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This Isn’t Just Trump. This Is Who the Republicans Are

This Isn’t Just Trump. This Is Who the Republicans Are.

Dave Johnson

So far President Donald Trump has signed very few bills. One lets coal companies dump waste into streams. Another lets oil companies bribe foreign dictators in secret. Now he is moving to block a Labor Department “fiduciary rule” that requires financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients when advising on retirement accounts.


Fine article, Mr. Johnson! Trump is the evil spawn of the Republican Party!


The article express what I have long felt …that the Republicans are the enemy of all life on this planet. By their
actions they have confessed it. …driven by single selfishness
and compulsive greed.


Excellent Dave, Bravo!

“Are Republicans dismayed that they have put a loathsome, deranged, misogynistic, racist, psychopathic, uninformed, self-promoting, corrupt, insulting, genital-grabbing, conspiracy-theory-peddling, Jew-baiting, narcissistic-behaving, country-destroying, Putin-loving, generally disgusting, fascist, loofa-faced sh*t-gibbon into power in our White House?”

“No, they are not. They like it that he’s squatting in the Oval Office.”

"Grover Norquist, one of the key leaders and strategists of the conservative movement, worded it clearly and succinctly, “We just need a President to sign this stuff.” “Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become President of the United States.”

Exactly so! The GOPigs and their ginger pig lap dog are salivating at all the destruction to our republic they can accomplish with their (temporary) domination over the workings of government.

The extremist traitor Ryan’s and McConnell’s now own responsibility for the destruction of most that American’s of conscience, decency, and moral compass respect and love - the cascading awakening of millions in the streets from all demographics speak loudly for that truth!

The reality I must believe is there will be a reckoning and a different control, a progressive/leftish control that will use the same methods to restore what has been destroyed - we must go far beyond past timid craven DP betrayals, capitulation and collusion with the GOP and ruling big-money bosses of both parties! - if only We The People can build the actual opposition party to create that reality of purpose dedicated to the Common Good!


Beware of reductionist ideas. I think many people who I would call republicans are starting to be horrified by what they see. It’s been a slow enough awakening.

Capitalism promises so much and delivers so little. Especially when unregulated, which is pretty much what we have.

It’s a severe error to hold Democrats blameless here.

Basically everyone, both D & R’s signed on for wealth enhancement, particularly of their own selves and their kith and kin.

In a winner take all plan, it s**** to be the loser.

In this economy, there is little room for young people like the child of a low income family I was at age 18 to have hope for the future. In 1976, I went to a diploma school of nursing, came out a Registered Nurse with very little debt. Paid off that minimal debt in a few years and saw my personal situation dramatically improve over time. My DH actually has a similar story, and though his education debt was more formidable, it was well within his capacity to pay.

Success! Contributing members of society! Win-win.

Too many of our young people graduate to no hope for post-HS education, they do become burdened by debt and when they graduate, no living wage jobs.

This scandalous state of affairs was overseen and grown by Democratic and Republican presidents alike.

Capitalism is predatory and it’s killing our children’s future.


Capitalism isn’t going to wait to just kill our children’s future…the 21st century is witnessing the rapid effects of its lethal consequences to the extent that you best die now if you don’t want to be negatively impacted…

“Its a severe error to hold Democrats blameless here” indeed. The 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) focused the Party’s mission on getting more corporate cash than any other Party, thereby pushing the GOP rightward to diistinguish themselves from the Democrats as the Democrats moved rightward.

With the demise of the last moderate Republicans when Cheney and his puppet Dubya came to power, the GOP no longer deserved to be called the GOP or Republican Party. It became the American Taliban Party and in Trump they have a rubber stamp for every regressive, immoral and sinister action on their bucket lists. Cruz and Pence are two of their ayatollahs.


I like this article, even the swearing - maybe especially the swearing - an expression of fear and outrage. Apparently swearing actually helps, and I concur. I’ve found myself swearing a lot lately - it’s liberating - and seems perfectly appropriate to the situation we all find ourselves in - on a sinking ship - hurt and maimed - struggling to survive.

Swearing is a prelude to action.

I can’t figure out just what actions yet, aside from me and my family walking the talk - so I comment here.

If we all stopped borrowing & investing in financial ways - if we lived for the day - for the moment - we would bring this system down around the ears of power and privilege.

Money - its pursuit - its manifestations - enable sociopaths to get rich and control government.

They are, power and privilege, without virtue, without any higher calling, without humanity.

None of this is new - but now, there is something frighteningly novel.

We have, in the last fifty years - overpopulated this planet - climate change is about to runaway - and biodiversity is crashing.

With these parameters, the Earth will adapt to a new state, and it will be without human beings and the suite of biodiversity with which the human being has evolved in the Quaternary. The insect and the jellyfish, and the ever adaptable microbes, both aerobic and anaerobic, will be in the ascendant.

The Anthropocene, in a bit of sadistic justice, will be sans-humans - that’s Canadianese French for extinct.

So now, after many thousands of years of rampant hierarchy - eating grains and getting sicker and sicker - we either revolt and find a new way - or die.


