could be breathing and who listens to his bullshit anyway? The world wouldn’t miss a beat if a say a bus in NYC took out this motherfucker.


As a West Nile Virus (contracted in my work in wetlands) survivor who went all the way to encephalitis, I watched W’s administration play games with the CDC in 2004 (an election year), so none of this shit surprises me. Data suppression was prevalent then and it shall be now for the very same reasons. Yes, it’s very personal to me and I have the lesions on my brain to prove it–those provided by the virus and those provided by the political maneuvering. The press was every bit as complicit last time. Ewe and me just don’t matter to them.


True psychopathic/malignant narcissistic BS.

What else is new with plutocracy ???


douche just said what every capitalist is thinking.

this is how they view us. still want to defend this system?

I’d hope not.


glad you made it through, Owl.

and sorry you had to suffer it in the first place.


Santelli should volunteer himself to be immediately exposed. A good long dose will do.


And these are the guys that claim Socialism Kills People.

What the Hell is wrong with you folks, don’t you know that in the Capitalist World Profits come before People.

Santelli would have made a Great Plantation Owner, the Slave Holder mentality has never left at least Half of the American Population.

Cheap Labor to Increase Profits is what Capitalism is all about, Free Labor to Increase Profits was the ultimate goal for the Cruel Heartless Capitalists and this applies to the current crop of inhumane deranged Humans trading on Wall Street.


People like this will make me consider voting for trump and then watch them burn the whole effing country/planet to the ground. Maybe a better species will rise up and be a better steward of the planet and each other. Humanity is a pox to Life itself.


I said it last week and have acted accordingly. I am done with cable news (propaganda) bullshit. The funny thing as a boomer when I was a kid all you ever heard about was Russian propaganda, not realizing the bullshit fed to us by our own “news” organizations. These fucking greedy bastards have literally ruined this country with the brainwashing of the average American who in most cases don’t have the time to look into anything more than the lies presented. I am praying its not too late and Joe implodes in public. The other thing, Joe only won red states for the most part and I am hoping Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Washington and New York go big for Bernie as we move ahead.


Just like our war Weasels. They promote war but can’t be found when it begins.


Oh, I don’t know–maybe if humanity were cured of its capitalism pox, it wouldn’t be so destructive to life.


‘Can’t make this stuff up’? Well now you can see just how stupid people can be. Greed blinds. Greed kills. This person just asked that it should. Greed is like some fairytale evil magic spell laid over the land that clouds men’s thinking and brings them to harm.

I would have been embarrassed to have even suggested that some fool could ever say such an absurd thing. You know this guy would keep Frodo’s ring.

His mama did raise a fool.

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Not capitalism - just stupidity

Capitalism is private property rights - which has nothing to do with trying to make masses of people sick –
small secret of capitalist
:: it is bad business to kill your customers … that is why mass killing is the domain of governments – they don’t care about profits, just power.

I almost gave you a ‘liked’ vote but then I realized that we should not encourage someone else’s crazy behavior.

Besides I think you misunderstood him. He meant other people not himself.