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'This Kind of Obstruction Is Dangerous': Ahead of Barr Contempt Vote, DOJ Threatens Executive Privilege to Block Full Mueller Report

'This Kind of Obstruction Is Dangerous': Ahead of Barr Contempt Vote, DOJ Threatens Executive Privilege to Block Full Mueller Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Hours ahead of the House Judiciary Committee's scheduled vote to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress, the Justice Department late Tuesday threatened to ask President Donald Trump to invoke executive privilege in a last-ditch effort to block the release of the unredacted Mueller report.

do it dems, lock his fat, obstructing ass up, maybe throw away the key as well!


Yep. It’s time to stop pretending there is a “process.” The process is what they make it.


Jail the fat, ugly, corrupt fuck!!


If the rump continues to obstruct the Mueller report, it’s time for a member of the Mueller team, or Mueller himself, to step up and be a patriot for Democracy and release the whole unredacted report to the media and/or Congress.


and why are we at this point in time with a dangerous man and a party that obstructs, corrupts, lies as a way for winning?

Because dems have been complacent for the last 40 years. Why? Might want to look at their tax returns and where all those millions that elite dems have socked away.

No GD accountability. Corporations get fined for their bed behavior and learned to budget fines. WTF way of governing.

Dems do nothing as their complicity would be exposed.

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Our fricking lamestreet media would down play it or not report it in full. Our fricking lamestreet media is part of the problem.

Fricking lamestreet media needs to be exposed for what it is and we need march to their doorsteps in NYC and DC.

I just live in Oregon and I don’t count along with the rest of the NW and most of the West. But those developers are probably doing the same thing out West as they are paving over paradise.

Trump is guilty as sin. In fact, there are an endless stream of crimes he is guilty of perpetrated over decades - so many that would take decades to adjudicate them all. He and his enablers need to go ASAP and there are several ways to remove him. But just as important - McConnell and the other enablers need to go too.


Don’t we all get it yet? Nullifying treaty after treaty, bypassing the UN and ignoring international law has been the hallmark of several US administrations. So now it’s congress’ turn to be ignored, ridiculed and bypassed. A lawless administration indeed. I don’t see an easy solutions, either civil war or fascism is quite a possibility in the USA today.

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But how, they have billionaires backing them up

Well, the most obvious way is to defeat them both in 2020. Trump has a solid base but not nearly enough to win the election or electoral college again. McConnell’s approval rating is 33% in his own state - that is a terrible sign for him.

If those fail, then more drastic measures need to be taken. Those drastic measures might likely need to be taken anyway with all the challenges we fact (here in the US and globally).

I love it when you talk dirty!

You ALMOST have to indicate WHICH “fuck” you mean
It makes the “Deplorables” certainly look deplorable…

And don’t release until they receive the information they requested, I guarantee the process will speed-up, if that were to happen.

If Trump or Barr had been in my unit in Vietnam he would have been fragged already.

Where is Deep Throat when you need him? The only reason Trump isn’t already impeached for collusion and obstruction is simply because he has committed his crimes out in the open, in our faces. No secret tapes, no clandestine meetings, no “Plumbers” and a slush fund, this is crime in broad daylight by a guy who publicly admitted to molesting women.
The worst part would be to go through this kabuki theater , dragged out into the election, to have a Mueller report released showing nothing. The Democrats would be destroyed forever. I wonder if there will ever even be a true, full report. A forgery is easy enough.

Not sure that would help. The more legal experts dig into the report, the more they find important links that were ignored (or worse) by Mueller’s team. As I said when this whole affair started, we should never forget, Mueller is part of the “Deep State” problem.

Quite a stretch there gandolf, thinking either one of them could have physically made it to/or in you’re unit in the first place :)))

Your right of course. They had better things to do. Like soak their bone spurs, if they had real ones.

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The other reason Trump isn’t swinging is the consideration of an all republican investigation and it’s people stating that a sitting POTUS can’t be indicted.

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