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'This Isn't a Healthy Democracy': Warnings of Domestic Military Threat as Top US General Walks DC Streets in Combat Fatigues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/02/isnt-healthy-democracy-warnings-domestic-military-threat-top-us-general-walks-dc


How can the public not be aware and admit that this country is being governed by fascistic rule after this blatant demonstration of illegal use of military threat in the nation’s capital?

Added to the show of force by the purulent impotent non-president is the use of the often tried and true symbolic prop of religion. This use of the bible could be construed as a joke if it were not for the thousands of mindless followers who take this tripe seriously.


A few years ago, an active member of the military said, “If all of the military people in D.C. wore their uniforms, it would look everyone was in the military.” There are thousands of active duty personnel in Washington at any given time. Many don’t wear their daytime uniforms, as there would simply be so many around. that being said, a full General walking around with a bunch of suited civilians is, indeed, scary. Especially if that General is in combat fatigues. That manner of dress does send a frightening message. By doing so, it “normalizes” the appearance of battle-dressed officers floating around in cities, and pretty soon, it won’t be so noticeable when larger numbers of troops are moving around in organized, or in not-so-organised bunches, looking for “trouble”.


You’ve answered your own question Mary.

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William Barr ordered the peaceful protesters to be tear gassed.

That’s an offence against We The People who have a right to protest peacefully.
Barr should resign immediately as not being fit to serve for the highest good .


Nixon’s attorney General, later indicted in the Watergate affair, did the same thing to the counter demonstrators at Nixon’s inaugural. They used so much gas it was difficult to escape as we were blinded. People were tripping over the chains around the Justice Dept building; later on they got to clubbing people.


I think Trump can legally deploy U.S. military in the Nations Capital, but any other place takes an act of Congress. It probably goes as far back to when the British burned the nations capital to the ground.

He doesn’t have the support of the American people on this.

This all started with a recommendation from Tom Cotton, Senator from Arkansas.


All the big tough manly men pictured must be too buffed and cut to catch it. Real men don’t wear facemasks. (Don’t anyone tell them their masculine image is quite viral, it’s so very attractive!)


People should vote even if they write in a candidate–but we are living in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE

Where I live the Riverside county issued a curfew but some city mayors disagreed------So the fed gov can tell you to imprison yourself—the same with the state , county , and city-----without any public imput???

The “patriot act”-----speaks for itself----What REAL American could support this Orwellian shit------at least call it what it is the surveilance act.

The corporate media use manufacturing consent to get their candidates elected-----Biden is a perfect example of this media manipulation.

The stock market goes up as 40% of the country is unemployed—and riots not in one city but across America

And boo hoo for the WSJ they like to frame everything as red state blue state-----but people are protesting in red states.

And now we have the so called Christians out disavowing Trump-----These so called “christians” are the most evil thing that ever walked this earth. To bad they don’t follow the real teachings of Christ.

The American Revolution was about giving the common person a voice—This fight continues-------


We all have a right to share in the wealth of OUR country.



It is a rhetorical statement not a question ja ja ja

I wonder when the concentration camps get funded by McConnell. That’s next, I guess.

I would ask if the use of military can be used without the provocation of war time. It seems to me that peaceful protestors without tanks or even handheld army grade weapons are not a big enough threat to warrant the use of the military.
The threat of the use of the military within the borders of the oosa was already voiced when dumpster wanted to frighten people at the southern border. And he did send forces to the southern border. Did congress authorize this action. This POS is so repeatably impeachable by his actions.

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That is an excellent question. Normally, I would think that Trump is bluffing because it is a very extreme and bad Idea. But technically, he could do it.

On the southern border, he sent the National Guard but as a support service to federal agencies, they had no direct duties regarding immigration so that was different. He is just so compromised by his language deficits it is hard to tell what he talking about. But, having a General on the ground is another matter.

Agree, he needs to go and soon.

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Has anyone seen any polling results for this new Mussolini on 5th Avenue look Orangeman has donned, with his Bible? Jesus Christ, even Pat Robertson has had enough of this fatigue routine (that first name being an oath in this sentence, not an additional condemnation). I thought Robertson was already dead, and he’s risen to throw cold water on His Pestilency’s goddam Bible.

Reporter: Is that your Bible?
Pestilency: It’s a Bible.

Quietly, amongst the real hard-core evangelicals, they actually realize Orangeman is no Christian. The apology they tell themselves is that he’s like King Cyrus of Persia – not among the faithful, but carrying forward God’s holy purpose. (Are you guys sure about that now?)

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Trump would love for progressives to give up on voting and to give up on taking over the Democratic Party. If you don’t like your choices in voting, join the People’s Party or the Democratic Socialists Party or start a new party and fight for it to become relevant. When you just spread the idea to progressives that we shouldn’t try to create a true democracy and shouldn’t even bother voting, you just make yourself sound like a Republican. But if you are spreading the same idea on right-wing forums, then what’s your agenda – what type of government would you like to see in this country?


Sadly, there’s not much chance of a dialectic springing up with this contributor @homer . There doesn’t seem to be anything but self-loathing nihilism in it, and zero capacity for dialog. I give up.


If he’s in the military and its hot, let the guy wear something casual. His dress is irrelevant, what we should be asking for is for a national rethinking of the roles so many people are playing in this regrettable situation.
There is no hiding the fact that that poor man was literally put to death. Whatever crime he was committing, even if was a serious crime, and he was guilty, it was not a capital offense.

There really is a need for a de-escalation, I think everybody agrees that but I personally think that Trump is deliberately trying to goad poor people (who in many casesare not making incomes because of coronavirus) into a state of anger. That makes the situation morally quite ambiguous. I think Jesus’s admonition that none of us is without fault applies.

Glen Ford might disagree. He doesn’t sound all that ready to simmer down, not yet:

Researchers are hoping to find a vaccine for Covid-19, possibly within the year, but the Blue Plague only grows more deadly over time and enjoys a host of immunities. Although Black people had hoped that the historic expansion in the number of Black elected officials would create political antibodies to limit the spread of the Blue Plague, the opposite has happened. In 2014, just months before Michael Brown’s life was cut short by the Blue Plague, in Ferguson, Missouri, 80 percent of the Congressional Black Caucus voted to continue funneling billions of dollars in military weapons, gear and training to local infestations of the plague, despite ample evidence that such infusions have made the scourge even more toxic to Black life. Four years later, 75 percent of the Black Caucus voted to classify the Blue Plague as a “protected class,” further immunizing the disease from the possibility of cure.
In the absence of an immediate cure, it is certain that some endangered Black males – and sisters, who are not immune to the ravages of the Blue Plague – will resort to home remedies to ward off the pestilence, as did Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner and, more recently, some brothers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

The Blue Plague and Black Death
by Glen Ford


I’m all in favor of that just so long as you start by running for School Board and City Council positions, NOT POTUS! The fact that they know they’ve to to build up a base before they can storm the Bastille is why I prefer the DSA to the GP.

lol, so much for “surely the generals will say no to this madman” argument.

And “MUELLER will save us”!

The US is now applying its foreign policy domestically