The utter depravity, lack of common decency, or any notions of humanity of the GOPigs is shown conclusively in the vote yesterday to allow the unprotected killing of bears and wolves - legalizing the most despicable ways to accomplish the slaughter. This adds to the slaughter of wild animals of countless species by “Wildlife Services”, the BLM and chemical industry - all killers of our priceless wildlife. http://www.predatordefense.org/USDA.htm

"the most appalling practices ever imagined in the contemporary era of wildlife management. Denning of wolf pups, killing hibernating bears, spotting grizzly bears from aircraft and then shooting them after landing, and trapping grizzly bears and black bears with steel-jawed leghold traps and snares. The stuff of wildlife snuff films.

And not just on any land. On our country’s national wildlife refuges. More specifically, on 16 national wildlife refuges covering 76 million acres, all in the state of Alaska. Republican lawmakers did this for the NRA, the Safari Club, and some hunting guides and outfitters."

10 Republicans voted against the GOP majority and five Democrats voted with Republicans! Where the Hell is the conscience and common decency of this depraved odious trump/GOP regime? If this regime of destruction, death and usury are not immediately controlled there will be nothing left after they are finally defeated!

What’s really needed is a guillotine…



Why was the DOL fiduciary rule delayed for years until it was signed within the 60 day window of a changing administration ? Because Obama and the other Wall Street Dems were in charge !

Why did Obama sign a rule giving government guarantees for the bonds that private equity scammers issued when they were buying up all the foreclosed, lowest cost single family homes across America ? Maybe because Obama wants to see some of those fat paychecks that made HRC and Bill Clinton wealthy !

Some would argue that the corporate/Wall street Dems are worse than the Republicans, carrying out a similar agenda, but largely in secret or off the radar altogether.


note: delaying the fiduciary rule until it was within the 60 day window allowed for a simple majority vote to cancel, not the 60 vote threshold necessary for most legislation: thanks Obama !

note: guaranteeing the bonds issued mostly by Blackrock is a government bailout of private equity, and substantially raises the prices and reduces the inventory of ‘starter homes’…those bonds were over-issued and faced certain default. This was one of Obama’s last actions in office. All working Americans trying to buy their first home thank you, Pres Obama !

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The Republicans in Congress are driven by the fear that they will lose in the primaries to someone even further to the right so to counter that they keep moving further right. I have no idea what these Republicans really believe and it is probably irrelevant because with a few exceptions they are people who have completely sold out and are in this to further their careers. Members of Congress get great benefits and many who land on the right committees can get very high paying jobs as lobbyists after they leave Congress. Do they really agree with Trump who is a white nationalist and seems to have a strange admiration for Russia and Putin? Probably not their highest priority is their careers. The fate of the United States for them is way down the list of priorities. This clearly is not what the Founding Fathers could have imagined when they wrote the Constitution and created the basis for a government

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Yes, but under our corporate media propaganda syatem, the Democrats had to move far right to get any seats in the state capitols, congress, or the presidency, at all. So even if the Democrats becoming a genuine leftist party, their loss of power would have happened even faster.

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Why don’t you do some actual research and tell us why the rule was issued when it was instead of telling us what you think based on nothing? That’d be really informative. The rule making process can take years and is highly dependent on the number of comments an agency gets during that process. Just like writing an EIS, these things don’t happen overnight.

By the way, I happen to know a lot about the stream protection rule the article talks about. Even in environmental circles, there is room for debate about its efficacy. The USACOE has over interpreted it’s jurisdictional claims on a number of occasions and wasted a lot of public money in doing so.

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There are many people in this country who work at jobs that contribute to the destruction of the planet, to the point that their own children face the risk of drinking water poisoned with compounds from toxic waste. Nevertheless, many of these people will not only vote against any politician who wants to tighten restriction on those industries, but will threaten to come after those politicians with their guns.

This is the face of the USA, and we must at least acknowledge this. CD has published scores of articles that give the impression that somehow Trump got elected against the will of all but the 1% and that the rest of the citizenry are united in resisting him. My outlook might be cynical, but it is certainly more accurate than the one depicted through the rose-colored glasses of many on the left. There is a lot more to resist than just Trump and his cabinet.


Maybe they should have just stood for their principles.

I think that is why Clinton was such an uninspiring candidate. No one believed she gave a rat’s you know what about the little person. Her husband had exported jobs with NAFTA. Obama was pushing TPP. All the unions were getting were occasional photo ops.

There was no substantial support for the ordinary man.

We can all see what’s happening to our kids.

The momentum might have shifted sooner if they hadn’t all gone republican-lite.


Welcome to corporate feudalism.

Everything Mr. Johnson wrote was fully predictable 9 months ago and was pointed out here.

The US Left chose instead to jump off the cliff rather than at least find refuge on a ledge.


People tend to associate the rightward lurch of the Democrats on economic policies on the Clintons. It began at lest with Carter. The Clinton crowd systematized it.


It’s an interesting question to ask: who pushed whom rightward?

I think they followed a bread trail of corporate crumbs myself.

Both. Complicit.


The least criticism of republicans here, especially of Trump, was met with furious claims that CD was selling out to the monster Hillary. Some of the most vocal Trumpists disappeared after the election.