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'This Isn't Going Away': Defying Curfews and Police Brutality in Relentless Push for Justice, Uprising Over Killing of George Floyd Keeps Growing

This will escalate because Decent People of all races must triumph over these sick what I call “Danger -to Society- Inhuman- Beings.” (Otherwise known as ‘white christian supremacists’ - a title insulting to decent people who are white and christian). We can replace all the material things being lost -Still their families and loved ones will never replace those who were and continue to be targeted and killed. When everyone realizes it can be their neck someday…then they will understand.

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Sorry to question your math there champ, but it is recognized that at any given time, the USA has approx 150-160 million jobs. Giving the government the benefit of the doubt, they openly admit that at least 40 million have applied for unemployment benefits in the last two and half months (still not counting of course temp workers, private contractors, and any one who hasn’t, didn’t, or couldn’t apply for unemployment. That means the real unemployment rate is most likely at least 33% and most likely closer to 40%.
Oh, and prior to the pandemic, there were only about 7 million people on the nations unemployment rolls. Now that we’re over 40 million that equates to a nearly six fold increase.

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I googled again, different sources, same number 14.7 14.8% but not important. We’ll get to 30% fast enough.

Two distinct species of people will say outrageous things at a funeral.

  1. Once in the TV series “Doc Martin,” Doctor Martin gave a eulogy. He used the eulogy to hector the mourners on the bad health habits that had given the deceased a heart attack. The Doc Martin character lives a bit on the autism spectrum. He means what he says, but he happens to have zero radar to comprehend what other people might be feeling at the funeral. I also live a bit on the autism spectrum but I have more radar than that. I happen to know someone else who doesn’t have much of that radar at all.

  2. Bullying cult functionaries will dog-whistle, sometimes not so subtly, to demonstrate their abhorrence of conversing honestly with a particular class of people. One good example would be the leadership of the Westfield Baptist Church from Kansas. They picketed a random soldier’s funeral and even said that the deceased was going to Hades all because their church’s leaders didn’t like the U.S. military’s general stance on acceptance of gay soldiers.

Whenever I see the written phrase “all lives matter” in the days following one or more brutal murders with a strong racial component, I always want to first examine the writer’s motives. A while ago some BART transit cops murdered a (white) homeless person, and yes that person’s life mattered too, so people on the autism spectrum technically are writing in terms of true and false, which can be extremely important to them. However, the social timing of the writer’s remarks couldn’t be much worse.

White Nationalist spokes-trolls will be loosely bandying the same phrase about to promote their group’s abhorrence of conducting proper discourse with people of color.

I recommend that people always try to identify which species of person is doing the writing. If it’s an introverted person trying hard to make one logical point, your best option is to talk sympathetically with them. Do ask them to work on their social radar and on the timing of their arguments.

As for dealing with the bullying cult spokespeople, I wouldn’t waste any time or energy on the actual trolls. You’d do better to try to locate and directly address the less committed cult onlookers, many of whom will listen to you somewhat fairly. I’ve heard of a jazz musician (black) who started going into redneck bars and talking with KKK types. He now has been given 40 sets of robes by former KKK members and has talked something like 120 people out of the KKK, so sometimes the supposed followers might listen to you too. And yes, there are also people who have backed away from the Westfield Baptist Church.

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Not only from 40 to 50 hours, but while I was growing up virtually all women were housewives. Single wage earner families.

And it’s a fact alright, when families are overly hungry it can get ugly.
Remember the French Revolution. No bread to feed our selves::, time to kick the selfish, the greedy, the rich overlords out.

After the Puritans took over the Indigenous people, even though the native people helped the Puritans to survive-----and then people from Africa were kidnapped and brought here—Along with Indigenous people and Africans, and those who immigrated, they were treated so badly---------We still have such a long way to go for that “More, Perfect Union.” because when united People stand, the divisors fall.

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Well said, but just FYI it’s the Westboro Baptist Church in KS.

Washington Post headline today: Unemployment expected to decline to o13.3%.


People should be called by what they want to be called, but in this one case I’m not so sure.

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Good point - and we all knew what you were referring to, anyway. Just wouldn’t want you to say it in another forum & be trolled for something that miniscule