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'This Isn't the End,' Vow Climate Campaigners After New York Court Sides With Exxon in Fraud Trial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/10/isnt-end-vow-climate-campaigners-after-new-york-court-sides-exxon-fraud-trial

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Climate campaigners bemoaned a judge’s ruling in New York on Tuesday which sided with ExxonMobil in a lawsuit

No surprise! Anyway, thank you climate campaigners.


Just MORE PROOF that the deck is stacked. And not only is the deck stacked, it is stacked with bribery money and right wing, corporate judges!



Do we think the chemical corporations are unaware of their endocrine disruption of humanity and the whole ecology?

Insert 100 examples here of corporations being aware of the horrific consequences of their operations, and they decide to go ahead because, profit.

Leaded gasoline. Tobacco and lung disease. GMO mono-cropping and pesticide devastation of complex ecological life systems. Automobiles and millions of deaths. Guns and murder. What did Yoko just write, like 1.5 Million gun deaths since Lennon was murdered?

The system of authorized corporate colonization / exploitation / externalization / impunity, with civil lawsuits in the “legal” system as our supposed democratic check and balance against corporate malfeasance, must be ended. It is BEYOND CLEAR that this system is omnicidal!

We need to END corporate rule, and we need to END the limited-liability, investor-owned corporation.

We need to institute ecological economics, which STARTS from the premise that the ecology is the primary system to which we must be accountable, and anyone’s profit or production or operation is strictly secondary to ecological accounting.


No room for all the “hearts” I’d like to give you for your incredible post! Thanks, webwalk.


What is desperately needed is a new paradigm that puts people before profits.


i like the three ethics of permaculture as a basic starting point from which to build an economic structure:

  1. Care for the Earth
  2. Care for the People
  3. Fair Share for All

To consider how these might inform a new paradigm:

  1. Ecological outcomes are the primary focus of economic activity, accounting, assessment / reporting, and incentives / disincentives. All economic activity is assessed in terms of its support for ecological health, complexity, diversity, resiliency, and autonomy.

  2. Within the primary focus of ecological outcomes, human and social outcomes are the focus of economic activity, accounting, assessment / reporting, and incentives / disincentives. All economic activity is assessed in terms of its support for personal and social health, complexity, diversity, resiliency, and autonomy.

  3. Intentional effort is made to ensure that every participant - ecological and social - gets a fair share of what is produced by the economic system (including what is produced by the system that is not for human use, what are referred to as “externalities” under present-day capitalist economics). At every level from the personal to the planetary, there are limits on accumulation, and surpluses are equitably shared.

Plainly, in any effort to imagine or build such an economy, nothing like the profit-seeking, investor-owned, limited-liability corporation could exist.

The present structure of economic reality has been structured to serve the looting class, the colonizers, the owning class, capital. Which operates the communications media and the educational system, and limits and distorts public thinking about these matters.

We need to understand the ecological imperative, and the social imperative. We need to see the blatant horror and omnicidal rush of the present greed-driven economy. We need to commit to work against that systemic omnicidal rush, and to work in our lives and in society toward a new paradigm, something like an egalitarian ecological socialism.


Great post …Ecological economics or ecolonomics the merger off the environment into economic life .

What good is profit if it poisons the air ,water, land and irrevocably damages all of us .
I put it as Life is Prime Value and that each of us matters so creating a whole systems approach means we are all important .Not just the rich and powerful but the whole speciesystem .
There comes a time when the needs of the many must supercead the interests of the few.
Society has a responsibility to itself.


I’d hold off blaming the judge. It’s beyond dumb to claim you’re going to produce material shareholder witnesses and, then, not do so.


Knee jerk reaction. I have very little faith in the jurists that make major decisions these days.

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I like your paradigm!

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This was a shaky premise on which to base an accountability argument.
350.org knew it, too.

For Exxon shareholders, profits have been enormous.
So I doubt many of them care about being lied to.

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Your post is pure gift - giving me a clarity I hadn’t had . Thank you thank you.

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Hey - rather than applauding them for pioneering this legal effort you ridicule them - you have zero knowledge of what happened in the process - and apparently are clueless about your wet blanket stance - I hope for your children’s sake, that you had parked that pattern when they tried and failed at something new and managed to nurture their willingness to go after something heretofore untried.

Hi carlmarks:
sigh—yes it seems like the Judge is a bit weird. Hmmm as he said no evidence was shown that Exxon Mobile hid anything about what carbon does. Well, has an oil company every alerted any investor that its product could be a planet killer?
I’m sorry judge—but has any oil company ever been honest about the disasters it has caused? SEE EXXON VALDEZ-----with judges like him-----it appears that the planet will implode even faster. Maybe he has a well stocked bunker with food and definitely spirits! That guy has managed to turn We the People into a 21st version of Dred Scott. : ( Humans appear to have no standing against oil companies. : (


StardustBID, Humans beat the tobacco companies and they can beat this too with persistence, allies in power, and, again, PERSISTENCE!


Hi carlmarks—oh I hope so, but America is getting so depressing. : (

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The clock ran out 20 years ago.

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America before Trump was at least, almost, on par with the rest of the world. Now we are the ball and chain that will drag the entire world humanity to its doom.