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This Is Your World


This Is Your World

Thank God, almost done. Some final nudges, elegant to profane, to remind you what's needed here and now: A gentle Three Pigs and Wolf metaphor from Stanley Tucci and Funny Or Die - "You got to come out, take a stand, stop the wolf" - a passionate, obscene, hilarious "Holy Sh*t You've Got To Vote" plea to stop the "orange talking STD" and "sentient septic tank" in our midst, and a revisit to Woody Guthrie's stubbornly patriotic avowal, "This is your world."


Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, human saints that walked (the walk) among us.

Politically, for me, it's "What would Pete do?" and "What would Woody think?"


Thanks sanity for this...I actually laughed! I'd almost forgotten how!!


I tried to laugh at the FunnyOrDie video but then came the awful, offensive dismissal at the end--"...or you could throw your vote away on a third party or something--Yuck!" Yeah, well that's just what I did and I'm sick of hearing people pompously dismiss voting one's conscience, not voting out of fear. Jill Stein has ingeniously turned that silly idea on it's head: INVEST your vote in a third party, rather than throw it away on Hilary. There are many reasons to vote third party--the Greens getting ballot standing at 5% is just one.

It's really sad to see these Hollywood celebs like Sarah Silverman et al turn their backs on Bernie Sanders or any truly progressive candidate, using their megaphone to dismiss what they apparently just can't comprehend: that most people would rather just vote in their interest and be done with it rather than get caught in the dubious fantasy world of "strategic voting". And what would they be saying if Jill Stein was polling at 33%, or if Gary Johnson was at 15%? Would they then change their tune and encourage Johnson backers to vote so as to "steal" votes from Trump? Can't they see that this amounts to a vile rejection of the basic principal of democracy-- to vote for someone who represents your interests--and not to gamble your vote away like it's a commodity?

Also, you gotta love the basic premise of the video: Trump's a disgusting xenophobic racist, and Hilary is... not! Hooray for Democracy!! WhooHoo!!!!!


Good interview.
Reminscent of the position long held by Russell Brand.